This is getting beyond a joke now! The Cheryl Cole love-fest needs to end! 

ITV has confirmed plans to air a Cheryl Cole special.

The X-Factor judge, singer, ‘national treasure’, ‘nations sweetheart’ and alleged racist /convicted batterer of toilet attendants show, will be titled Cheryl Cole’s Night In.

Via Digital Spy

The programme will see the X Factor judge perform songs from her recent solo release ‘3 Words’, as well as feature appearances from acts including Rihanna, Will Young, Alexandra Burke and

“2009 has been an incredible year for me with a number one single and a number one album and being part of The X Factor,” Cole said. “And I couldn’t be happier that ITV have asked me to round off the year with my own show, working with some of my favourite artists.”

The woman is so fake!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, all those acts from overseas who have agreed to appear on her show and those who continue to co-sign the woman (ie Will.I.Am), need to start doing their research before jumping on the Cheryl Cole bandwagon!

Sophie Amogbokpa

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  1. seriously u need to get over the tiolet attendent story it was SIX years ago!!!!!its over and done with, i sense a slight bit of jealously here tats really sad!!any cheryl cole rocks and as for you umm…NO COMMENT

  2. I am fascinated by her hair advert. Is that her real hair? If not, why is the advertising company giving someone with fake hair a deal to promote a product for real hair? Is she going to be given a colgate advert too?

    There is alot of artificiality going on with most of these celebrities it is becoming insane. Then you have children aspiring to be famous for the sake.

  3. They are selling an illusion then.

    Simon Cowell is the man to hang out with. He can perform miracles. lol

  4. ANNE .. YOU MAY NEED TO HAVE AN AUNTIE THAT LOOKS similiar to that poor woman to understand why we aint never letting that go!!!
    but i am sure you dont!!
    the point of the toilet attendant story is cheryl isn”t “miss clean clean”!!

  5. Here here @ Janice aka Miss Mad News, why should people forget that she physically abused a poor woman just trying to make a living! If it was the other way round and she got attacked do you think people would forget… hell nah! It was reported that the she didn’t even apologise for what she did to the lady!

    But coz she’s married to a mixed race man, made a song with a black guy and likes listening to rihanna she should be forgiven?? It’s not about bein jealous its about not being taken in by the way the media potray people as if their ish don’t stink, when her’s obviously does!! SMDH!!

  6. Yeah yeah @ Anne if it was your mum that Cheryl Cole beat down, i bet six years wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference ALLOW IT !!!

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