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I think Channel 4 is so brave. They’re the only channel that put things on like that and doesn’t worry about what people think. It was a good show, a well acted drama. Why is it people always complain? It’s a TV show and we should have all supported it.”

“What upsets me so much is, as soon as something like this comes on, every black person in the country acts like there’s never been anything good. We just had Anuvahood, which did amazingly at the box office; we do a lot of refreshing things.

“I’m in a new drama where I play a good guy with a good job and a family. But if I were to play a gay man [which he did in the 2007 film, Waz] no one would care. I am an actor, not a politician. I am not out here to make moral stories for everyone all the time, that’s not my job. I’ve got four kids and I’ve got to pay my bills.”

Click HERE to read the full article via The Voice.

There seems to be this attitude here in the UK within the black community that we all should just be grateful that black actors are working and have been cast in a drama that aired at 10pm on a terrestrial network, regardless of how they are being depicted on screen.

So basically black people just sit down, shut your mouths and be grateful to those forward thinking Channel 4 executives.

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  1. very poor attitude ashley. Actors producers need commentary good and bad from the “community” that they portray or wish to make profit from. The film The Help has had such a mix bag of reception yet it opened dialogue.

    These street man dem films do nothing for the community except perpetuate a stereotype. People are not saying do not make these films but to give variety as currently there is none. Plus as an actor who just wants to get paid he feed his family he depends on those same critics. If you cant convert a critic you can not profit from them.

  2. Maybe he should ask the other black male actors if they are happy auditioning for the same ghetto roles all the time.

  3. The equation here really is simple. The European man must continue and maintain the false propaganda and stereotypes in relation to black people, so he has additionally chosen the area of films and drama to put out the negative image of the black man and even use ourselves to reconfirm the lies.

    Regrettably, there is no shortage of dumb Negroes who are willing to take up these typical parts for the sake of filthy lucre and thus denigrate their own people. But to be honest, did we expect any constructive answers to come from the mouth of an ex So Solid Crew member?

  4. To the last comment ” did we expect any constructive answers to come from the mouth of an ex So Solid Crew member?” So because he was in so solid crew he ain’t smart & nothing great should be expected from him……so why are you so mad he’s doing Topboy??

    Anyway my thing is the brother can’t win! Ashley has done a lot of movies he wasn’t playing a road man YET none of you know of this and went out to support but choose to sit on your backsides and complain about Topboy.

    The truth is Topboy might of been a fictional show but most of you know it’s a REALITY! So instead of shooting the messenger go make a change in the hood.

    In demon’s never die he played a police officer did any off you go out and watch the movie? Did any of you congratulate him?

    Let the man make what he wants and live life.

    Jealousy is a sin NO?

  5. @Damian

    I’m well aware of Ashley’s back catalogue I remember him from Grange Hill days.

    I watched Demons Never Die and posted a review. You should check it out when you have the time.

    Make a change in the “hood”? What “hood” are you talking about? The council estates in East London?

    So because people have expressed an “unpopular” opinion they are jealous? Oh please.

  6. Ashley Walters is an actor, he is in the entertainment business, not to say he shouldn’t have a social conscious but I think we are expecting too much from him. Like he said in his interview with The Voice, he is not a politician. Top Boy is necessary but there needs to be other things too, this is not Ashley’s fault, this is a programming issue – more of us at this level would ensure that TopBoy was not the only thing that got airplay, but perhaps too many of us want to be in front of the camera instead of behind the scenes?? Who knows? I for one didnt watch TopBoy because I am bored of this topic, but to blame Ashley is unneccessary, equally being in the public eye he should expect scrutiny particularly from the black community. It’s only because we care… I would be more upset if this dialogue didnt happen, it shows that there is still a hunger for equality and change…

  7. I doubt people have an issue with Ashley Walters aka Asher D. It is more to do with what he has actually said. He does not want black people to complain about stereotypes being perpetuated in tv/film especially if it means he is feeding his family

    what people are saying is yes make those shows just accept the complaints and while you are at it offer alternatives. No one can tell me that there are no alternatives being offered. Broadcasters are just not interested.

    Do folk remember The Crouches which was just as awful yet different genre because it lacked authenticity. Then it transpired it had no black writers no realism and even though they tried due to criticism no one was feeling the show. too late. So I know its all areas need an upgrade.

    However actors need to accept you partake in these tv/films. That is fine, feed your kids. However enough of this arrogance and just accept it people will complain when they are being spoon fed the same ol same ol.

    It’s as though these folk want no complaints just praises. They need to start their own faith for that. Cah mi nah worship no actor just cah dem Black

  8. @Damien

    Pretty much all I heard when So Solid Crew were in the limelight were about different members of the group being arrested for x, y and z. Not only that, but viewing the songs that they released which seemed to be centered either around material possessions, money or some other shallow topic, I can stand here on “so solid” ground and say that the group exhibited little intelligence with the way they conducted themselves.

    I would have respected Ashley Walters if he had just been honest and stated the following, “I do not enjoy playing these roadman/urban parts, however at the moment I have no choice because I have 4 mouths to feed but I am hoping to branch off from these roles when I am in a better position”. However, the quote the Karl Nova brought forward was spot on and applies to Ashley to a T.

    The fact of the matter is television alters perception. You show young girls on television in skimpy tight clothing and then look out on the street and young girls are copying the same fashion sense. You show women on television whoring themselves out to any man and then look on the streets and see what is happening, from the street to a bedroom within a day.

    People like Ashley Walters are simply willing black prostitutes who have made the clear “CHOICE” that denigrating their own people and selling them down the reputation river is worth the money. He does not have to play these parts but he CHOOSES to.

  9. No comment not enough street dramas??? is this guy serious there’s too many. I watched life and lyrics and bullet boy with Ashley walters and seriously the films roll into one I can’t remember the difference. He’s chatting Channel 4 the only channel to take a risk BBC done Babyfather that was taking a risk. I was also impressed with Luther with Idris Elba that’s taking a risk, doing a street drama isn’t taking a risk. I recently watched a film called freestyle, a UK film some of the acting was wooden but I liked the message behind it

  10. I had plenty reasons making me disliking this guy before, but now this crap that comes out of his mouth just reaffirms that dislike.

    I can’t respect actors who simply take roles for the paycheck. There are PLENTY out there that don’t take roles because they don’t like what it may represent, portray or they feel it goes against what they believe. I like reading and watching interviews with people who took on roles for personal reasons or felt a deep connection to the character they were playing.

    He’ll tapdance for a dollar…let him get on with it. He’ll continually be typecast and when he does his interviews in a few years time moaning about it, I’ll use the newspaper it’s written on as kitty litter lining. That’s all it’ll be good for.

  11. Sorry I’m gonna stick up for him again here. Reading the full interview, he has and does audition for a variety of parts, he mentions several auditions for Shakespeare that he has yet to get (he doesn’t want to do the obvious Othello). But if you don’t get the part you don’t get the part. I think he still gets the ‘hood’ parts because people still have a problem detaching him from his ‘bad boy’ So Solid image when he went to jail despite being 10 years ago – yes, a decade!

  12. Hi,
    For starter Ashley is not an actor . He has not studied to the craft he just spout his lines an adopt a specific urban body language , even on that 2 part movies set in the carribean he pretty much played his usual self.I do not exactly see why they keep hiring him, its not exactly as if he don’t have actual actors of colour who can tackle any artistic canvas.At this point when I see his face anywhere on my telly I just reach over for the remote control. He is a boring robot with zero substance or style.

    Secondly he may not like it but because the picking is small he has a responsability to play rich diverse roles . He is getting those roles because WE paid for his place in the spotlight.He ought to go back to the drawing board.Invest the paycheck he got from that lame post apocalyptic show on BBC and pay actual drama lesson . He needs to disappear for at least two years.

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