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Current rap music is not real, the music’s made by somebody else and these guys are rapping about a car or a girl. I didn’t hear any self-deprecating English humour in there. I think irony is dead as far as that goes. These guys are just trying to make money.

UK hip hop artists would sell their mama for a Rolex. It’s all crap. I’m talking about Tinie Tempah, Lethal Bizzle. Dizzee Rascal, when I first heard his song, I thought there was something wrong with him. I didn’t get it and I grew up on hip hop.

Paul Simon is from Queens, he probably came from a rougher neighbourhood than Lethal Bizzle did. Go to South Bronx in 1978, that’s tough. People are shooting at other people, like random drive-bys in Los Angeles. NWA comes out, those guys came from the street. I see kids, Chipmunk and stuff like that, walking around like they think they own the world. I don’t hate the game, I understand what it is. To me, I might be an old man now, but it’s kind of fake. Rap was never supposed to be commercial. Now it’s not hip hop, it’s ‘hip-pop’.


Hahahahahahaha. Huey went IN! I love it.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. i saw this earlier in the week, it took jo whiley by supprise – when he said about tinnie doing his best jay z impression – i wanted to shake the mans hand. Its was truth he was talking – i agree!

  2. It’s not just the UK scene… American artists like Florida & Pitbull are doing the same thing so I do think his statements are kind of unfair. He is right though…. I know genres evolve but hop hop has become something so far from its original roots that it is almost totally unrecognisable. Chris Rock said a similar thing in a recent Vibe interview….it’s no longer about the music or the message but the lifestyle. This can be seen in the plethora of BET and VH1 reality shows which aren’t really about hip hop itself but elements of the scene.

  3. well said!!!! but they will look on him as a hater… but reallly he’s making a point … they don’t understand what there doing, they are mimicking certain artists!!

  4. I think he’s got his wires crossed, none of the artists mentioned make hip hop, they all come from grime which is a different genre no? I say good luck to them

  5. This is why I laugh at hip hop fans that think hip hop is clean of all negative stereotypes because it sells and a couple of dudes wear skinny jeans, singing about heartbreak. I’ve heard so many new generation hip hop fans cuss every other black/urban (delete as you see fit) genre (they don’t listen to) for their negatives, but average Joe still says hip hop is gun, bling and/or guys angry at nothing much like all the genres they criticise.

    Huey’s words are music to my ears. Not that hip hop racket obviously.


  6. I agree to a certain extent ( the cooning, fake swagger and commercialism). There’s something grotesque about seeing a man who understands poverty and worthlessness draped over a naked woman talking about how big his cock, I mean car is.

    However, Huey’s just stating the obvious, peddling a well understood stereotype actually. The fact he lumps bizzle and (talented game changers) in with chipmunk (nonentity) tells me his grasp of london’s street music scene ain’t watertight. Secondly does he knows what London boys are going through? Do any of you commenting? If you’re 13 living some Damilola Taylor type life in Peckham, what more do you have to prove. I probably have 3 cousins in jail right now. If they want to make a song about their life it’s probably going to be about prison, drugs, money and violence – the things that have defined their life so far.

    Anyway, I’m as sick of hip hop as the next man but I slightly resented being told about it from Huey. If all Paul Simon could do was Write lyrics from his bedroom in Brooklyn 40 years ago, I bet he’d have come out gangsta like Eminem. Huey is no more insightful or braver than anyone else so let’s not give him a trophy for knowing which way the wind is blowing. Peace.

  7. The artists you mentioned aren’t what I would class as Hip Hop, times change and you gotta dig deep to find the true artists. Hip Hop is more alive than ever it’s just not what everyone perceives to be Hip Hop.

  8. @Vness

    What London boys are going through? Listen compared to how others are living in other parts of the world ( North America, South America, Jamaica, parts of Africa, Asia, I could go on! London boys have got it easy. They get free healthcare, income support and a free education. They no nothing about real poverty and struggle. All I see are a bunch of young idiots who have listened to far too much 90s and early noughties gangster rap using the streets to live out their warped fantasies and creating drama for no reason.

  9. The guy is a nobody talking about something he has no knowledge of. None of the artists he mentioned are UKHH. There’s a massive, flourishing, healthy scene in the UK, with a lot of self-deprecating humour. Trellion & Sniff, Mystro, Stylah, Lowkey, Jam Baxter, TaskForce, The IRS, the list is endless & I can’t possibly list all the good artists here. Huey needs to do his research before opening his mouth. And FLC?? Were they ever hip-hop?? Think not mate. Just indie group aimed at making some chart hits. Come to the UK & see what’s real before knocking our music, stupid yank faggot.

  10. life experiences are all relative. who cares what someone in another country is going through if it does not make our situation better. These guys have a right to talk about their experiences which are relative to them. however for the UK people assume folk have it easy. How many boys were stabbed to death, how many shot at how many live in poverty where gangsters rule and police dont care.

    maybe they should all just talk about knife crime and riots is that what folk are saying. nothing wrong with the pop end of any genre of music.

  11. I am not just speaking about London artists as f you travel up north the ish is worst. I do feel the grime scene and hiphop scene is over saturated with the same o same o. It will be this way untill someone decides not to buy into it and then marketers and publishers will encourage and demand change

  12. @Scott
    Where does he state that FLC were Hip Hop? He didn’t! He said he grew up on Hip Hop…everyone knows he’s a huuuuuge Hip Hop fan! I don’t think he was talking about UK Hip Hop as a whole…maybe just those type of artists. We all know the likes of Mystro, Yungun, Ty, Lewis Parker etc have more skills and talent in their big toes then Tinie Tempah, Chipmunk and co have in their whole bodies!! And I’m sure as a Hip Hop fan Huey would recognise that too…

    The only thing I disagree with is that this really refers to the WHOLE Hip Hop scene…not just to the UK! But props to Huey still…

  13. Those artists he talks about may not be straight up Hip-Hop but they ARE being promoted as Hip-Hop. Just like all this 4×4 dance beat David Guetta shit that is being promoted as R&B!!

    I saw an advert the other day for a compilation R&B album, there was about 6 tracks featured, one was Dappy’s single & the other’s were all 4×4 dance tracks by so-called R&B acts!

    The majors know what they are doing, they’re jumpin on the bandwagon & churning out a quick buck , just like they did with UKG, because they are desperate to make all the money they can & however they can.

  14. He’s only just noticed!?!!…HipPOp has been rearing it’s ugly little malformed head for yrs now!!! THis outcry comes to late ..too little!!

  15. hip hop today is a joke even most of the American hip hop artists are a joke with all the rubbish the likes of Jay Z and Kanye are churning out these days, they are not much diff from Flo-rida and Pitbull its embarrassing. Even Snoop Dogg come on dude is doing ‘dance’ music now i know he gots to eat but i think back of Snoop in the early days and its kinda embarrassing. Hip Hop died the day Eminem was classed as an important part of hiphop as i still think he makes mockery of the whole genre, he just got very very lucky. Yeah times have changed music should move on but they need to class this new breed of ‘hiphop’ as something else cause its just appealing to kids who sit at the back of the bus blarring music on their phone not for people with good music taste. Dont even get me started on Chipmunk he is soooo darn awful everytime he comes on the tv or radio i swear there is dead hiphop artist turning in their grave. Lets not even get started on music Producers who think they can move from behind the scenes to the front of the mic like Timberland. Or the joke artist that are classed as R&B these days.

  16. I don’t even pay any mind the the bread and circus foolish acts that this country tries to present as music. Simpleton, Commodore 64, Atari, Mario Brother type tunes with an even simpler chorus with no imagination. Black Twang, 4/5, Lewis Parker, Kane, Roots Manuva, The Brotherhood, these are just some of the legendary names who put decent UK hiphop on the map.

    Who are these clowns today talking like rabbits and eating spinach in comparison?

  17. i love it!! gwarn huey
    and i am a member of the hip hop experience…
    i dont have a problem with what he’s saying
    he’s not totally on the money in regards to whom he’s referring to as uk hip hop .. but i fully understand his sentiment!!!
    if you go to a nghtclub and see how folks are going on .. its kinda rings a bell!!

  18. Wow! He went in hard on this…. I wonder if anyone he mentioned had a reply! I bet they didn’t most are probably scared to respond. But he has a point about some of these artist. But Ty made a good point on the type of music that are doing. But then where did that come from…is another good point. @My boi Verbs always have me laughing….. @Julie….yep i agree

  19. Someone on here said the FloRida is “Hip Hop”. Give yourself ten lashes for that statement lol

  20. @Tom, ok so Hip Hop has had no influence on Grime what so ever, hmmm interesting. Funny, because i’m sure a vast majority of the grime MCs that you see mimic certain Hip Hop artists, but hey, that’s just my observation!

  21. terra :
    @Tom, ok so Hip Hop has had no influence on Grime what so ever, hmmm interesting. Funny, because i’m sure a vast majority of the grime MCs that you see mimic certain Hip Hop artists, but hey, that’s just my observation!

    that aint the point. The point I made is that he has got his genres mixed up. He should listen to this anyhow, and then see what he thinks about “UK HH” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsZZ8caB5dw

  22. Early grime wasn’t influenced by hip hop as much as it is today. It was a natural evolution of black UK music. It shared more with garage and dancehall than hip hop. 10 man passing a mic around a sound system trying to get a reload is not and has never been hip hop.

    If you remember, people said “grime mc’s ain’t got no lyrics” because their bars were either one-line flow or 4 bar sing-along’s that had more in common with Jamaican sound system culture. Wiley, the godfather of grime, will tell you he grew up on Jamaican artists like Super Cat and Ninja Man.

    If grime is an extension of hip hop, hip hop is an extension of reggae. Just saying

  23. Although I’m behind Huey 100%, I don’t give a flying toss what hip hop has now become. It is a complete parody of itself with hardly any resemblance to its roots.
    No, I’m continually finding many albums I missed in the early days and that keeps me with more than enough to happily listen to.

  24. Who gives a flying hockey puck what Huey Morgan has to say about Hip hop? Psssssssh please! If it was Chuck D I would listen! Stating the obvious and getting your genres all mixed up means your statement holds no weight! Who made him an authority? Please I don’t give a toss! We all know the deal already!

  25. Although I agree with most of what Huey said I think he only referred to UK artists because they’re easy targets when he goes in on the likes of Kanye, Eminem, Snoop etc then maybe I’ll listen.

    @M Sparks COSIGN

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