So this woman is being peddled as being the next female rap superstar.

I can’t……

All I can do is laugh like a maniac while watching this.

The woman looks like she’s lip synching throughout this joke of a  live performance.

Watch from mark 1.15

Also check out the ridiculous looking  bodyguard on the stage with her, behaving like he’s there to protect President Obama (mark 3:45).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via Rasha Entertainment


Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. she has more fans then Kim did in her time, she is massive, amongst younger hip hop fans and older foolish fans who should know better,… it’s no longer about skills (DAmn I miss Rah Digga), its about appearance, and then saying something ‘sick’, in a mad way, and you got them.

    these youngers are Dumbed Down!!!!!!! for sure!

  2. They have the track playing in the background and she joins in when she feels like it and seems to be miming most of the time. In fact she is!

    It’s totally unacceptable.

    Her fans need help

  3. does she do her own material???

    I heard that with KIM – B.I.G. wrote and recorded her whole first album, hardcore, thats why it was so onpoint, in terms of lyrics and delivery of those lyrics, he gave it to her to memorize and then record herself. I think this is going on with Nicki, things are certainly not as they seem.

  4. I think Biggie did write most of her material. But Kim was good back then. Loved her delivery etc.

    But this woman here.. this woman is a joke!

    Nicki claims she writes her own material. I don’t believe her.

  5. fair points, but I often wonder, do we see nicki as older heads would of seen kim? and did we see kim, the way younger heads see nicki now???

    even though the quality of music has changed, the message in the music hasn’t changed much at all? imo.

    I had slightly different thoughts and opinions on things than I do now, naturally -after all I was only 16 then ;O)

  6. “but I often wonder, do we see nicki as older heads would of seen kim? and did we see kim, the way younger heads see nicki now???”

    hmmm that’s something to think about….

    But for some reason I still don’t think Nicki appeals to that many people (young/old). We are just being led to believe that. But I guess all will become clear when her album drops….

  7. She changes her personas like no man’s business. One minute she is a bloody barbie, the next she is more like a soft porn artists(the video jan posted before showing ass and tongue.. looord), her target audience are young ones, that is how she come accross to me, either way, she will dress according to the weather.

    *when will British folks openly accept their decent home grown talent? (goes back to dream land)*

  8. fr…-“ we see nicki as older heads would of seen kim? and did we see kim, the way younger heads see nicki now???” – Good point! Never thought of that before. But come on – Minaj is RUBBISH!

    How the crowd allowed her to get away with strolling up and down the stage, miming when she could be arsed to I just don’t know.

  9. Kim and Foxy were geared to towards the adult market 18-30 I would say. Nicki on the otherhand is geared towards 10-16 year old girls. with her loose talk and Barbie antics etc. Disturbing…

  10. Of course Nicki is the Lil Kim of now in fact back in the day some folks at 1st resisted Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown and their were options like Lauryn Hill and many others. There was more options now today they only have Nicki pushed in their face!

    Back in Kim and Foxy’s era we had just come out of Queen Latifah, M.C Lyte, Monie Love and those other female MCs peak time! Oh how we forget hehehe

  11. real talk Karl, their were many options, my goodness, there was alot of female mcs out then… even if they only did one album lol. still!

    Jan – “Nicki on the otherhand is geared towards 10-16 year old girls. with her loose talk and Barbie antics etc. Disturbing…”

    it is very disturbing Janice, …something I been thinking about today, is it’s like Kim and Foxy, but especially Kim, opened the doors for women to be MORE OPEN sexually, and just be nasty if you want to, damn right, nasty, have 2,3,4,5, sexual partners, “Janet Jacme, take it in the bum…” as she said herself in one of her own lyrics… indeed she was FOUL! but at the time the bigger picture was the future,…

    Nicki… especially with her target audience, is influencing sexually open girls to be blatant freaks, now music will only have the impact you allow it to, but that said, I think their are a hell of lot of bi- sexual, bi-curious teens running around, that wouldn’t have been before, it almost seems the in thing in certain crowds,

    this say 14-21 group, there is a hell of a lot of lesbian / bi business going on.

    just something I thought about on the train home, may be a little deep, but hey 😉

  12. Nostaliga plays tricks-it blurs the line of our own happy memory of what we enjoyed usually in more carefree rimes an what was actually credibly,artistically good which would stand the test of time.

    I accept that music is geared to different markets but i cosign with fr about the issue of what is being promoted. There are grown women I know who are still incredibly naive when it comes to sex and relationships of all persuasions,so making out that sexually advanced exploration is a normal way to be at teen age is not healthy. There is a general trend for young ppl to want emulate our own adult livestyles far earlier because being ‘young’ has been increasingly sidelined in the media. It’s almost as if we are going back to the times when young people up until the 1950s were simply young adults but without any social guidance. Take Cosmopolitan magazine, girls as young as 12 read this up to women as old as 60. When I was a teen, there were mags (Smash Hits, No1, Just 17)specifially tailored to being a teen and consequently didn’t have articles persuading me to try sexual acts that I could hardly get my head around at the time! Same goes for the squalor that is Heat magazine that was edited in its heydey by a catt gay man who clearly held contempt for women and trailerblazed the bitchy cheap articles about celebrity physical fails whichrose in popularity across all mediums-serious journalism being cast aside for cost efffective addictive fodder. But tbecaue the chosen few are ‘successful’ these little girls try to look and like these botoxed/false women who conversely act like little’s a mess.

  13. It is a mess indeed. I hardly see young girls without make up these days, yeah and the high heels and the hair exensions, adult weave ons . I see ‘women -children’ prancing around. Sometimes i cannot even tell what age they are for sure, because they look that grown up, and if they told me how old they are, my facial expression amazes them. It has become so normal for them to like looking like adults. After all, they cannot be stopped they have rights( they say this). Some parents accept it, schools cannot have a say when parents endorse it (parents come down hard on teachers when they say anything), ok not all schools but many of them. But if there are no boundaries to these simple things eg make up, what are the chances that parents will be able to control their children’s sexual behaviours. I don’t know.

    It takes a village to raise a child, but i don’t think the village concept is emphasised that much anyway. *shrugs*

    But these celebrities who are endorsed aka Jordan, aka Cheryl etc…, aka talentless celebs, to dumb down *shakes head, moves on*

  14. u know it so sad to see blacks continue to be jeolous and hate on each other. we have accepted praising people like lady gaga while hatin on any beautiful black female that comes from nothing to something. now when black guys call u bitches tell u shake that ass it some hoes in the house u all rushing to hurry up and buy and u dont tear them down like u do her. i would never click on a link and waste my time commenting on someone i hate. i doont go to country when i dont listen them u fucking idiots. get a life

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