Terrence Howard aka MACBETT

When this was first brought to my attention (thanks Tahirah) I refused to believe it was true. I thought that this was some kind of a joke. That she was pulling my leg.

But I was wrong…. (shaking my head).

On a jewel of an island floating in the Caribbean Sea, William Shakespeare’s “MacBeth” is retold using a Modern Day Monarchy as its backdrop. This Universal and relevant story will come to life in a World where Black West Indians rule exclusively over a Black West Indian population. General MacBett returns to the Capital City after winning a gallant military victory over rebels fighting in opposition to King Duncan; the adored ruler of the Souvenir Nation of Antibes for more than fifty years. After a night of celebration Macbett accidentally comes upon the “Weird Sisters” the spirit daughters of Mother Africa, who reign over water, fire, earth and sky. They delight in manipulating the mortal MacBett through their supernatural powers and by feeding him predictions of royal titles, including “King”.

MacBett soon becomes obsessed with ambition, as does his beautiful and ruthless wife, Lady MacBett. They indulge in political assassinations and evil manipulations to acquire power and are soon haunted by their own murderous deeds. Ultimately, both are driven mad; Lady Macbett commits suicide and MacBett commits military suicide battling the opposition, lead by Malcolm the murdered King’s Eldest Son and rightful Ruler, and General MacDuff, MacBett’s most feared competitor, who’s wife and children had been murdered by MacBett. As a testimonial to the definition of a tragic story; MacBett is defeated by his own zealous thirst for power, a heartbreaking ending to a once beloved Hero.

The film believe it or not stars…

Terrence Howard (Macbett), Sanaa Lathan (Lady Macbett), Blair Underwood and Danny Glover.

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It wouldn’t be so bad if whoever is behind this project just called it MacBeth but ‘MACBETT’ …. Seriously????? I can’t….

In response to this nonsense some of my readers had this to say,!/WordsOParadise/status/184625565544873985!/WordsOParadise/status/184644375467401216


I am just stunned. Shakespeare must be having a serious fit in his grave right now.

And you just know that the attempts to mimic a West Indian accent (probably Jamaican) in the film will be APPALLING.

I need to go and lie down.

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  1. Looks interesting, I’d actually like to watch it. I don’t think this is a piss take at all, is it a piss take when French or Spanish people do Shakesphere? Why can’t Jamacians have a version of Macbeth or any Shakesphere play for that matter other countries do.

  2. It’s not a Jamaican version of Macbeth. It doesn’t say which island this version of the story is set. Americans are also behind this project and its a bunch of American actors/actresses pretending to be from “di Islands mon”.

    There can be a Jamaican, Bajan or Trinidadian version of Macbeth (featuring home grown talent) that’s fine, just don’t turn it in to a complete joke by calling it “Macbett”.

  3. Sometimes I hate my fellow black folk.

    As Shakespeare said, here lies the rub. Why is it called MacBett? Seriously. Why!?

    I can deal with it having some American actors but you couldn’t find one person from the island to have a leading role?

    It doesn’t help that it’s been lead by Terrence Babywipe Howard.

    I want to give it a chance but I hate the title.

  4. Americans ought to know that Carib folk dont speak in in ebonics and their patois mockney will be the focus of the film. Americans just cannot do accents. They should get a voice over. Caribbean people are obsessed with good english and will be disgusted that the name Macbeth is spelt wrong.

    well hey

  5. I think if it’s all US actors that should’ve just made it an African American version of Macbeth, and if they wanted to make it accesible to the US had Terrence Howard as lead role and then the rest of the characters from the Caribbean. I like the idea but yeh I do get annoyed whenever I hear Americans putting on Caribbean accents.

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