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The controversial vuvuzela horns could be banned from World Cup following thousands of complaints from fans, broadcasters and the players.

South Africa’s World Cup organising chief Danny Jordaan revealed his officials had been swamped by protests about the ear-bursting horns being blown during matches.

Mr Jordaan told BBC Sport the vuvuzela would be banned ‘if there are grounds to do so’. Continue Reading….

When England eventually get knocked out of the tournament I bet they blame it on the vuvuzela, along with the ball.

I suspect that it’s mostly the English players,  fans, viewers and broadcasters who are moaning the loudest.


Yes the vuvuzela is noisy, but it’s an important part of South Africa’s footballing culture. NO WAY should it be banned.

The South Africans should not be forced into changing the way they choose to celebrate on THEIR OWN SOIL to suit others!

Those who don’t like it can switch of their television sets or turn the volume down.

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  1. I swear it’s canned background noise. Listen carefully when you get to watch the next match. When they start to sing the national anthems, it literally sounds as if somebody has pressed pause and the noise stops.

    Re: people moaning, FFS during every world cup there’s mad noise in the crowd! Get over it and turn the bloody volume down.

  2. LMAO @ Jan yeah if they dont make it they’ll blame the ball,the table mountains,apartheid….

  3. Anyway, apparently they have made low pitched vuvuzelas. I guess they are there to stay.Besides it seems that they are being blown by a wide range of fans, not only south africans. Am i the only one who thinks that this is the most chilled out world cup so far? The players looked relaxed, the fans look like they are on holiday, LOL!, DOES ANYONE WANT TO WIN THE WORLD CUP OR ARE THEY COMING IN TO PLAY AFTER A SAFARI TOUR? Not that i am complaining.lol

  4. they ought to ban the folk complaining from South Africa. Next they will complain they dont like the calabash design of the stadium then it will be too much black folk than they will say too much foreigners – oops they cant say that unless they talking about the boers lol kmt

    anyway these horns are like carnival horns on a larger scale. if England cannot adapt to the enviroment they are useless. You do not here the likes andrew strauss, kevin peterson, stuart broad et al complaining because there is a carnival taking place when they play in the caribbean and they play for a whole day not just 90minutes – england get over it and stop complaining

  5. Well, I will not watch Soccer, I can;t listen to it.. its annoying and the advertisers during the matches will not get my dollar…

  6. I’m tired of hearing this “It’s an important part of Afican Footballing culture”, what? To have 50,000 obnoxious horns blowing? Ok, that’s just effing ridiculous, I don’t mind the odd couple of hundread or even a thousand or two, but the whole stadium blowing this thing, drowning EVERYTHING out.. is just stupid and tournament ruining.

  7. Yada, yada, blah, blah, I’ve learnt to block it out…it’s an important part of SOUTH African footballing…Deal with it, I hate the smell (taste, sight etc) of coffee & cigarettes, but since they’re important parts of loads of random people’s daily ritual. Although, I still believe smokers should be taxed for messing up my air and/or live in their own bubble, I deal with it. I was slightly pissed when they were interrupting the Nigerian supporters’ chanting, but I was already pissed with the Nigerian players. Messing up set pieces & rubbish marking…

  8. Atleast SA will leave a mark one way or another. Hehehe. Bring on the Vuvuzelas. Hahaha

  9. This crazy Africans’ custom should not destroy the world’s most beautiful game.

    This is World Cup, NOT SAFRICA CUP. REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!


  10. they wouldn’t tell a scot to not use his bagpipes at a football match. they can kizz my brown azz .

  11. Hepocretes?! Didn’t know the World Cup was being held in Ancient Greece…
    @Bob, I’m sure you’re one of those guys, who holidays abroad, lets say India, you go there, you see all the colourful parades, the sometimes over the top celebrations etc and you say, “Couldn’t they stop embarrassing themselves & quietly sit down and sip some PG Tips?” or are you the other ones, who’ve never stepped through a local airport…

    As for “hepocretes”? Have you sat down to look at your own country? Everybody is a “hepocrete”.

  12. I would just like to same on behalf on most of the England Squad and and set up in general lol ahahah, nah seriously, a lot of players and pundits have come out and said YEs they are loud (not the black folks lol, but the Vuvuzelas) but they are a large part of the culture especially in footballing terms, and it is actually not a bad thing, it makes the World Cup in South Africa unique and quite special.

    thats what they said in a roundabout way lool!

  13. I think some folks are just allergic to foreign. That’s all. lol

    I only noticed the vuvuzela noise when they splashed it allover the news. I guess i was doing alot of supporting that it escaped my mind or maybe am used to the babric noise or unculturedness and uncivilisation. Aha, that might be it. lol

  14. If the organizers don’t ban the things after all these complaints, one can only assume they’re getting a cut of the sales. They’re not a big enough part of SA culture in order to justify the discomfort and the uproar they’re causing. They’re giving the players an excuse for bad play, and the fact that the complaints are being dismissed shows that the organizers aren’t particularly concerned about our reputation. It’s embarrassing, and easily solvable. The majority vote should win, and it’s overwhelmingly swayed towards wanting a ban – from both foreigners and South Africans. This is spreading fast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-Ln_rqPpPk

  15. @Sifiso

    Well it’s not going to happen. So I say put some cotton wool in your ears and enjoy the games!

    Anyway If it wasnt the vuvuzela’s then they would have found something else to complain about.

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