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Well it didn’t take Simon long to find the artists and to choose the song that will be covered…..

Via BBC News

Rod Stewart, Leona Lewis, JLS and Michael Buble have all agreed to take part in the Haiti charity single, which has been organised by Simon Cowell.

The artists will record a cover of REM’s ballad Everybody Hurts. Continue Reading..

When I sent a friend of mine the link to this news story he replied back with some thought provoking commentary. Read below.

I can’t remember whether it was the United Nations or the World Health Organization but, whichever, their statistics BEFORE the earthquake was that there were 2 million Haitians without a reliable supply of food. Strangely enough, this is about the same number of people that the various charities are now trying to supply food to in Haiti. And it’ll probably be the same number in a  few years time when Simon Cowell, Gordon Brown, Bono and Sting have moved on to getting some positive publicity out of the next disaster.

When I asked if he thought that perhaps we were being far too cynical he replied,

Probably. I guess that stars getting involved and charity relief singles etc do provide immediate relief and raise consciousness of the difficult circumstances under which people less privileged than us have to live.

He then went on to add,

The scale of these tragedies is eminently preventable. Death tolls from earthquakes in rich countries (e.g. USA, Japan) are much lower than those in poorer countries (e.g. Haiti, Iran). It’s not so much the strength of the earthquake but the strength of the buildings. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t give money now, but unfortunately all this does is keep them alive to return to the same level of poverty and vulnerability to the next disaster. The only way to really reduce the risk of similar tragedies in the future is to distribute the wealth more fairly, so that they can construct homes that actually protect them. But, for now they’ll get water and food, and probably a fair bit less than they need to rebuild the unsafe houses that killed so many of them in the first place.

In Istanbul, they’re building a huge tunnel under the Bosphorus right across a major fault line. But it’s being built to withstand any strength of earthquake, as many other buildings of the cities in the developed world are.

Most of the deaths are preventable, but only with political and economic change, not charity.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. “…but only with political and economic change, not charity.”

    I like the way the reply was concluded. And I have to agree, charity helps, it does, and I agree with that too, and also think that long term solutions need to be looked at, but I strongly believe there are certain reasons (often sinister ones) why these countries are STILL ‘third world’, ‘under developed’ (raped to the ground of all riches and denied the ability to build any type of real infrastructure that can actually cause a country to develop and grew out of it’s dark ages), and sadly for the countries where the majority of the population is black I don’t see this changing. (any time soon)

  2. With charity comes the politics and strings and exploitation. I think at some point i was watching the news and heard the USA and France going on about who is controlling stuff and then somewhere they mentioned ‘colonial’. I mean WTF??? You want to help you help. People have donated their money to help, regardless of who colonised who and who didn’t. But whatever.

    I just pray that people’s money gets to sustain lives for now, i guess which is what the aid being given now is for.

  3. Oh, and plus the corruption in the countries aswell.

    But Everytime i hear of third world countries being threatened with a withdrawal of aid due to certain policies they are going to implement in their countries, i just cannot help but wonder. It’s like third world countries dance to the tunes of every first world country that donates aid. And they change their policies depending on which party is in office whether republicans or democrats or whatever. In my mind i am convinced that with every aid given, a price is paid for it.

    But the rest of us see a people in need and do what we have to do.

  4. This is a sad sad situation. What is going to happen after this and how is it going to happen?

  5. Unfortunately people take advantage of others misfortune, Haiti is no different. It’s a fact that they would pay a high price for the help they’re receiving know; however the charity work has to go on before something else comes up and take away the attention from Haiti. The secret of the rich nation is to exploit the poor nation and make them believe that they need to be thankful for what was giving to them, because without the hand out it could have been worse.

  6. @B P true, a marginalising tactic hence defining our position in the world or society(objects of charity).

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