Midsomer Murders

The producer and co-creator of the hit TV drama Midsomer Murders has been suspended after telling The Radio Times in an interview that there was no place in the series for ethnic minorities.

Brian True-May said,


We just don’t have ethnic minorities involved. Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them. “It just wouldn’t work. Suddenly we might be in Slough … We’re the last bastion of English-ness and I want to keep it that way.

 Maybe I’m not politically correct … I’m trying to make something that appeals to a certain audience, which seems to succeed. And I don’t want to change it.

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Brian True-May

I am a Midsomer Murders fan. The series is set in a quintessential English village and the characters are all upper middle class folk who drink tea and eat scones, and then go on to murder each other. 

To be honest I never even thought about the non-existent presence of people of colour in the show. But it’s good to know what Brian’s thought’s are on this subject matter. It’s always good to know where we stand. At least black and Asian actors/actresses who may have had ‘aspirations’ to star in a one off episode now know that it will be a COLD DAY IN HELL BEFORE THAT HAPPENS.

Also Brian’s remarks shouldn’t come as a big surprise. There are hundreds of TV producers and executives who think like Brian and say the same thing  in board rooms up and down the country on a daily basis. Why do you think so many black actors/actresses pack up and relocate to the States?

I just hope Brian doesn’t attempt to go in to ‘back track’ mode and all of a sudden they introduce some random character who happens to be black, brought in to clean the village church, in a bid to try and smooth things over. I will double over with laughter if that happens.

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  1. “..the characters are all upper middle class folk who drink tea and eat scones, and then go on to murder each other” <-lol!

  2. Janice my thing is this….now that you know…why watch??? I truly hope that you turn that program off! I say that because on way to hit a bigot is in the pocket. If you and other Blacks/Asians stop watching then the sponsors will pull out. Some of our people really don’t care about how things are done. They will still support the show knowing that these producers don’t care about you at all. He said

    “We just don’t have ethnic minorities involved. Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them. “It just wouldn’t work. Suddenly we might be in Slough … We’re the last bastion of English-ness and I want to keep it that way.
    Maybe I’m not politically correct … I’m trying to make something that appeals to a certain audience, which seems to succeed. And I don’t want to change it.”

    He is saying that he does not care what you think and he doesn’t care if you like it. Now that is what I see from it… He was rather bold in my opinion he said it may not be politically correct…but he didn’t care. Because he is not trying to appeal to the Black! Wow! He would have been fired over here…. But I’m sure he still has his job….Now since he doesn’t care if you watch it…then why watch it? It is so amazing how people think they can come out and just say anything and don’t care. Over here in the US most Blacks didn’t watch the TV show Friends because we thought it was rather strange that in NYC in the 90’s there were no Blacks. Plus it was rather boring and most Blacks did not find it appealing. But later after so much was said about it …they put a few Blacks on at times. But it was too late we didn’t watch it. Like Monique said Friends were tied for double last in Black folk’s households. Now it may have been different over in the UK. So you guys over there are not English??? I thought you were!! Black but English…. Well I guess he said what he thought of you Black over there… That’s all you are and that is all you will ever be…is I’ll be nice…BLACK!!! We welcome and love when my Black UK brothers and sister come over to the USA and make it big. We love them and we support them 100% because they are our people as well.. But it’s sad that in your own country people will not accept you no matter what. But it’s the same here…but different… If we bitch enough things will change… So there is hope…. But for me I don’t watch a tv show if there is not at least one viable Black character in it. And the same with movies…I don’t care if it is the best movie ever. I will not watch or pay my money to see it…if we are not in it. If that means me never watching tv…then I will do it. We have to take a stand at some point…we can’t just accept everything that is done to us.

  3. @moreno – I’m sure Janice and my sister are the only two black people who watch the show so when they boycott it, it wont make much difference!

  4. @Moreno

    I just like the fact that he’s come out and said exactly what’s on his mind. Now we all know where we stand and that’s a good thing. It will now be interesting to see if people still tune in and if it still has a future. Note: Not many black people watched this show anyway, apart from maybe me and 2 others. lol I also want to see if they introduce black/Asian characters to smooth things over.

    I remember when Friend’s introduced black characters. I laughed my head off because it just looked forced. And the same with Baywatch.

  5. I don’t call myself British at all, Nothing on these shores remind me of myself or that I as an African can Identify or relate to.

    This story should be a wake up call to ‘black british’ but I doubt it. Eyes Wide Shut. I remember having a ‘debate’ on a ‘urban’ comedian’s facebook about racism in british TV and black shows not getting commissioned and he exclaimed that it had nothing to do with colour, the scripts were just not good enough. He’s since been on TV telling degrading black jokes and wearing a dress and still no mainstream exposure, ask him the question again he will give you the same answer!

    The only way a programme like this would get made with a black cast would be if Noel Clarke & Adam Deacon starred in it with ‘hood’ in the title. Could you imgaine if they then tried to say no room for white people. LOL

    No UK sponsors will drop the show if black people stop watching because its the UK, people dont care about ethnic minorities, because they dont care about themselves, prefer to blend in and be ‘multicultural’ instead of standing out as a ‘black’ person godforbid! and most black british people probably agree with him!! You think they didnt know how this man felt before this interview, they only suspended him because it looks good, bet he has fullpay and will be back once the fuss dies down…

  6. Ah, poor Edom, everything he achieved through rape, robbery, murder, pillaging and plundering is now being taken away from him in the same manner, ahhhhhhh. The so called white man is being destroyed from every corner and he is beginning to shout “its not fair”. However the so called Negro has being shouting this from the roof tops for the longest while but of course because it was us, nobody cared and it didn’t matter.

    Now the British European man is having his nationalistic ideology stripped away from him by very rich members of his own, all of a sudden there is a problem and everyone must now take notice, jump to attention, take action and drop their trousers. The so called white man always seems to conveniently forget the saying, “you reap what you sow”, especially when it is his turn to be held accountable for his actions. This saying which originally comes from Galations 6:7 reads:

    6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    Did he really think that a kingdom built on corruption would last? Sorry May, your “last bastion of Englishness” is gone now matey. As the European man forced his way into other countries and stripped those victims of their cultures and enforced his rebrobatism upon them, now are the diseased and cankered chickens coming home to roast. This is just one part of recompense straight from the Most High himself. Now he the European man will be forced to embrace different cultures in the same manner that he forced his ways upon others.

    By the way, I have a feeling that main reason why this story was highlighted was to deliberately agitate the already growing racial division and tension that is brewing among the different nationalities here in the UK. The same thing is happening in the US. I am always suspicious when the mainspin media runs to the hilt with a story, like all of a sudden they are my friends and they care about me. The race riots are coming, guaranteed, and this was a deliberate stoke of the fire.

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