Several days ago I posted news on the dubious campaign set up by singer Alicia Keys to help raise awareness for World AIDS Day. Click HERE to read if you missed it.

Punchbowl Blog reports that tomorrow (1 December) Hollywood will die digitally to raise awareness for World AIDS Day. A-list celebrities who have Twitter accounts will “sacrifice” yes that’s right “SACRIFICE” tweeting until $1 million is raised to buy their digital lives back.

I bet they spent thousands of dollars on this off-key campaign. They should have donated the money to an AIDS charity where it would have done some good.

All I can do right now is laugh at the high-profile/extremely wealthy celebrities “sacrificing their digital lives”.   Why not just donate $1 million dollars each and put an end to this charade.

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  1. “Why not just donate $1 million dollars each and stop this charade.”
    I can see where you’re coming from…Would save a lot of time…

  2. It always bugs me when celebs tell me to donate money. That’s why I have issues with Bono and anything he puts his name to.

  3. Who told this celebrities that putting a halt to their tweeting was a big sacrifice?

    They really think their followers are mongrels. I find the campaign undermining, plus the so called A-listers in that trailer are actually C-listers right?

  4. Plus, how much is 1 million between all of them?? Ryan Seacreast is in the money mate. If you’re gonna make us buy your life back (I rebuke such a bad thing), shouldn’t they be raising the figure slightly higher?

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt donate their own millions on many occassions. KMT

  5. Dumb campaign. Do people really care if these guys use Twitter or not? Swizz Beats? Please. It just shows that these people have a very high opinion of themselves – “our beloved Stans cannot BEAR to be without our 140 character pearls of wisdom” – yeah right, the Stans will get their fix elsewhere.

  6. I watched the video and the way Usher says his own name just made me laugh.

    I can’t take any of them seriously.

    “Do people really care if these guys use Twitter or not? Swizz Beats?”

    LMAO. I can’t asking myself that very same question last night.

  7. Damn you J, I only watched it because of you – the whole Usher incident – dude thought it was THAT kind of movie. Apparently, they couldn’t get Ashton Kutcher to sign up…Y’all should just drop a milli each…or for the less fortunate celebs…maybe 10Gs??

  8. While this is clever like Jan said it would have been more clever if the participating celebrity had to donate in order to participate a minimum $250k buy in to participate in this campaign….I am sure we won’t miss them especially that Kim K! Bish please just sitcho ass all the way down! You and your $10 bottle of water!!

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