Ashley Cole's father Ron Callender crawls out of the wood work

The sea of sympathy that is currently washing over the “nation’s sweetheart” Cheryl Cole is hysterical!

The News Of The World  “proudly” reported this morning that her footballer husband Ashley Cole has allegedly cheated on her with a fifth woman.  Click HERE to read all about it.

Ashley with wife Cheryl

A footballer who earns millions of pounds cheating on his wife?  Can you believe it??? I AM SHOCKED!

Anyway as well as publishing  photographs of a “traumatized”, “sad and devastated” Cheryl (Click HERE to view the hilarity), the News Of The World has managed to bag an interview with Ashley’s ‘long lost’ father Ron Callender, who seems to have just crawled out of the woodwork wearing an England team shirt. 

The man wasn’t even at Ashley and Cheryl’s sham of a  wedding. I remember looking at the wedding photographs in OK Magazine and Ron/that entire side of Ashley’s family were M.I.A (missing in action)!

Ron apparently left Ashley’s mother (Sue) to bring him up alone when the Chelsea player was an infant, and up until this point he has NEVER been seen or mentioned!

Anyway Ron (as expected) has jumped on the Cheryl Cole sympathy train, and has more or less thrown his son under a bus.  

Click HERE to read My Depraved Son Deserves To Be Dumped.

How much did they pay you Ron to sell out your own child?

As for you Ashley.. well you better watch your back! The nation is angry!!!!

You have BETRAYED “Saint” Cheryl, who lets not forget has a conviction for assaulting a nightclub toilet attendant which was said to have been racially motivated.

How long before football fans go old skool on Ashley and start throwing banana skins on the football pitch while making monkey noises?

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  1. “…who seems to have just crawled out of the wood work wearing an England team shirt. ” OMGosh, LMAO! this whole thing is just getting funnier to me, did u see the pictures of Chezza in L.A. with her ‘dance partner’ LOOOOL, and the way the mirror (fri or sat) tried to write it, KMT, she is blatantly getting hers yeah, I’m not fooled for a minute.

    but there was no need to bring Ashleys long lost father into it, LOOOOL, I can’t believe where this one is going, all to let the water flow under the bridge for terry, talk about taking one for the team, Damn!

  2. Most logical and true statement I have heard on the whole charade.

    Cheryl is all things to all people, I used to think she was okay (probably taken in by her pretty face too, proving I can be as shallow as the best of them I guess) but she is FAKE. Her persona and public image have been given to her, not earned. Why do we even give a SHITE? We wonder why we have a wave of young people who have no interest in ‘real’ things and aspire to be Z-listers, well look at who we talk and speculate about.

    Who cares about her divorce? Its pathetic, she knows what she is doing when she goes round wedding ring free and with a miserable look on her boat.

    Ashley should have known, the last thing the sun reading public would want is their ‘sweetheart’ with a black man/man of colour!

  3. “I’m a heartbreaker, I’m heartbreaker.”

    Sweet, absentee fathers are allowed to slag off their sons in The Sun. As long as they’re wearing replica uniforms matching said sons’ profession.

    Like I’ve said time & time again, it’s not our business, it’s between the husband & wife, no matter how juicy the story is. Let he, who has no sin, cast the first stone.

  4. I am looking forward to world cup, and the excuses they are going to give this time. Someone is going to get a backlash for their failure, i remember Ronaldo getting a national booo after portugal thrashed england, on his return to premier league games(because he winked after Rooney had been sent off(he winks all the time, manchester fans should know that) and he was accused of influencing the referee’s decision in sending him off,( not that he was being loyal to his country/football team and doing what any english footballer would do if the roles had been reversed) *sighs*) Anyway, Ashley had better put on his best performance come world cup or else.

  5. its a shame the british public are at the verge of destrying this marriage. I wonder how many people said the I DO on ashley and cheryls wedding day. I hope the motivation to spoil this marriage is not colour based. However, cheryl has not contributed to make a successful marriage. Rarely seen around with the husband what do yo expect, always on the tV, L.A , shows and functions forgeting she is a married woman. Not thinking of starting a family i mean having children as your are married to a black man and concentrating on building a home ,only pursuing career. Let your career and all those who wants you out of marriage marry you. They will turn around and make mockery of u. U have started with ur so called dancer my dear think twice don’t be deceived by the public. This is your buisness not theirs. Seek advice from victoria Beckham and all those who value marriage they won’t deceive you. A bird at hand worths more than 20 in the busy .BE WISE AND BE YOUR SELF NOT EVEN YOUR MUM OR SIMON COWELL AND ALL THE GIRLS ALOUD would make the decision for you. its you and you alone.

  6. You see, Brits and their tabloids are the most idiots on earth. They waste their time interfering in other people lives especially when it comes to relation between black and white. I have the ugly sun news writer on channel four and I could imagine the rubbish I was listening to.
    But to Cheryl, what you plant is what you will harvest. Today, instead of using your brain to find out why your marriage was on tapis, you have been deceived by idiots Brits tabloid and some dirties mates and irresponsible public. Can’t you try to copy Victoria Beckam? A lady who loves her husband and at the same times devoted to her career and yet had never allow anybody not even her career to undermine her loves to her husband.
    You Cheryl, you were married to Cole back 2006, why aren’t’t you pregnant? Oh, yes, the answer is simple, you were only looking for fame and now you got it, you want to leave him.
    Also, majority of people including Brits stupid tabloid are all racist and all they were waiting for is just the fire so that they plunge in to destroy what you have.
    Cole will succeed in his lives but I guarantee you, you will fail just wait and see.

  7. Honestly cheryl, you make me sick.All those that were in support of you divorcing your hubby where are they now? what you should be thinking about then was why are all this people after me divorcing Ashley. well I will tell you what it is all about, they are jealous of you and Ashley and they are not married yet,they are also racist.Take a look at Victoria Beckham that lady is a real woman who always stand by her hubby always.Go and learn from her please.If Ashley misbehaved you were the reason because you were always with simon cowell who tells you what to do.Ask yourself why is he not married yet? my dear grow up.Go and repair your home again and this time do not allow third party to interfer.

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