The cast from the highly anticipated movie For Colored Girls (directed by Tyler Perry) all feature on the cover of Essence Magazine’s December issue.

Thandie Newton, Kimberly Elise, Phylicia Rashad, Anika Noni Rose, Kerry Washington, Lorreta Divine, Janet Jackson, Tessa Thompson and Whoopi Goldberg.

Richard Lawson, Hill Harper, Omari Hardwick, Tyler Perry, Khalil Kain, and Michael Ealy.

Source –  Gossip Wrap Up!

[Thanks Ronke]

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  1. **catches breath**

    These 2 covers make me feel so proud. They really do.
    My beautiful black people making a name for themselves and looking beautiful/handsome in the process.

    Kimberly Elise, Phylisa Rachad, Janet Jackson are my fave women on that cover. I just LOVE them.

    Kimberly is so under rated.

    I’m a Tyler Perry fan, love what he’s done for black Hollywood, creating jobs, a studio and giving back to the community when he can. He is so charitable and doesn’t get enough credit for that. All people wanna do is talk about his sexuality or friggin Madea. Don’t like it don’t watch. He really is a true rags to riches story and seems to have remained so humble throughout it all.

    Thanks Janice for posting. I don’t buy Essence but will grab these covers.

    I want Khalil and Michael Ealy….THAT IS ALL

  2. LOVE IT!!!
    This should be the poster for “black dont crack”
    Look at these women, beautiful, classy, dignified, amazing!
    Makes you feel very proud.

  3. I love these covers, and thandie newton, anyway… even the male cover is impressive and leaves me feeling proud, but I can’t help but look at Tyler perry and think what lurks beneath his smile… I ain’t hating just that Boondocls episode has me thinking… still! lol

  4. Can’t wait to see this film, not a Tyler Perry fan but from the trailer alone,it looks like he may have just done the book justice. I really hope the star power of Thandie, Whoopie and Janet will help get a UK release.

  5. Well i must say when i received the issue in the mail…all i could do was smile. I love seeing beautiful Black people anytime. But what impressed me was the fact they these women and me are not only attractive …but intellegent as well. I love what Tyler Perry has done for the Black community. And i also love that he continues to make quality movies about Black people. Yeah some may not like Madea….but here in America….i had a grandmother that reminded me of! Very strong…crazy…opinionated…but mostly all about her family. The Beautiful ladies and the also swaggered out men…..i’d take my hat off to them if i had on one…. So on Friday my girl and my friends are all getting together to got see the movie and have dinner….should be worth the money

  6. Great movie…By the way, check out page 90… Lachanze’s book “Little Diva” is featured! Great book for ALL girls!

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