Brian True-May

Well it’s all kicking off now!

Since it was announced earlier today that Midsomer Murders co-creator/producer Brian True-May has now been suspended, after saying in an interview that there was no place for ethnic minorities in his show, the fans and the show’s stars have come out to support him.

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I wonder what the script writers have planned for future episodes. I just know that there are plans to incorporate in the odd “ethnic” character now. 

Will a Grime emcee with short dreads from Brixton just appear in a future episode, perform a live set at the village fete, and then turn up dead after it’s revealed he’s been secretly dating the Vicar’s daughter?

I wonder… I wonder….

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  1. Wow!!! It is interesting to see….how many people are ok with his remarks. And they seem to feel the same way…wow! Man people are really foolish…. But i expect that… nothing new under the sun.

  2. this is one show I am happy to not see black people in. Because if they do put black people in this show then it would reduce the number of white murderers on our tv screens which is a fallacy the media already uses. midsomer is about murders. I am happy for them to keep the show whitewashed . But you know one of those rich white folk in the village has an immigrant doing slave labour for them

    oh i do not watch the show either

  3. There is more to this whole story than meets the eye. The 3 possibilities that immediately spring to mind are:

    1. To create more hatred and stoke up the racial tensions here between whites and ethnic majorities.

    2. A distraction while something else was being played out that needed secrecy and little media coverage.

    3. This May fellow’s show was up for a re-calibration anyway and the BBC needed some sort of a foot in the door to make their move. It would be interesting to read what questions he was asked in his interview.

  4. People need to stop deluding themselves especially black people. A multi cultural society is not the same as a muti cultural society that is integrated. And if anyone believes that it is going to happen in Britain anytime soon, they don’t really know who they are dealing with. They will tollerate you, but that does not mean that they have accepted you or want you to be there. There are work places where black people who hold the same work positions are paid less than their white counter parts and yet they are holding the same position, and no white person is ever going to tell this, they are happy to just let it go on because you are not considered to be equal especially if you are an immigrant.

    Then they will keep on shouting, ‘go back to your country’. Maybe all those oil rich countries that are being punished for having resources should shout the same thing.

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