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In an interview with The Voice actor/rapper Arnold Oceng aka Snakey Man talks about industry racism and Devil worship.

You are a staunch anti racism campaigner and have worked with the charity Love Music Hate Racism. Have you ever been a victim of racism within the industry?

When I was on Grange Hill, there would be little jokes on set and they would come from people that you were working with.

I remember one of the cast members would drop jokes, like ‘don’t leave your phone around, Arnie will nick it’ and they all laughed and little things like that. I remember one time I was running on set and another character was like, ‘Arnie, where you running too, you stole something?’

They said these little things, but because I know they don’t mean it I just laughed it off, I know they don’t mean it maliciously. If it was now, I would bring it up. I’m at the age where I can voice my views, but when I was younger I would rather not go through any confrontation and just get along.

What was it like doing a modern day horror film?

I’ve never filmed a horror film before and then this year I filmed The Tapes and Demons Never Die, so it was really crazy. When we were filming The Tapes, we had to have a real devil worshipper on set, because they wanted it to look real.

The devil worshipper was teaching the actors chants and things. I will be honest, it was quite eerie. I know it sounds weird but the devil worshipper was the nicest devil worshipper I’ve met. She was really nice, offering to make tea and stuff!

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Grange Hill – Even at the ripe old age of 24 does he still believe that his fellow cast members were not being malicious when they were cracking those Bernard Manning style “jokes”. Those weren’t jokes! They looked at you, a young black boy and thought one thing – ‘THIEF’.

Devil worship – They actually hired a real Devil worshipper to make the chanting scenes look authentic. Hmmmmm. I wouldn’t have even ventured on to the set that day. I’m surprised he agreed to star in the film.

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  1. Devil worshipper? I’m not watching that film knowing that the chants were authentic. I wouldn’t even have done that film knowing that, I would have pulled out. That’s too serious for me to contend with.

    I remember being on the tube and sitting next to a teenage girl who was with her dad reading a satanic ‘bible’, the evil that welled up inside of me, made me really want to do her something.

    Why would anyone want to worship the devil and intentionally make it their purpose to go to hell?

    The Tapes??? Mi nah watch it! Bun fiyah fi dat flim and that Lucifer lover. ’bout she’s nice cause she made a cup ah tea. Fool! MI NAH DRINK FROM DEVIL OOMAN!

  2. Exactly what I said before, white people have just made up pure propaganda about blacks from day one and now they have become so deluded that they actually believe their own lies are truth.

    This guy needs to wake up and stop being dumb on purpose. If they never meant to be racist then those kind of comments would have not come out of their mouths to begin with. Get a clue Arnold.

    As for the devil worshipper, she wasn’t teaching them anything, she was simply placing them in a position where they could be “open and more easily influenced” if you know what I’m talking about.

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