QPR owner Tony Fernandes

QPR owner Tony Fernandes has come out in support of England captain John Terry who is currently under investigation after “allegedly” calling QPR player Anton Ferdinand a “black f**king c**t” during a match two weeks ago.

In an interview with the BBC Fernandes who OWNS THE CLUB ANTON FERDINAND PLAYS FOR said he agreed with former England player and delusional idiot Paul Ince’s comments (click HERE to read Uncle Rukus’ (thanks for that one @DigitalRibbon) comments, that John Terry isn’t racist.

“Lots of things can be said in the spur of the moment which don’t make you really believe what you’ve said,” said Fernandes.

“I don’t think you can write someone off as a racist because of one  statement. Having said that, it is in the public eye and people like John have  to be gooder than good. If he said it, it is wrong because of who he is but I don’t say he’s a racist because of that one statement.”

Click HERE to watch video footage of this fool’s interview.

Has Fernandes forgotten that Ferdinand is one of his players? If he is going to speak publicly about the incident than shouldnt he be seen to be supporting his player? Or if he can’t do that then alternatively he should just keep his dumb trap shut!

I swear Paul Ince and Tony Fernandes both deserve one great big bitch lick across their faces. They are both a disgrace.

Ferdinand is going to have to be really strong now because the FA (Football Association) is going to make it look as if he is the one in the wrong and the likes of Ince and Fernandes are happy to assist them on with this mission.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. They have a match coming up and Terry is the captain. They would not want to mess that up for a ‘mere’ racial charge, so they are working round the clock to make sure it goes away asap. Best to go into the opposition camp and find strong backing. I feel sorry for Ferdinand because he is left to feel like he was only trying to cause trouble over something ‘small’. But this right here is standard procedure into how these people deal with racism. I am quite sure there are many people(maybe not in football) who share a similar story. ‘Keep your head low and get on with it.’ All that talk of stamping out racism in football is a whole load of nonsense.

  2. The suck ups all come out of the woodworks now. If John Terry was truly not racist or have racist tendencies than he would never has said it. Plus why is he calling all these lost black folk to defend him. You said it own it claim it an grow from it. smh

  3. John Terry needs to change his name to Teflon!

    But am I missing something all I seem to see is comments from various people saying “I don’t think John Terry is racist” the fact is he has made racist comments (unless I’m blind!) that’s the matter at hand not whether he’s racist or not!

  4. Whatever! Why he has to call Ferdinand a f—king black c–t? Does he call white players a f–king white c–t? What’s your race gotta do with it?

  5. Why are they making out like this is the only time John Terry has been emroiled in using racist language? Have they forgetten him calling Ledley King a “lippy black moneky”? Peoples memories are real short. They only start to remember crap when words a directed at them.

  6. @cirock and verbs 2011 I agree with you 100% it’s complete bollocks.

    Actions speak louder than words and this just shows me how racist football really is.

  7. I knew there would be someone else coming out in his defense. What’s really bad is that this guy Ferdinand is going to suffer big time. And when things like this happens it scares other from coming forward and telling the truth. Racism is so insidious and that makes it so hard to stamp out. And when you have other Black people kissing the opposition ass it makes it even harder. Because people will only remember the other Black guys saying i don’t think he is racist. Ferdinand will have t be strong because so many other will turn their back on him. And i say this is a lesson for other Blacks as well…. They need to remember that no matter how much success they have in this world…some will only see you as another N*gger!!! I know you guys love your football over there….but if many Blacks would stop supporting this sport things will change. But i know that won’t happen because so many of our people are not willing to stand up and make a difference.

  8. When will people understand that everyone the world over is racist – it’s whether you expose it and how you expose it that brings about the problems. We all look at differences and stereotype each other based on our differences – to a certain degree that’s human nature. For most people they say things amongst people that are the same as them. We’d be foolish to deny this. Whether John Terry is what the incorrect UK definition of racist is (someone that supports BNP, beats people up because of their race or shouts threatening racial insults) then he probably isn’t, but without a doubt what he said was – let’s call a spade a spade and stop pussy-footing around this overpaid twat.

  9. Oh, and I hate the notion that one person of colour speaks for all of us, lumping us all together like we all have one mind. So if he says that he isn’t racist then it’s cool with the rest of us………. KMT

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