I have come to the conclusion that some of today’s artists really just don’t give a s**t.

How can this woman jump in to the booth and record this mess and then actually believe it’s good enough to show off to the outside world? Who in her camp lied and convinced her that Stupid Hoe ‘is fire’?

I swear Nicki just surrounds herself with a bunch of idiot yes men and women.

Hype Williams also directed the video. Remember when he used to make good videos?

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. I like the production and I like the song for what it is – Lil’ Kim diss. Now the video? That’s a whole other kettle of fish…what the frak?! Those eye-widening lenses scare the shit out of me. The epilepsy/migraine inducing cuts and the random ass…**sighs** Hype used to do some weird ass cool videos…

  2. In my opinion the song is an absolute load of rubbish! And I guess given the song it must have been hard to come up with a creative video. Hype still bigs up his name at the start of videos he directs?

  3. lol! Not my kind of music!!! But come on Janice…u know u love! hahaha! The teens will love it though!!!

  4. I couldn’t watch it to the end… unfortunately I’m not a fan of the song AT ALL… I say unfortunately because I think she’s a talented rapper… (just listen to her verse on Kanye’s Monster…), but this? Nah, not feeling it one bit.

  5. The song is a HOT MESS. However, the video is great. The production and the styling of the video is great. TBH, Hype doesnt really have a strong song to work with, so if this is the end result, I can only give him a hand clap.

  6. i just watched the Skorpion show on YT give a review and one thing he pointed out was that there are more dislikes than likes. so far there is over 99k dislikes compared to 56k likes. this ay be her 1st fail if you can g by those figures

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