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  1. I have always been a strong supporter of pride magazine however I was very disappointed to see Misha B on the front cover it has been no secret of her bully tactic and bad attitude she has that us black girls are labelled for. She’s is not someone that I am proud of jus because she is balck even Gary Barlow hurt me when he said that he doesn’t care if she is a bully aslong as she sell songs but I thought Pride would of thought differently so altho I have been buying your magazines for a number of years but I couldn’t buy this one after seeing this. It seems its ok to be a bully these days but for that reason I don’t think I will buying anymore of your magazines as I always seen yourselfs as the name stated a magazine with pride I feel sorry for the victims of her actions who have to see this.

  2. @ Tania, do you like Cheryl Cole? I like her too, she is the nation’s sweetheart. She assaulted someone (racially driven), when she was already an adult. Misha B admited to being bullied and bulying others whilst she was in primary school how old are primary school children? Tulisa, the one who started the Misha bully saga has recently admitted to stealing other people’s hand-bags, fighting and carrying weapons (which she said was to defend herself), using illicit drugs. Howeer, she is considered as a sweet, honest girl. Are little mix all sweetness? I doubt it. The proof is in their latest stories in the newspapers, however, nobody is judging them. What crime did Misha B commit that people want nothing good for her? Stop it people, she was a kid. X-factor bullying claims have been proven to be wrong. Give her a chance, unless you jhate her for other reasons.

  3. Tania you could have done the image of black girls a lot of good by writing in better English. Folk who have no respect for black girls depict them as addicts of faults like “could of” instead of “could have”.

    My four daughters are mixed race, but through my wife I have a huge and very strong black family, with fine young black girls who are a credit to their parents, their communities and their race.

    You could have done the image of black girls a lot of good by not believing the lies that were spread about Misha B. She bullied no-one associated with XF in any way, and that’s the end of that sad, “political”, tale. I absolutely love Misha B, as a person and as a great singer. I would detest myself if I could not forgive her for making mistakes in her school years.

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