Several months ago UK rapper Chipmunk parted ways with major label Sony Music ( now who didn’t see that coming?) and is now ‘an ‘independent artist’.

The Friday Hip Hop Report Debate Panel discuss whether they think Chipmunk is better off as an independent artist.


Your thoughts please….

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  1. To be honest I’m not a big fan of Chimpunk they talking about the champion song sorry but that’s Chris Brown’s song he eats Chimpunk on his own track, how is a SINGER gonna come on your track and rap better than you, that’s not good, it’s the same with the Movado and Trey songz tracks they make him look very weak, I actually wind through the chimpunk verses, I don’t think he’s gonna break the US, the US don’t care about UK rappers the country is huge and you got so many people who wanna be rappers with more talent than Chimpunk why bother, also they just don’t understand him, if he hasn’t suceed with people like Chris Brown and Trey Songz on his tracks I don’t think he ever will. I hope he proves me wrong.

  2. really? how did I miss this news? was there an official statement? where did folks get this info from?

    I am not saying it is a lie but it seems very quiet and stuff!

    As for breaking the US independently without a huge major label machine behind you? It is not gonna happen.

  3. They put a lot of money behind the second album (as you can tell by the featured artists) and it just didn’t sell well unfortunately. Like someone said, he is far from the best that the UK has to offer – that said I hope independent life is profitable for him. I’ve heard that Tinchy has been dropped too, but there hasn’t been any confirmation of this to my knowledge. I think these younger ‘urban’ artists are smarter (I hope so at least) so despite no major backing I think they will still be successful…..

  4. Why surprised that there is no big statement that these artist have been dropped. They wouldnt want it known would they. The Shame! LOL

  5. Maybe you’re right, I shouldn’t be expecting the label to officially declare an artist is dropped from their rooster lol.I wasn’t expecting the artist to say it, they would want to keep news of that kinda quiet. hahaha!

    I have been having a feeling Tinchy might be in trouble, his singles haven’t been charting. and you can’t feel that buzz around him like before.

    The music biz is tough, but hey there’s no biz like show biz and the show must go on….

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