Sean 'Diddy' Combs

The BBC News website reports that Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy aka Puffy aka Puff aka P Diddy aka Diddy aka Papa Diddy Pop, has expressed admiration for today’s ‘UK Hip Hop scene’.  

The star believes that British Hip Hop is “on the verge of breaking into the US charts”, and added,  

“I’ve always been abreast and respected the UK Hip-Hop scene and I look forward to great things,”  

(saying this in a broad Jamaican accent) –  STOP LIE!!!!!  

But I would love to know the names of the artists that he admires within the UK Hip Hop scene. If we are talking about the usual mediocre mainstream suspects who currently reign supreme in the UK charts, then old man Diddy needs to be guided in to the right direction.  ASAP!!!


Tinie Tempeh is the only one who stands a decent chance of breaking into the US charts, only because his tracks so far have been well produced. Other than that I think his lyrics will go down like a lead balloon over there.  They don’t want to hear about chocolate biscuits.

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  1. Read this via the red button yesterday. Ah…Tinie Tempeh, the one with the song that has “la la la la” in it…

  2. Chocolate Biscuits jan LOOOL, but I wonder with the mesh of current artists selling (out) in the us now, they may be a place for Tinie and his Chocolate Biscuit rhymes,… as for Diddy, KMT he is full of bull. he’s always been abreast of the UK hip hop scene, if that were even true he would know that Tinie, Tinchy and skepta do not make Hip hop! joker!

  3. STOP LIE!!! Will forever be in my head whenever I see Diddy!! You know that sweet mi real good!

    And yes in English, Patois, Yoruba, Igbo, Shona and then some Diddy is a liar. He’s heard UK urban music is making strides over here more than it has ever done and he want his piece of the financial pie from these artists and the UK scene. Jay-Z is doing it too, but we all know he’s about business and making the buck. Diddy however, will sit there telling lie after lie and we know he’s not genuine. Just say it’s about the money and we’ll respect you a whole lot more!

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