With the word “Urban” in the air the debaters discuss exactly what the word means.

Here are some of the questions that were raised and discussed during the debate:

Is “Urban” Music Black Music?

Why was it created?

Do all genres come from black music?


As far as I am concerned the word “URBAN” should be banished!

Your thoughts please…

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  1. “Urban” is simply a title that was concocted by the JewISH music industry controllers in order to usurp and take control of black music and call it their own. This has been the European man’s way in all aspects of life, steal that which is not his and claim it’s ownership, origin and entitlement to himself, music has been no different. As far as I can see, the attack has been executed in three stages.

    1. Launch of the word “urban” already puts the originaters of the music in a mystery box and thus the “people” responsible for the music remains unknown.

    2. Breakdown the contruct of the music by introducing outlandish computer game simpleton sounds and samples, thus moulding the music into something different and unrelated to the original.

    3. Introduce your white artists and join them to your newly formed mutant music specimen and hope that most black people do not have a memory and do not remember the true roots of your “urban” tripe.

    The problem with Swing Beat/Swing, RnB, Rap, Hip-hop, Soul etc is these titles are obviously and blatantly associated with black people. The “man” has seen this as a serious thorn in his side and has set about to “adjust” this understanding. Understand Negro, the European man doesn’t want you staking claim to anything in order to keep the facade of his supposed “superiority” in place.

  2. The woman was on point on everything she said on this. The white guy talked sense as well the rest were just chatting rubbish. I think more black people need to do their history in general and in music, then they would find out that when they were talking about Puerto Rico that all the music and dances you see coming out of there are black like La Bomba which is black music with a white face, same with salsa, tango in other countries etc because so many black slaves went to the island. That’s gonna be urban and soul soon SMH. The black race is the race that never gets no credit for anything unless it’s negative and we accept it.

  3. Hey guys, would be great if you coukd also leave comments on the YouTube page, alot of people who watch these debates abd are slightly clueless, need to hear this

  4. Could not have said it better myself… Verbs,Chico-Rei, Terra! And as for Puerto Rico….Chico… said it. It is all Black music..and has always been. But Blacks never get credit for anything. Sad part though is that some Black people lack the knowledge of so many things. That is why it is so easy to lead us into every direction….. LIKE FOOLS!! Terra will do…. Verbs yes sir….right on…..

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