The annual BET Awards took place last night in Los Angeles, and I will post more video footage later.

But in the meantime check out Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson.

Brown also bursts in to tears while singing Man In The Mirror.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  1. Very nice tribute to MJ by Chris….but call me cynical as I don’t think the tears were really necessary.

  2. The cynical half of me thinks the tears were purly for publicity and the human half completely understand why he was overwhelmed.

    Regardless of the crying it was a great tribute to MJ and one he should’ve been allowed to do last year.

  3. neesy

    i don’t buy it either. I want him to get on with his life but this right here is pure comedy

  4. lechatnoir :
    i don’t buy it either. I want him to get on with his life but this right here is pure comedy

    oh no, it wasnt funny to watch i nearly cried but i’m a sissy like that 😦

    I always felt for him, I dont condone what he did but the way the media and people came at him was just unnecessary. He paid his debt to society and let the man live.

  5. KMT!
    oh how we never forgot how Cheryl bit*ch licked that toilet attendant tho….
    I laughed sooo hard…fame is so fickle he ran around thinking his sh*t dont stink!
    I dont buy the tears…what was BET thinking?

  6. The media in the US is wondering the same thing was it real or just an act as they put it a Hollywood stunt. I’m hoping it was real and he did not use the tribute to MJ to stage his a possible come back.

  7. No sympathy coming from this camp. They guy openly sings about his admiration for a winged devil one minute then all of sudden he has an emotional spot for a dead man?

  8. omg that was soo sad!! he couldnt actually sing the song!! he was bawling even i started to cry- hes really gone RIP MJ!!!

  9. BigZ :
    Very nice tribute to MJ by Chris….but call me cynical as I don’t think the tears were really necessary.

    It looked pretty real to me! I liked the performance but it don’t change how I fell about what he did to Rihanna…. Now maybe he thought about what that song meant to him and it touch him in such a way!!! He need a change… Do I believe he can change? Yes I do…… Good Luck Chris

  10. Crying will always make others feel sad-it’s human, a bit like yawning which is what I’m doing.

  11. neesy

    I watched it again lol! clearly me made the thing about himself. He really looks funny.He has a strange jawline and a XXL large mouth .It looked like a grimace. I couldn’t stop laughing.Ridamndiculous to say the least.

  12. I personally think he was too tired to sing because he put everything he had into his performance, so he chickened out and pretended to cry cause he knew that his voice at that moment was NOT up to it. I think he ruined what was a very good performance by pulling this embarrassing, unprofessional stunt! even Janet was able to keep it together when she performanced last year at an event and even thanked the public on stage just days after MJ died. I am completely aware of the fact that I sound like a hartless cow but I am really unimpressed or moved by this, it all started off so well!! silly brat

  13. I mean wow, I can understand where you lot are coming from.
    That the tears did go a bit far but what i seen is someone that really wants to change his life and he is doing it now i cant really talk about changing my life because am only 14 for god sake LOl but anyways i think that he really ment it when he was crying and it really came from the heart 😀 i am also a very big chris brown fan and i know that what he did to his ex was wrong and yet you get men that beat there wife’s every day so why is it because he is a celeb that he has to be put on the spot like this when he made One mistake. 😀 Dont worry chris in my eye’s you are forgiven 😀

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