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Former England player Paul Ince has come out in support of England captain John Terry who has been accused and is currently under investigation for allegedly hurling racial abuse at Anton Ferdinand during a match.

During an interview with TalkSport Ince said,

“He’s not a racist. It’s no excuse to say allegedly what he might have said or what anybody says towards black, white, Chinese [people]. But if you say things in the heat of the moment it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a racist.

“There was probably no intent on what John Terry allegedly said. You go back to Ron Atkinson. He said something many, many years ago but he had so many black players at West Brom so you couldn’t really call him a racist.

“As far as I’m concerned, people say something in the heat of the moment but that doesn’t make them a racist.”

Paul Ince still living in denial and still a naive fool always quick to defend bulls**t.

And as for former football manager/pundit Ron Atkinson who while covering a live football match thought he was speaking off air but oh dear oh dear his microphone was still switched on and millions heard him call footballer Marcel Desailly a “f**king lazy thick nigger” on live television – what do you mean ‘you wouldn’t really call him racist’??? And why are you trying to play down the 2004 incident Paul???

Let me tell you something about racist Ron Atkinson, he was a good businessman who saw POUND SIGNS and TROPHIES when he signed all those black players. It was only ever about personal gain. That is the only reason why he gave the likes of us the time of day. It was never about Ron doing his bit for “race relations” within the world of football.  If you still believe that Paul then you’re an even bigger fool then you look.

I bet behind closed quarters Ron was spewing out racial slurs on a regular basis amongst friends, family and colleagues, while those same players he signed were running around like donkeys on the pitch helping to line his pockets.

Anyway your thoughts please….

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  1. John Barnes said a similar thing in a radio interview last week, he said he didn’t think Terry was a racist but made a racist comment, but went onto to say it’s not just about stopping racist comments but stopping the actual thought of them in the first place, but doesn’t that throw more more light on Terry being racist anyway? For example if I was arguing with a black man the thought of calling him names involving the colour of his skin wouldn’t enter my mind because I don’t think like that, but it entered Terry’s.

  2. When i said that we can be our own worst enemies, i really meant it. And wtf is this fool to dismiss what the other player felt was a racist mark. I personally get angry at many white people for various reasons including their racist behaviour, but you will never catch me calling anyone a white pig even in the heat of the moment. And why is it that Ferdinand did not call Terry a white something in the heat of the moment. Because he knew better and was raised better. I swear some people live in a bubble. I can work with and around racists, but it does not mean that i cannot be aware of their racism or racist ways. Some of These black footballers get paid way too much money to think.

  3. @Dera& One i totally agree with you both. This is one of the many reasons we will never get anywhere. This fool sides with the enemy!!! He is so in love with those people that he would a betray his own. Sad so sad i was discussed when i read this but i expected one of our own to come out and say something in defense of him. He is a fool and i hope the Black community over there gives him an ass wippin that he will never forget. How could you make a statement like that and mean it. If someone says something like that in anger it is what he is thinking and believing. It is just that simple no if and maybe so’s about it. He is a racist and he proved that. But for this man and i use that word loosely… To come out and say this and say it is ok. Basically that is what he is saying… It’s ok to call a Black man a nigger or whatever derogatory comment you like. As long as it’s done in anger it is ok. Por Favor!!! This puto is a just that! Man I cannot believe what I was reading…..

  4. I am convinced he was paid to come up and say this bull shit. So now, they are bringing in all these black football players to Terry’s defence? Eh, where are those white folks he plays with. Why not bring them to back up his ignorance and racism? But you see, the more black people defend him, the less racist it looks. I cannot wait to hear what the other black players have to say in his defence. Including Ashley Tweedy. So mad at this idiot. He should have just sat home and not said a thing, like he has always done. kmt

  5. Might have known that coconut Ince would come out and back this waste of space Terry. Ince has always been a coconut from day 1 and will always be a coconut, period. It was predictable that he would put in his retarded 2 pence worth to attempt to defend this racist wanker. The race wars are coming and these kind of frequent racist jibes are simply quickening the start of the kick off(excuse the pun). There is only so many times you can prod the lion before it switches. As I stated before, the persecution is what will wake up our people and bring us back together, so thats alright, keep on prodding Edom.

  6. So basically Ince has waved the green flag for all and sundry to say what they want about black people cos it happens ‘in the heat of the moment’!!

    Actually speechless. What is it with these idiots who play football who are conditioned to take it all on the chin and sweep insult after insult under the carpet?!! Are they that desperate to be accepted by their white peers?! He’s just made my blood pressure rise and now I’m gonna go to bed VEX!!

  7. Paul Ince, you FASSY!
    Oops i’m sorry, that was sadi “in the heat of the moment!”
    Please forgive me!
    I’m sure when Paul was playing football back in the day and he had racial slurs chanted at him, i’m willing to bet “oops, there just saying it in the heat of the moment, there not racist!”
    Dyam Ass!

  8. Grief, why do some Black people trip over themselves in their rush to support these racists? And media outlets love to give airtime and column inches to these fools. There must be SOME black footballers who think Terry is racist – where are they? Why don’t THEY come forward and give quotes to the media?

  9. Paul Ince wasn’t paid to say anything, Paul Ince is what is you call in America a coon and in the UK a coconut. He’s the problem. I remember in the world cup qualifer when he bashed his head and had to have bandages round his head and Gazza called him a pint of guiness Ince thought it was funny. I didn’t. If you are getting into an argument with someone and you call them fat, black or whatever that is all you are seeing when you look at them not them as a person, I’ve never got into an argument with a white person and called them a white this or white that and I’ve had plenty of opportunities

  10. WHAT?!!! I never did like Paul Ince, I always thought he was a muppet and now I detest him even more. It is bad enough having ignorant, racists like John Terry thinking it is acceptable to throw around racial slurs but we have to put up with the likes of dickhead so-called Guvnor, Paul Ince. Prat of the century!

  11. @kAREN i AGREE 100%! Why must some of us be such fools! You will sell out your own…just to please them…wow!

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