Still shot taken from the Channel 4 documentary The White Beauty Myth

The White Beauty Myth (Channel 4 tonight 10pm)

For those who don’t know it’s currently Black History Month here in the UK and our TV networks have decided to celebrate this fact by airing the following documentaries…..

Note: It’s not a coincidence that they decided to schedule these documentaries during this period.

Race & Intelligence:  Science’s Last Taboo ( aired last night (October 26th on Channel 4)  

In 2007, Nobel Prize winning US scientist James Watson was quoted referring to research suggesting that black people were less intelligent than other races. His comments caused a storm of controversy, Watson was condemned. In this documentary, part of the season Race: Science’s Last Taboo, Rageh Omaar sets out to find out the truth, meeting scientists who believe the research supports the view that races can be differentiated as well as those who vehemently oppose this view. By daring to ask the difficult questions, Omaar is able to explode the myths about race and IQ and reveal what he thinks are important lessons for society.

Bleach, Nip, Tuck: The White Beauty Myth. Tonight (Tuesday 27th Oct)  Channel 4, 10pm.

Two documentaries from the Race: Science’s Last Taboo season examine the growing trend for deracialisation surgery.

Make Me White. Tonight (Tuesday 27th Oct), BBC 1, 10.35pm

The One Show’s presenter Anita Rani goes on a journey around the country to discover what it is that makes some people want to have lighter skin.

So who plans on tuning in to these documentaries then?

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  1. i watched the IQ intelligence one.. i thought it was quite balanced and it basically showed that the terms that are used in the i q test are generally a nonsense!!!
    and it was worth watching!..

  2. Yesterday’s documentary was well thought out and it showed the cause of meaningless bias and why people have grown to think they are superior than others, today’s, even if what was shown happens about bleaching and breast enlargement, i think those women wanted free surgery, not because they wanted to look white. Do white women get implants because they want to look black or go to sunbeds because they want to look asian? The surgeons were merely advertising their business. Globalisation equals surgery? Dry

  3. The only way to beat bias is by looking at it and confronting it and if people want to educate others about it, they know how it is done, eg last nights programme.

  4. you know you reallly slapped me with this coment … it reallly never dawned on me that the bbc have chosen this MONTH of all months to show these documentaries….

  5. the thought that only one month is dedicated to black history is a joke! we lap it up simply because we’ve been deprived. More like see you in 11 months’ time!

    Having said that, those who seek to know will find out that there are so many people telling our stories, a lot is not highlighted by the mainstream media.

  6. What i was trying to say is that by looking at the documentaries themselves you will see how they are doing it, how else are you going to say they were biased without looking at the content?

  7. I am not trying to force anyone to watch, but the first documentary was not bad, the one for last night left me baffled when they kept on saying having surgery eg, breast enlargement/reduction, penis elongation equals wanting to look white/european, it was not well explored and the women looked liers. But you have the likes of naomi, beyonce, tyra, changing their appearances, but then the white people do alot of surgery. Does that mean they want to look black or asian by wanting features identified to them

  8. I have no problem sitting and watching these documentaries because my parents taught me about who i am. That is what all parents should do, ground their children. How do you expect someone who has no best interest in you to teach you about you. Apart from the first documentary which i enjoyed, i was not surprised at how the others were filmed. True, there are people who bleach, why? The woman who tried to change the colour of her eyes sometime back. It highlights how lost people are in this community and how easily they can be influenced due to lack of parental guidance and self worth.

    It’s Black month but i do not expect anything spectacular, if i cannot get it on a daily basis. Yesterday night i saw live surgery and surgery being portrayed as something that we should embrace and apparently a way to unite us. What the fuck was that? You could see this surgeon lying through his teeth without any shame, only because it is his job and he needs people to go for it to survive. I thought he was trying to encourage ethnics to go for surgery, maybe because they have a lower number of ethnic clientele. Like Rowetta said, it was an advertising documentary.

    The Race and intelligence show, i will not dismiss, i found it quite useful, nothing new but with the rate of school drop outs in this country, and the high rate of bullying going on, it was not bad. I’ll watch it like any programme and forget that it was prepared for Black Month.

  9. It was done hurriedly.

    The race and intelligence although had offensive quotes, It further went on to show how intelligence is measured by specific methods given a particular surrounding according to specific/dominating systems that we function around. Given the chance to adopt in a particular surrounding, one’s awareness is increased and knowledge of that surrounding. They showed a man who worked with children in this country and he spoke briefly of how some black children view the concept of education which i found worrying that some had such views. How culture affects people. There were no conclusions at the end of the show to say that this race is more intelligent than another. Omaar left it open.

  10. Well if they would stop putting 5 times the lead and fluoride in the water in black populated areas, stop dumbing us down with their race specific soft kill weapons called vaccines, stop chemtrailing and spraying the sky with aluminum salts and other dangerous chemicals blocking out the sun just for starters, then you would start to see black people blossom alot more. It should be noted tht all the technologies that are in the world today stem from black origin. It should also be noted that we as a people were doing fine until the slave ships landed on our shores.

  11. It was good that Omaar’s documentary came first. He did a good Job of it. That myth was in tatters by the time he was finished.

  12. I enjoyed last nights how racist are you. The old blonde teacher was so unearthed it was rediculous. Good experiment that reflected the uk mentallity toward racism very well.

  13. @ real nv, the one who said that when her mixed race pupil got a bruise, she was surprised to c pink underneath? How ridiculous was she? I mean, when a black person gets cut, there’s white fat underneath. It was telling of the british mentality and how scared they really are, that they would rather live in denial. Elliot fired them with her straight forwardness. And as 4 krishna cowardising.. Lol

  14. @ lati yep! And the white girl at the end that spoiled the test was funny, her facial expressions when everyone stared at her was classic, i was surprised the others didn’t go harder on her.

  15. @ real nv,The blue eyed came to her defence with their comments, like oh, you want us to feel sorry that the test was sabotaged? Kind of. which is typical behaviour. I guess they were not surprised after all, so they did not bother wasting their energy. But they made remarks about the type of food fed to them( sandwiches) as if. Hahaha…

    Elliot must have gone home thinking, WTH? She meant resistance from the start to end.

  16. The blond woman is a TEACHER. Sad, innit?

    Jane Elliot faced resistance because she is a foreigner, plain and simple. lol

  17. Co sign.

    And also because she is a blue eyed person, who equally was threatening to them and they faced being exposed without using their usual excuse of ‘paranoia’. Can you imagine being exposed by your own? The threat was there definately, lucky for them, because she is an american, therefore a foreigner, they had a perfect excuse to fight her and her methods of work.

    And that Krishna who was more worried about the technicalities of the experiment, that he refused to engage with Elliot when she mentioned ‘lynching’, trying to tell him that it was the history of racism that mattered most and that which influenced Elliot’s work rather than the technicalities.

    Oh Krishna… he was asking for the ground to swallow him at the mere mention of ‘lynching’.

  18. Bleach, nip and tuck did not seem bad. Very worrying that people have such a low self esteem that they would go to great lengths 4 acceptance. I mean, why are they rotating around ‘european looks'(what are those anyway?) If we need surgery to be accepted like one surgeon kept on spewing, then we need jesus to take over. Colonialism really screwed us over. Ok bse u have a small nose therefore pple see u as wealthy? Not bse of yo achievements/qualifications/hardwork? that woman needs help. Smh

  19. It’s a pretty obvious ploy to gain viewing figures by showing potentially controversial documentaries. “Bleach, nip and tuck” completely missed out the thousands (perhaps millions) of people dying to get a tan and trying to darken their skin colour, instead it concentrated on a minority of people claiming they want to lighten their skin colour. It’s a load of tosh. The world is full of a vast variety of different people; you could easily find examples of loonies who think they are aliens / want to be aliens, does this mean that everyone wants to look more green?

    If they want to schedule some decent documentaries on black history, then that’s great! If they just want to use cheap tricks to try to provoke the audience into tuning in, well that’s another nail in the coffin of broadcast TV.

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