50 Cent

The "nations sweetheart" / convicted batterer of a toilet attendant Cheryl Cole

The trashy Daily Star reports that rapper/actor 50 Cent wants to help the “nation’s sweetheart” Cheryl Cole break… wait for it…. wait for it….. HOLLYWOOD!


Fiddy has allegedly said that he’ll broker a meeting between Cheryl and wait for it… wait for it……  ROBERT DE NIRO, to help the convicted batterer of toilet a nightclub attendant to break into acting.

I would love to get Cheryl involved in the movies. She is the queen of the music world at the moment and she can be the queen of Hollywood if that’s what she wants.

I am not talking about cameos in laughable movies. I am talking about proper, serious movie roles.

She is talented and I can see her taking that talent from the music industry into the film industry. I am going to set up a dinner in Robert’s restaurant in New York between the three of us and we can talk.

Does old Fiddy even know who the blasted woman is? And why are they bringing the great Robert De Niro in to this mess?

This has given me my biggest laugh of the day.

You know what? I can’t even be bothered to comment further on yet another ridiculously made up story, that paints Cheryl as being this ultra talented human being that every US star wants to work with.

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  1. why do u keep reporting these lies?? unno they are lying!! 50 has barely made it on the actin scene how he gonna help others?? abeg #ontothenext!

  2. i don’t believe it…this is some bull! If he did say this…we here in America…would have his! She battered a sister….will never forget that. And i will make sure everyone one over here knows it as well…

  3. And why is ti always a Black man wanting to allegedly mnake her a star… What’s up with the white men?? Come on is th media over there trying to say Black men are fools??? What’s with this…

  4. Yes -since Ashley… now all us Black brothers want a piece, Fiddy, WillIAM (wid his foolish self) and trey songs… humm, if only we believed everything we read lol.

  5. @fr …yeah i guess us Black brothers just can’t help but want a white woman..NOT! I believe it’s just a bunch of bull…. But to me bro it seems that they think us Black brothers are just fools…don’t you think? I mean everything i have read…was from some one saything this Black dude or that Black dude…wants her… She’s ok looking but not all that at all… And i must add you made me laugh when you put(wid his foolish self).lol! No one over here in America knows who she is…….go figure….

  6. Ha… WillIAM just jars me, with his dress snense and hair styles and what not, he ain’t no Bootsy Collins or George Clinton, he doesn’t bring the funk like that he’s just a clown a@~ ~@:?> lol. literally lol.

    But yeah I really do believe that the average opinion of black Men (founded upon what I see in the media) is that ‘naturally’ we are less smart (less educated) Lazy, Agressive / Violent, Prone to commit Crime (or Law break / cheat the system in some way – See what you done Did Robbie earle lol), Always on the look out for women no matter how many we alreadly have and especially have a thing for talentless but cute white women, (go figure lol), oh most of us aren’t Fathers or Dads, but Baby fathers! lol OH and Of Course… We like Chicken, water melon and dancing and if we are in a situation where all three of these elements are present then we are likely to ‘Act A Fool’… oh most of us make good athletes if we can be tamed or disciplined enough. becuase of course we are Wild! like monkeys!

    thats a mix mash of the general ideas I know folks harbour in regards to the stero typical ways we Black brothers are viewed, sad but true.

  7. I have a feeling Cheryl will never date a black man again. So this continuous foolishness is just foolishness really to draw in the black folk and the basically the lower class of britain who desparately want this kind of life where you earn something for nothing. Really, you are not going to find white upper class giving her this praise, hell to the NO. She represents the lower class of Britain and that is their target market. Lower class meaning all non white and white lower class really, maybe a few foolish working class too.

  8. I must say brother you have a way with! But you’re right if we look at the media you would believe we are all of those things you mentioned. But I’m hoping most people aren’t that small minded. But guess what I think most! People love to see the worst in people it’s just easier that way. And it doesn’t help that we put ourselves out there like we do. More so..i just want to add that we are more than what the media say we are. And it is important that we don’t buy into the stereotypes and just give up. As I read what you wrote I just laugh because so much of what you said people think is true. I had this white guy at work ask me one day… “hey do you know where I can get some good sweet watermelon.” Mind you I was at work…but I didn’t give a s@it… I just told him to go ask his mother! Then I said is that what you expected me to say….good for you. And he walked away…beet! Now normally I would have said…I don’t know..because I don’t. But this punk seems to like to try me from time to time…because I’m now his boss. And he just can’t that this good look Black face can telling him what to! Sometime you have to deal with ignorance with ignorance… And guess what..he never comes to me with anything other than work. Now I do work in corporate america which is full of shiftless a@s people… But I manage well by just using what I know. And the other thing that gets me is the fact that everyone assumes I play basketball… which I! But like you said every Black guy is an athlete… But I have realized that no matter how much our people progress…some will always see us that way. Then again who gives a f@ck! But I’m still laughing about what you said about! I’m laughing my arse! (is that how you guys say

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