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The doll is called ‘Cuddle with Me” manufactured by BrassKey Keepsakes. It’s the headband that is causing the controversy. It reads “Lil’ Monkey.” The doll is also surrounded by stuffed monkeys. The white doll counterpart on store shelves is surrounded by pandas, with a hat that reads ‘Pretty Panda.’

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The world really does hate us!


When will it end???

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  1. The only people i hear calling their children(the ones i know) little monkey are white people. Why don’t they put lil monkey on the white doll, coz white people have no problem with it and then we get pretty baby. Why do they like making money off colour and not bother doing abit of research. Nonsense. One thing is for sure, pretty panda will sell like hot cakes. smh

  2. We dont hate you. You are just stupid, this is such old news it disturbing that you are bringing up now. Dolls were removed months ago !

  3. Do you know what’s disturbing Bobbeee? That the dolls were made and actually made it into the store!

    Yes I know that this is relatively “old news” but I forgot to feature it at the time but in my opinion its still newsworthy and not everyone knows about this story.

    As for me being stupid.. yeah whatever Bobbee! LOL! Keep it moving fool! LOL

  4. An english white comedian said, they don’t hate us, but cannot stand us(immigrants and irish). I think he was brutally honest and people seemed to accept and applaud that it was so. It was funny coz he was honest. I would pay 2 watch that man anytime. Lol
    Don’t shoot the messenger. Lol

  5. And someone else said, they can live in this country but the gov’t does not have to force them to live with the immigrants. Fair enough, atleast they were honest. LOL!!

  6. @ Bob Weir what is stupid is that the dolls were allowed to go on sale in the first place…..So what if the dolls were removed ages ago.

    and so what if it’s old news… Hitler is old news but we still talk about him
    don’t we. Allow it !!!

  7. This is why they keep making the same judgements over and over again. Because it’s not their problem and they can do whatever the heck they want, when we complain, then we are whinging. For some, they get the respect without having to fight for it. Now who is being PC?

  8. @ Lati…

    was that the same comedian that said being born in britian doesn’t make us british, and went on to say that if a dog is born n a horses kennel does that then make him a horse?

    I saw it years back, a comedian at a policemens ball in the 70’s or 80’s I think, can’t think of the comedians name now, but he’s probably dead now.

    @ rowetta, I co-sign, exactly, it’s not thier problem, so they don’t see it as an issue, damned if we do, damned if we don’t,… I was reading a forum on IMDB regarding the film boomerang, and a couple people had posted that thier were no white ppl in the work environment, everybody that worked at that company seemed to be black, asaian or latin???… and the problem is???… I thought welcome to our world buddy ! lol

  9. LOL @ Fr, interesting. Make that two comedians. This one is actually alive, saw it recently like two weeks ago. Isn’t it interesting that the comedians are the only honest people? And what is interesting is that there are many who go to watch them because they speak for many. But i love these funny but intelligent comedians. I don’t care whether they are racist or not, they are HONEST. LOL!! I will get you his name, i know how he looks like but the name, i’ll have to check. LOL

  10. @ lati, nice one I’m gonna check him out, not sure how I feel about the honesty thing, I think there is somethings better not said lol,

    I don’t know why this country has such a problem with immigrants, the country is made up from immigrants, if they could trace back thier history / heritage / lineage like say China then maybe I could understand a little more, but the country has been invaded some many times and has mixed with some many different groups of people over many many years, how dare they hold a grudge againgst immigrants now, KMT Hard! Cha!

  11. LOL@adaobi. @ Fr, there’s enough pretence out there some honesty is a fresh of breath air. Andy is a comedian and he pretty much made an excellent observation. Lol

  12. We just need equally good ethnic comedian like the black americans. Eg, the late Richard Pryor(check spelling), he was brilliant, it breaks the ice alittle.

  13. Hmmm The Richard Pryors have long gone, now you get the stupid-stereotype comedians like Dave Chapelle who every UK comedian (bar eddie kadi) seems to base their material on.

  14. @ Bob
    using your methodology, then the Holocaust is very old news …those Jews must be soooo stupid.

  15. @ Meldel, u don’t like dave Chappelle???… I’m interested in knowing ya thoughts about him as a comedian?

  16. Oh my!!! I never saw this doll… I probably would have thrown it at the management…. wtf is wrong with people? this is so ridiculous there is no one looking at this garbage questioning the design!!!

  17. I am a full fledged, well informed doll collector and this is still news to me today. So I thank you for posting this. I am a 60 year old white woman with a 40 year old biracial son. I thought I had seen it all. But I guess it will never stop and it is so amazing that anyone could be so foolish and hurtful to put this doll on the market. I love dolls, monkeys, black people and fun… but to call this doll ‘lil money is just plain insensitive at best… and it is probably worse than that. I am so glad the doll was pulled but I do hope she was replaced with another precious black doll. They are too hard to find in the marketplace. Thanks for the blog!! Trish

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