England team member Wayne Rooney after loss

Weeks before the World Cup kicked off in South Africa, a visitor to the site accused me of being negative when I said that the England team didn’t stand a chance of winning the tournament.

Well guess what folks –  IT’S A WRAP!

Germany destroyed England’s “chances” of going home with the World Cup today in a highly controversial match.

Germany went on to easily win 4-1 after an encounter in which a wrongly disallowed goal had prevented England completing a comeback when the score stood at 2-1.

However Germany was the better side and England’s performance during the game and from the very start of the tournament had been DIRE (as predicted).

But now it looks as if the media is gearing up to blame England manager Fabio Capello for his team’s poor showing.  But as far as I am concerned it’s all down to the players. Those over-rated, over pampered bunch of LOSERS cannot go up against the big boys, and struggle to beat less experienced teams (e.g. Algeria and Slovenia).

They are a joke!

This country needs to focus on nurturing its young homegrown footballing talent ( the Under-21s) so that they can then go on to compete in future tournaments with ease.

Forget about Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard, Terry and Heskey etc. Forget about the old guard. The focus should be on the next generation.

The German’s did just that and have put together an inexperienced but brilliant team of young players, who could now actually go on to win the World Cup.

If I was Capello I would just hand in my resignation and go on to manage a group of unspoilt players who are passionate, hungry and want to win.

Managing the England squad isn’t worth the time or effort.

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  1. I agree on your blog. But I didn’t expect such a performance from Germany as well. Most of the players aren’t playing for big clubs (yet).

    I also agree that English football is kind of “ill”. Guess the English players in the Premiership rely too much on foreign key players. And when was it last time England had a decent goalkeeper?

  2. The fact that the English premier league is a multi million pound industry is not proof that english players are good. Some teams just have the extra advantage of maximum discipline and skill and humbleness. There’s no excuse 4 yesterday’s performance when they have all they need as in material needs. No excuse, and don’t blame it on capello’s 

  3. I come not to praise Fabio Capello but to bury him, to paraphrase a Shakespearian text… Should any country’s football manager be paid the £6 Million a year as is widely reported? What has the loyal followers and supporters of England, not only over here within the UK but worldwide, have to show for it? Capello did not have the strength, foresight to take-off Rooney and replace with Crouch to head balls down to Gerrard/John Cole or Lampard/Defoe to fire shots at the goal, to an appalling German keeper, in short no backup plans, alternatives. Instead he brought on the non-scoring Heskey, to do what, miss more chances? Heskey lacks the ability, vision to run into position, place/guide the ball at an unprotected area of the goal.

    So the Knife’s are out, but where exactly does the fault lay? Does it lay with the those in charge of the FA who rewarded Fabio Capello with the post? What exactly were the terms, conditions of his £6M/year contract? Judging by the three earlier matches prior to this England v Germany match, very little! There are many who would justifiably say the FA and England supporters, like the media were conned by Capello and his entourage, taken on an expensive ride.

    It is a point of fact that there is too much money within the arena which is UK Football–> Premiership–> FA. Many would argue there is, more money than commonsense. There were alternatives for the FA, they could have said to England born managers, the FA, have brought you through to your position and now it’s your turn to pay-back and thrown £200k each to the Harry Redknapps of this world, for one day/week x5 managers, for 6 months for the purposes of coaching, training, managing.

    Let us not kid ourselves, even if Frank Lampard’s goal had been counted as being over the line, England would not have won. The simple fact was/is that Germany had larger, stronger, faster players who had been better coached and selected not by the German media but by looking at the qualities and talents of each individual player of the German side. But they didn’t stop there, like a performance BMW or Merc, they fine-tuned their players. They took the time to understand and practice with the new Jabulani ball, to select players of speed and taught their youngsters composure on the ball, in the final phase and place the ball, in the net.

    Where was the Roy of the Rovers Passion from those who want to count themselves an England players?

    There is a case for the FA to look inwards, at themselves, at their failings.

    Does Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Ghana have the money and the likes of the FA Academy and yet they produce talented players. So are the players coached via the FA Academy too rigid, too structured that they do not allow flair, individualism?

    Much is made of how the England side had the best players from the Premiership. If we look at the Premiership, we see that the top 6 teams have many overseas players and have mostly non-English managers. Is not the Premiership the better for this? Many of these overseas players who have flair, talent ability did not go through the structure of the FA Academy instead they learnt their skills in deprived areas where they were allowed to innovate.

    Over the last 20 years many football pitches, where youngsters could previously practice, play, innovate their talents have been sold off, for property developments, but what did the FA do, very little. What have the FA done to encourage youngsters out of poverty and into the enjoyment of the game of football, very little. Have the FA with all their wealth invested in local cities and towns, at grass roots level; the answer is no! Where are the footballers with dribbling skills, like George Best, Sir Stanley Matthews etc. have they been homogenized by the FA Academy into structured formations, precision, control and at the expense of natural flair, innovation, talent? So what have the FA learnt, very little it would seem.

  4. Capello is not to blame. I blame the English mentality of quick fix and short term. The man had little time with this bunch considering he even had a few to work with who quite frankly the English public and media are obsessed with and can’t see past.

  5. MAX RESPECT to the insight into the games politics, but as a non footie fan sometimes the facts are far clearer.
    They are not as good as their opponents and are over rated by the premier league who dole out way too much money to them. The money is there because ppl like your good self have the fanaticism and interest in the sport.(and I mean no malice as I too have nmy fanaticism in music) This does not mean that they are the best but that they can sustain themselves very handsomely at this level. So we analyse because if we don’t we realise that like many things in the UK today, that people are willing to pay a hefty price for mediocrity and choose to enjoy these poor standards.

  6. Ok, my fickleness was short-lived. I only watched the highlights for a minute & the English defence was dismal, seriously dudes, they should blame the players. Capello’s a known winner, although I do agree some of his choices were very questionable. I think it’s time to get those hungry youthful players – Nigeria you better take notes, I don’t want to see Kanu or the former glories with their questionable “33” year old asses. Look at Germany, those kids were badass. Oh well, I’m now Ghanaian.

  7. 4-1???? Holy mackerel. Well, let us just call it as it is, Germany played the better game. It will be interesting to see which direction the blame goes in, England can never just come out, be honest and say that they played a crap game. To be honest, England were kidding themselves if they though that they were going to make significant ground in this tournament. I am not a football follower but I wondered why the pubs were quiet and not full of lager louts downing pints, peanuts, crisps and shouting “England” at passing cars. I guess its back to to memories of 1966 then for these poor souls.

    England, your backside got rinsed and by some inexperienced young boys at that, back to the drawing board. Maybe you might get it right one day. Its always the same story with the English at the world cup, mostly with the fans and the English commentators, they come out beating the drums of arrogance with their chest sticking out, then their inflated chests get combusted and deflated when they get broken and they have to retreat in silence to their caves. I heard some of these commentators with my own ears state arrogantly that England were going to beat Germany after they just about limped through after that struggle match with a no name team. How now brown cow?

  8. I learned a hard lesson this World Cup,… In all Honesty… “Managing the England squad isn’t worth the time or effort” -and neither is supporting them!.

    But I would like to share some points…lol…

    Taking Heskey was a big big mistake, so huge,… they picked him over Darren Bent a top English goal scorer, simply because Heskey “brings the best out of Ronney”… HA! not only did that tactical move backfired (as Rooney couldn’t even scored 1 goal, Not one blastid goal!) but HESKEY injuried Rio Ferdinand (the England Captain at the time, and our most Reliabe Defender) freak challenge my ass, Heskey is a clumsy fool!

    I think the squad was pissed at that way before the first game lol… and the drama, divisions and bad decisions carried on from there from bad to worse.

    I must hold my hand on and say… during the build up, I thought a few of you were wrong in the way you were writing England of, and it even Vexed me the way some of you were mocking them, and thier chances lol…I thought it was just the typical write off that wasn’t founded on much, but now ahahaha, my Faith in England (now I realised) lol wasn’t founded on much at all hehe…But still the mockery was uncalled for imo lol.

    anyway, BIG UP Janice, You got it spot on, the English players are just not on it, they don’t give a hoots nanny about winning a world cup, they don’t want it really and they live a life full of too many privileges to care about winning or losing in the World Cup finals, the sight of the players laughing and joking as they got of the plane after that game said it all to me, Piss Take!… anyway… like i said I’ve learnt lol…

    “Managing the England squad isn’t worth the time or effort” and neither is supporting them!…

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