Why has there been a decline in Grime and is UK Hip Hop becoming too similar to the US?

– Does the UK have its own identity in Hip Hop?

– Is British music becoming more Americanised? 

– Is Grime now a form of Hip Hop?

– Has the UK turned its back on Grime?

– Is it acceptable for artists to make music with a fake accent?


I think that there has been a decline in Grime music because it’s never been particularly good. There may have been a few tracks here and there that sounded reasonably catchy but other than that Grime never really had that ‘longevity’ factor.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. hmm this debate right here is a problem. There were some good points but I don’t think I am too comfortable with them saying grime is UK Hip Hop. I mean really? Didn’t grime evolve out of garage? I don’t think any grime artist would call grime uk hip hop even if they are doing that pop chart rap music today.

    How come artists like Ty, Blak Twang, Roots Manuva,Natural Born Spitters (Mystro), Klashnekoff and Jehst and many other credible hip hop artists weren’t brought up? They were out before grime was created, so what are they? Last time I checked, they are still around putting out quality music and are straight hip hop.

    I think even needing to call it UK hip hop will always be a problem, I prefer to just say hip hop in the UK because Hip Hop is a global thing now not regional. I respect the new york roots of hip hop but it is global now.

    Lastly I think the history of how things came from Jamaica needs to emphasized more.

  2. I agree, the grime sound evolved from garage, but fundamentally the art of rhyming over a beat is hip hop and hip hop came from Jamaican immigrants in the US, so has reggae roots. It’s all black music. The fact of the matter is, hip hop is popular music but the music many of these ‘grime’ artists are making is pop / dance and often is soooo far from the core grime / hip hop sound. Society functions with putting things in boxes and labelling so I’ll use a term that works for me – It’s black music. Full stop.

  3. Grime is just garage travelling at half the speed where they have missed out a few snares and kicks but they still chat over the beat as if it is a garage track. Grime=UK hiphop??? I very much do not think so. We have to remember that hiphop is not just about music, there also is a culture behind that title aswell. The originals who put UK originated rap on the map have been conveniently forgotten and have been replaced by stooges who have absolutely nothing to do with that department. The order is simple, House morphed into Jungle which morphed into Garage which has now morphed into Grime. Hiphop from the UK has always been a separate entity.

  4. Grime is grime!! I wouldn’t class grime as Uk hip hop!! Uk hip hop is like jehst, task force rodney p etc grime its own entity even compared to double time hip hop!!

  5. Yall are getting things mixed up. Kool Herc,who moved from Jamaica to the US, was a pioneer of hip hop along with many other pioneers and contributors. Kool Herc’s contribution doesn’t equal Hip Hop has Jamaican roots. I can guarantee other pioneers and contributors to the birth of hip hop had foreign backgrounds too. Hip Hop is uniquely American. And don’t bring up toasting either because Americans weren’t even listening to Jamacian music because it wasn’t popular. Americans were listening to R&B/Soul, disco and Funk. Rapping is a from of jive talk and has been part of Black American culture for a long time. Muhammad Ali was rapping.

  6. Hip Hop didn’t start with rapping, rapping came into hip hop afterwards. The foundation of Hip Hop is the D.J. The foundation of hip hop is the sound system culture. Correct me if I am wrong but that sound system culture that Kool herc brought was because of his Jamaican roots.

    Jive talking and playing the dozens have always been part of American culture but Hip Hop is more than just rapping and jive talking, the fact that rapping only came into it after the D.J set things off should let you know that!

  7. “- Is it acceptable for artists to make music with a fake accent?”

    I think it is.
    One of the UK’s best hip hop groups was HIJACK who featured Kamanchi Sly who used a fake US accent but this did not detract at all from his performance.

    Plus, think about British pop music. Since the Top 40 began, artists have always adopted an American twang to their singing style. Always! Even now!

  8. For me i could careless if UK artist rap with an American accent…as long as it is good. I think we spend too much time trying to divide what we as Black people do. Some of the music is good but most of it now is garbage. They have lost what the real vibe of rapping and hip hop is all about. I remember when i was younger growing up in Harlem NY….man the vibe was amazing! Now when you listen to most artist they have nothing valid to say. Other then getten money F_cking Hoes…..my ride my jewelry…Most are fake and pretending…to live a life they never lived…PLEASE! And yes i do think think Uk Hip hop has it’s own identity but it is not really known over here. But those are some thing you guys over there must change. I don’t know much about the Grime scene only learned about it 4 years ago. But there are only a few that i like…. As misssteele said it is all Black music… So if there is anything you really don’t like about it….change it. I love music hell even music i don’t understand… Oh i just thought of something…on BET they have the best international act…but they never televise who the winner is.. Why is that.. you guys buy just as much music from american artist as we do. Don’t you think you should demand that they show who you are. It is all good and cool to win the award…but no one knows who you are… that sucks!! There is much talent coming from the UK…but most people over here don’t know it..

  9. From an american’s aspect, the characteristics are supposed to be shared amongst all people. If the inital effect was to create something that has a close feeling to hip hop, no matter what, i believe it is it’s own creation. I don’t understand why people don’t listen to folks who don’t assign a difference between this continent and this continent’s music. Honestly, it’s stupid to look up to these american mainstreamers when they don’t even want to do the hip hop that’s so prized. It’s more about the bang bang shoot’em up for them. But that’s how it goes…. I think it’s a bad idea to put a label on the genre of grime. Because the bottom line is label or not…. if it wasn’t just good music, would’ve it even caught on in the first place??.

    Watch this video:

    About the only good thing i’ve seen out of american hip hop lately. Except for a few people but whatever!.

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