We all know that after riding on the crest of a wave for a number of years (boasting and often humiliating people in public) former music mogul Damon Dash finally crashed and burned after he cut all ties with Jay-Z back in 2004.

However this recently published article in the New York Observer caught my attention today.

Dame might be still struggling financially but he has a number of projects on the go, including the critically acclaimed Blak Roc project, and also seems to have lost his mind (as well as weight) in the process…..

After I finished reading the article I asked three questions..

Is he hoping to recreate the hedonistic 1970s???

When did he start wearing tight jeans?

When did he start smoking weed so freely during interviews?

And his “assistant” who was originally his ‘assistant’s assistant’ and worked her way up through the ranks” (sheer comedy), comes across as being a brainless and spaced out young woman.

Damon Dash (wearing glasses) and his "assistant" McEnzie Eddy lying on a bean bag....

Click HERE to read the  full article. Damon seems to be living on another planet!

It all sounds so pretentious and weird….

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  1. oh wow, so much bs to sift through. In his rocafella days he was compromising himself? is he serious????? like really serious?

    parts of that interview sounded kinda cult’ish to me, this whole everything outside the 4 walls being seen as something they’re not part of. I dont know what he’s doing but he got a few impressionable kids to fall for it.

  2. It’s just weird and you are right kind of cult’ish

    His assistant has clearly been brainwashed and probably spends her days snorting class A drugs while “assisting” Dame. I mean what was that all about????

  3. I like the idea of a cool new hang-out for creative types, I can understand the way they see the outsiders, especially if he is sincere! but it is a little cultish / strange like, but I do like it (the idea) / I’m at least intrigued, It is possible that without the pressure of living up to the hype (that he put out) he is now easy, relaxed, maybe even enjoying this newish life??

    “…But, I guess, if this is financial trouble, I like being broke.” ? really.

    If I be honest, I’m not convinced, but I hope he is being honest, and not taking people for a ride, that would be such a shame.

  4. I’m not convinced!

    He has his own reasons for creating this scene, and it has alot to do with being banished from the world he once loved and still does love. The world that Jay-z resides in.

    It sounds like he’s losing it. Something isn’t right……

    But I wish him and his band of merry followers well….

  5. question I had when reading the link, … whats with all the ‘spirit’ talk, having to have the right spirit? what type of spirit are they talking about? lol,… looking at the top picture he looks a little like a cult leader, who knows this could be the start of something new? the next jim jones (not the rapper lol.)

    I’m not sure that the world that Jay is in now is one that Dame wants to be a part of, it’s not like it was in the days of Rocafella.

  6. It’s called self destruction.. Sometime we have to hit “ROC BOTTOM” before we can see our mistakes. I have faith that while at the bottom he will slowly slowly slowly rise to the top. Sadly, the weed not helping, just blurring his vision and clouding his conscience. He’s tooo talented to loathe in self pitty.

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