I follow Chipmunk on Twitter and read his ‘suicidal’ tweets. I didn’t think he was being serious. I thought  he was being overly dramatic for the sake of it. Artists will say/do anything these days to generate publicity for themselves.

But I guess in his case I was wrong …

Via Digital Spy

Chipmunk has cancelled all upcoming promotional appearances after “working too hard”.

The 18-year-old, who topped the singles chart last month with Oopsy Daisy, posted a message on Twitter claiming that he wanted to kill himself.

“I wanna die,” he wrote, later adding: “Is suicide easy?”

The rapper pulled out of the Modern Warfare 2 video game launch and the Tweets have since been removed.

A statement from his spokesperson reads: “Chipmunk has been working incredibly hard, which has taken its toll.

“Management have agreed to cancel all upcoming appearances to give him some much-needed time off.”

His latest post reads: “This has been the most difficult time for me… But I will get through it! Believe none of what you hear… And half of what you see!”

‘Mainstream’ success arrived at Chipmunk’s door earlier this year and he’s already suffering from some form of a breakdown.

That didn’t take long!

Get well soon Chipmunk.

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  1. i been following too, and read all the complaints. thought he was gonna do a lady Sov. hope he regains focus and takes it easy.

  2. are uk artists now onto this soul selling thing to gain success?… if so, look no further for an answer to why such a young talented young man would want to end his life so early.

  3. KMT Chipmunk takes himself way to seriously, people like JLS, Leona Lewis even Tinchy have waaayyyyyyy more commitments and ‘work’ than munk how come he’s crying so soon!?

    Big headed attention seeking fool

  4. get well soon chipmunk
    i kno its hard 4 u but please get through all dis!
    u got bare haters around you!
    but dont worri you take as much tyme to recover from all dis
    cuz u got ppl like me too luk afta ya!
    love you baby

  5. I feel for him – but KMT if you cant handle it a year in to exposure bwoy – maybe you should keep it ‘local’.

    Tinchey is working equally as hard and you dont see him declaring his breakdown via twitter – what a world we live in when public eye ppl dem dont call a friend- they declare it on twitter, for all and sundry???

  6. Regardless of how other people handle their fame, we all have different mental abilities to cope with life’s journey. Jeeez give him a break man !!!.

    Lorrrrd you people ain’t easy. Get well brother man.

  7. i keep coming back to this and feeling bad for the guy… i had to block him on twitter cos i found him getting a little bit tooo carried away with the hype and talking a little too boastfully….. BUT I LIKE HIM ..I’VE ALWAYS WANTED HIM TO DO WELL.. and i dont like to hear this happen to him.. i am sure he will bounce back…
    head up chipmunk… and keep goood people around you … that dont allow you to get run down again….

  8. in any of his twitter post did he actually say he was going to commit suicide. thats how rumours start by someone saying something then another person changing.kmrt if you hate he doesnt need to hear it because he doesnt perform and make music for you fools!

  9. “i had to block him on twitter cos i found him getting a little bit tooo carried away with the hype and talking a little too boastfully….. ”

    @ Ty lol, …..oh dear that’s kids for ya 😦

  10. chipmunk im begging you plz dont do this i need ur music 2 live dont listen 2 ur enemies their just jelous just take things easy we r not rushing u r we? if we r ill tell evry1 2 stop.DONT CHAT CRAP BOUT MY STAR!!!!!!peepz dat hate u r annoyed cuz ur so yung and talented and they’re not. u have me and other gr8 frends. take ur time take as long as u wish just come out when ur ready. no onez life is perfect it doesnt mean u have 2 die how bout all ur frends n-dubz,miss T,emeile etc. how do u think they’ll feel when ur gone. ur such a handsome young boy that has a gr8 future ahead of him.maybe uve been working too hard but u have to get used to life. U DESERVE LIFE CHIPMUNK.ur really gifted. luv ya chipmunk dont listen 2 ur enemies .remeber keep safe.dont work too hard.u dont have to produce new singles evry time b like shakira cuming back evry 4 years. anywaii i’ll alwaiiz b on yr side no matter wat good luck chipmunk and dont 4get u have a gr8 future ahead of you.

  11. What kind of name is chipmunk and what kind of song called oopsie daisy are we back in elemtary. I’m from the us. Go figure. Twitter is becoming an expose for the meek.

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