Students protesting outside Woodbridge High School over the cancellation of Adam Deacon

Woodbridge High School in North East London had arranged for actor and now the official spokesperson for “URBAN” youth Adam Deacon (28) to visit its students today, but according to the Kidulthood, Adulthood and Anuvahood star the headmaster decided that he was no longer welcome and cancelled his appearance.

From what I understand the headmaster had some concerns relating to some of the films Deacon has starred in which depict gang violence and road man antics.

In response to this decision Deacon’s manager Dhanny Joshi told the Pappzd website,

I told them the fact that he’s up for the BAFTA Rising Star Award, made his own film Anuvahood, which became a box office success, and does a lot of charity work surely proves he’s a positive role model but they weren’t budging. It also begs the question was it a class issue. The fact is they wouldn’t have done this to Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Tom Cruise… Last week CNN interviewed the other nominees and left Adam out because “his audience doesn’t watch CNN”.

Adam Deacon

Concerned about his reputation, Deacon then went on to tweet about the cancellation and made a point of telling his thousands of followers that he wasn’t responsible for cancelling his visit to the school (the headmaster had apparently told the pupils that the actor ‘had postponed’), it was the headmaster who decided to cancel it.

Well as you can imagine this didn’t go down to well. There was outrage and the news spread around the school like wild-fire, which then led to pupils walking out in protest.

Some students have described today’s scenes at Woodbridge as “a madness”.  Students were locked inside classrooms, teachers were panicked, and then the students were eventually sent home early because of the disruption.

Deacon later tweeted that the police had also been in contact with his manager to find out what was going on and he then attempted to calm down the entire school by tweeting this,

LOL! Oh dear….

Yes folks in 2012 this sort of decision is cause for a major student protest. FIGHT THE POWER *pumps fist in the air*.

I can understand why the students were angry and disappointed. Some are probably big fans of Deacon’s films and were looking forward to meeting him, but walking out, and causing major disruptions throughout the day was just ridiculous.

They should have been inside the building preparing for up and coming exams and focusing on getting an education. Not standing outside “protesting” over foolishness.  And I am sure that there were level-headed students there just looking on with bemused expressions on their faces thinking the same thing.

One student however proudly tweeted,

 It was madness. Everyone from Woodbridge were vexed! it’s pretty jokes though how the school can’t control us!! #DeaconetFam



The Evening Standard website reports that Headteacher Andrew Beaumont has denied any protests had taken place. He said:

“Woodbridge High School can confirm that a visit by the actor Adam Deacon had been arranged by a member of staff at very short notice this week but unfortunately I had to cancel the visit.

“This was to ensure the correct checks and procedures were followed as is the case when any external speaker visits the school. As a result some pupils at the school were disappointed.”

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  1. Adam really should have kept quiet about the headmaster’s decision to cancel the visit. Putting it out there on Twitter like that was childish. The fall out from it was bad and could have been worse.

  2. As irritating as Adam Deacon is, its hardly his fault. The headmaster should have had something better to say to the kids than to basically shift the blame on Deacon. Similarly the headmaster is a twat for booking Deacon without knowing whats in the films and for unbooking him for the content of his films. Surely an actor is booked for doing well in their field not unbooked for playing unsavory roles well(!). It was badly handled by the headmaster. As for the kids, silly but most kids will jump in so they have an interesting story about an interesting day at school…

  3. Lawd!! But wait! Public services that directly affect these here pickney
    and their future generations are being cut left, right and centre, uni
    admissions are down because the cost of education is sky-rocketing and jobs
    are becoming so scarce that peeps are gonna have to start putting ‘Road
    Man’ down as their last profession and where are the youth? At home
    playing Kinect X Box and drinking D+G Grape Soda.

    Adam friggin Deacon can’t come to your school for an 18.5minute visit
    and you are suddenly possessed by the urge to protest against the
    ‘injustice’ of the situation and the inequalities of todays youth?!!

    Kissing my raas teet!! Fight for your rights, not a random “ya get me
    blud” film personality!

  4. The pupils of Woodbridge High School are NOT spoilt brats! They are children that were promised something and when they didnt get it they wern’t happy! You can’t judge them until you have visited Woodbridge and seen first hand what has happened!
    And believe it or not I am not a teacher at Woodbridge High School and the students do care about there results, if you had bothered to check the results in many subjects they are higher than the national adverage and pupils go higher and beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping the community, especially the sports leaders that volunteer at local primary schools.
    I am disgraced that people have such stereotypical minds!

  5. only spolit brats throw their dummies out the pushchair and throw tantrum when they dont get what they want or are disappointed. humble folk except these things happen and keep it moving.

  6. Oh please! We’d probably all have done the same damn thing had, for example, a visit from Jodeci or *insert popular showbiz figure of your youth*, been cancelled. In fact, I’ll tell you straight now, I’d have helped burnt the school down if a visit from Jodeci HAD been cancelled!

    They’re only kids and at that age anything would have been more appealing to me, than a double period of maths!!

  7. I go to Woodbridge High School and can safely say that you have no right to call us ‘spoilt brats’. We were looking forward to something exciting and then the headmaster cancelled the visit – for most of us it was a once in a lifetime visit. Imagine if someone who you liked was visiting your school, and if they were cancelled, you would have been upset as well. Who are you to judge? So do not call us ‘spoilt brats’ please.

  8. i also go to woodbridge and you have no rights to judge us so shh how would you feel if anyone you admired came to you your school then last miniute your head cancelled it no you wouldnt be happy so NONE of you have the right calling us spoilt brats,And all of you first understand whats really going on then comment as none of the people in my school blamed adam deacon for nothing so i dont no where you get that from we was tweeting adam deacon every single day and showing him support so please just mind your own business and stop judging woodbridge thanks bye.

  9. Woodbridge high school may not be the best school in the world but theese people shouldn’t be calling them spoilt brats. Infact I have been to the school, I know for a matter of fact most of the children are talented and archiving their goals. The teachers treat them with respect and don’t use shouting as a first resort.

    Mr Beaumont the headteacher said “Theese children make me proud they are amazing not typical or spoilt.” I agree and I thought if anyone try’s to be horrible we will put it to the test see how Woodbridge kids really behave they are not going to all be getting A* but most of them try their best.

    The school encourages children and a student ‘Jack Barthroom’ is on his way to being a professional football player. Theese kids can’t be classed stero typical because they are not. Please no more nasty comments.

    Megan, 11
    Woodbridge high school
    Year 7

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