Mavis with her 14 year old smoker daughter Marisha

Via The Evening Standard

A headteacher has unlawfully fined the parents of pupils caught smoking in their school playground.

Margaret Peacock, head of Elliot School in Putney, wrongly claimed powers under the 2007 smoking ban to issue the £50 penalties.

The school is now under investigation after Wandsworth local education authority admitted it acted outside its powers and demanded the school refund the fines, in what is thought to be the first case of its kind.

Ms Peacock sent letters to the parents demanding the £50 and warned them that if they did not pay, the school’s governors would face a £2,500 fine. In the letter, she wrote: “The law, which came into force on 1 July 2007, prohibits smoking on public property.

“Your child was part of a group of girls seen on CCTV who were involved in smoking on the school site and therefore a fixed penalty fine of £50 has been imposed.”

She added: “The governors, as employers and owners of the property, have a duty to enforce this law and have the right to fine any person £50 for breaking the law.”

Parents today claimed the school had “ripped them off”. Mavis Lydon, a traffic warden whose 14-year-old daughter Marisha Hamilton was caught smoking, said: “There are other ways of punishing children, the school was out of order really. Detention or something like that would’ve been fine. It’s the children who have done wrong, why should the parents have to suffer for it?” Continue Reading….

I agree that what the Head of the school did was wrong and that the parents have a right to complain. 

The girls should have just  been given at least 2 weeks detention and the parents should have been been informed and shown the CCTV footage.

However Mavis seems more concerned about the £50.00 fine, and not especially bothered about her underage daughter Marisha’s smoking habit.

I wonder if Mavis even bothered to punish her daughter after being informed of the situation or did the shock £50 fine prove to be too much of a distraction?

The photograph of mother and daughter is absolutely priceless!

Marisha mean muggin and Mavis smiling like her daughter’s done something to be proud of. 

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  1. Good! Teachers have got better things to be doing than begging kids to want to learn to read – yes fine her clart and make her mother check her child, teachers are not parents. Anyway, if my mum had got whiff I was smoking on the back football fields at school – i would have had whale marks all over from a good bit*ch lick with the belt -what happened to beat – kmt

  2. LOL!

    I don’t understand why Mavis thought it would be a good idea to pose for this picture with her smoker 14 year old daughter attempting to look like victims!

    They look ridiculous.

    Mavis should be at home disciplining her daughter not posing for pictures.

  3. Kids think its cool to smoke and do dumb things. Probably the mother knew be4 hand of her daughter’s habit. To think that smoking, pregnancy and disobedience or any breakage of school laws were worthy of school expulsion, and some just get a slap on the wrist?? Smh, whatever happened to good old british education system which still exists in its former colonies and keeps kids in check? Not saying that parents should not give the kids that foundation of discipline.

  4. I was pissed when I saw that picture in the paper, just allows the idea of stereo types to sink further and deeper in certain peoples minds!… there was no need.

  5. Marisha has that WHATEVER look on her face, the fine was a bit over to top but the mother posing for photos is worse. Sometimes parents enable their children in the name of love without realizing the damage they’re doing, when the kid get out of control then they blame the system and the kid friends.

  6. My mum would kill me, then revive me, to pay said fine. Then kill me again. She sure as hell, won’t tell the papers & strike a pose with me.

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