The Daily Mirror reports that rapper Tinchy Stryder has flown out to South Africa to cheer the England team up after Saturday’s lacklustre performance against the USA.

A “source” disclosed,

Since Saturday’s game, the lads have not been in the greatest of spirits and they all needed something to lift them up. Tinchy met some of the players briefly, which was the perfect tonic.

“He dedicated his song Number 1 to Rob Green which went down a treat. It put a smile back on a few faces.”

There’s only so much time the boys can spend watching DVDs in their rooms after training. So meeting Tinchy was such a welcome surprise and really boosted morale.”

Also according to The Daily Mirror the squad were all hoping that Dizzie Rascal would pay them a visit, but he apparently cancelled at the last-minute.

What a shame….

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If this story is true then all I can do is laugh.

Oh the poor over-paid/pampered babies. They were all bored watching DVDs in their plush hotel rooms and down in the dumps. But then Super Stryder flew in, worked his magic and now all is right with the world again.

England will definitely win the World Cup now!!!

*shaking my head*

After Saturday’s dismal performance The England squad should be training/talking tactics and focusing on their next game (Day and night). Not taking precious time out to meet rappers, in the hope of “lifting spirits”.

Isn’t it the manager/captain’s job to lift a team’s spirit?

I would love to see how the other teams (Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Germany etc) set about preparing themselves for the biggest tournament of their lives. 

I wonder if it involves going on safari, playing golf, watching DVDs and receiving  ‘famous’ visitors from their native lands.

I wonder if that’s part of their training regime.

Best of luck England.

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  1. LOL! I tell ya. You all should be watching england matches in scotland. LMAO. Its hillarious. Some say the english are clueless as 2 why they don’t get along with folks, and don’t want 2 know. They will never get it. LOL

  2. LMAO, this unfortunalty isn’t true, he got flown out there by Nike with Rio Ferdinand’s brother, not exactly what they’re supposed to be doing though.

    But I would love it if this was true, I could just imagine him doing an impromptu performance of Number One with Rooney taking on Dappy’s vocals.

  3. Yeah I think they are, it’s something to do with a competition they judged, the winner got to travel to S.Africa for the world cup with them. I think there’s gonna be a documentary on it as well.

  4. I don’t believe this, and I’m ‘fully’ Confident that England will bounce back in Victorious style to finish top of thier group and go on to the later stages of the cup… (didn’t feel that why after the game though lool) Italy drew thier first game in world cup 94 with yep, USA, and they went on to win it,… #JustSaying lol

  5. I agree with every damn word you wrote in that post. The English team is full of pure wotlessness. I don’t think they care about winning to be honest, for them this probably more about a holiday, wages and limelight. And Tinchy Stryder they are acting like he’s some celeb God of Hollywoodville type status. Yes I’m sure all of the boys were eagerly anticipating the arrival of a negro midget to come and cheer them up. KMT!!!!

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