Major excitement! Overly-hyped rapper/singer Drake has finally released the video for his single Over.

I LOVE the production on this track, but Drake isn’t a spectacular lyricist. They really are trying their hardest (his team)  to brainwash the public in to believing that this man is the hottest artist out their right now.  But it’s all LIES!!!

And as for the video – what was that???

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. I love the production, Boi-1da & Al-Khaaliq – especially Al-Khaaliq, who made what I thought was a sample – have outdone themselves.

    As for the video, well it’s not the “Best I Ever Had”… Weird, no alcohol, excessive booty popping and I can count the chics in it.

  2. I never believed in the Drake hype but I must say his “Room for improvement mixtape” showed me that this guy had something. This is not one of his better efforts lyrically. He’s a good rapper but not this whole hype built around him.

    I like the beat but when this track 1st dropped I remembered thinking I have heard better from him…..

    His next video is gonna be the Jay Z featured track. I am gonna watch how all this hype plays out. He has the machine behind him and will sell but the hype puts me off a lot…

  3. Thats it borther, I see the hype and the machine doing over time for an artist, and 9/10 times I just head in the other direction… I haven’t even given my ear to Drake really, listened to a couple things, and he is nice with it, but come on, he’s not really that SERIOUS!!!… not imo anyway!

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