UK TV: Timewasters Coming To ITV 2 (Trailer)

Stuck in the past after their ‘time machine’ is destroyed, the jazz quartet decide to explore, before quickly discovering that being young []


London’s No 1 debate/quiz show is back for their September edition of ‘Bloggers D’light Live’,  featuring a range of bloggers well versed in everything from popular culture, politics, social economics and everything else in between. They also give their unique perspective on a variety of topics, allowing the audience to interact with, as well as take in all the wisdom that the debaters have to offer.  Special guest debaters on the evening will be: Axel The Entertainer, Sade Salami, Chuckie Online and Rachel Ritfield. Spoken Word []


An exhibition presenting the legacy of the British Black Panther movement will be coming to Brixton in October. Taking place at the Photofusion Gallery during Black History Month, the show will feature current portraits of Panther members and archive photographs shot by Neil Kenlock, the official photographer of the British Black Panther Movement.  A documentary film will also accompany the exhibition. The show has been curated by The Organised Youth project, a group of 13-25 year olds who were inspired by the youthful []