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Oh dear… more drama in the heady/exciting world of UK entertainment this morning.

Actor Adam Deacon was supposed to appear as a guest on the popular Sky 1 morning show Soccer Am today to promote his new film Payback Season, but was a no-show. So throughout the morning hosts Max and Helen were firing sly shots at Adam. Max called Adam “lazy” and viewers were told that he “couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed”.

As you can imagine this didn’t go down to well with the self-proclaimed “People’s Champion”.  A furious Adam then jumped on Twitter with a QUICKNESS to get his side of the story out there.!/realadamdeacon/status/178440364359815170!/realadamdeacon/status/178442817306230784!/realadamdeacon/status/178444528909430785!/realadamdeacon/status/178445094901395456!/realadamdeacon/status/178445318533300224

Soccer AM producer Rocket later told viewers that Adam had tweeted them and said ‘it wasn’t his fault. His people were to blame’ and then he apologised for the remarks aimed at the actor throughout the show. Rocket also invited him back on the show.

However in response to this news an unsympathetic Max said “well he needs to find new people then”.

I actually believe Adam. The man has been everywhere since winning that BAFTA – even to the moon and back. If he agreed to appear on Soccer Am today then we would have seen him sitting on the sofa plugging Payback Season with his BAFTA award placed right beside him.

It sounds like independent outfit Revolver Entertainment (responsible for helping to bring us the dreadful SKET) is to blame here and there was also a serious break down in communication.

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  1. In Adam’s defence I’ll give him props for speaking up and addressing the matter directly. I would have done the same thing. I was wondering when someone was going to blatantly OUT Revolver, unlike another BAFTA award winning actor, moaning about them all subliminally. Revolver themselves have been doing the rounds and removing Adam & Noel content on You Tube. They did it with a Q&A I posted some weeks ago. In fact it was the day after you (Janice) tweeted me when I asked who Noel was referring to and you said probably Revolver. Funny how it’s been up for a couple of years and they did nothing until then. Hmmmmm. t

  2. I’ll say this Deacon’s right about the PR at Revolver and the lets say half truths they’ve done on this film.
    The Press screening for the film that I attended was nothing short of a joke held in small venue & no refereshments. they didn’t even have Press release giving info on film & cast which finally arrived the morning of films release.
    I asked if I could speak to Deacon was told yes then no then no one got back to me till I got an “invite” to the Premiere on Tuesday night. Which turn out to be an invite to Press pen to do Red Carpet interviews. We were told “A” list stars were going to be in attendance such as Michael Fassbender (Shame & X-Men) of course no show.
    I say this of Deacon its brave of him to call them out though especially as he was looking to do a sequel Anuvahood (Which ain’t a bad thing if we don’t see it on the big screen).
    Guess the best news out the whole episode is this might draw a line under the “Urban” film in the UK. Also he might actually have to start acting and stop just playing basically the same character. In Payback actor David Ajala stole the film right in front of his eyes.

  3. @Walcott – I was invited to a press screening which I surprised me considering I posted the trailer and slated it and the synopsis. Lol. I couldn’t make it, but it doesn’t sound like I didn’t miss much. And the reviews haven’t been good.

    I keep hearing that this David Ajala stole the show though.

  4. @Sarah W

    On the contrary and it is very necessary to call out the controllers of the film and distribution industry. Whether its the banking industry, the music industry or the adult entertainment industry, the same pattern keeps emerging of JewISH control, rule and involvement in the rapid degeneration of society. If you can’t take the heat, use a microwave woman.

  5. Having worked at Revolver i can attest to the MD being a bully but sadly that is just one of many reasons why people have been fleeing the organisation! Undoubtedly the most disorganised company i have ever worked for with terrible management!

  6. revolver have been exploiting the whole urban film thing for a few years now
    look at their negative fim titles like ”sket”
    poor form
    and theyre being investigated by financial teams very soon too
    trouble ahead for sure

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