The first  photograph of the new “Sugababes” line up was released today.

The last remaining original member Keisha Buchanan was fired earlier this week.


Photograph: Splash News

New group member Jade Ewen (front), Amelle (centre) and Heidi (back).

This photograph was taken in the Santa Clarita desert outside Los Angeles as the group shot the video to their new single About A Girl.

Heidi doesn’t look very happy does she?

I’m sorry but they need to change the name of the group! Keisha’s gone. It’s now a wrap girls!

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  1. i dont understand how they think they can just carry on as if nothing happened. people in the Us might not know about the split but the UK isn’t likely to accept them back with open arms……. don’t get it!

    COS TO BE HONEST THE MAJORITY OF THE FOLKS IN THE UK THAT LISTEN TO POP MUSIC ARE FICKLE… so they are banking on just extra marketing and product placement to move them thru this next phase… expect to see more adverts and american shows with their music… they got this one covered!!!..
    i’m sure!!

  3. That is all these characters know. Its time to not allow these clowns to chill our free speech and call them out for who they are and what they do. I wonder if they wanted Keisha to push the boundaries and do some devilish stuff and she wasn’t down with it. Alot of the time these record labels will set the constructs in place to where they know anybody who isn’t down with the program(a very dark program)will be ousted, whether quickly or later on down the road.

  4. They had to get rid of blackie so I’m sure they created a situation where they knew they could derail and stonewall her. Keisha got railroaded.

  5. To be honest i think this is disgusting. How can they really try pull this off and call themselves the sugababes, when they dash way the ‘LAST FOUNDING MEMBER’. Nah i dont like it, there aint no sugababes without Keisha in it. Furthermore, why does the new girl look so old, or is it all the make-up??

  6. Verbs is not about getting rid of the ‘blackie’ as you put it…

    If it was about that then, i’m sure they would have got rid of keisha ages ago. Why wait after 11 lonnnnnng years and then get rid of her just because she’s black… It’s not always about the race card. Sometimes i think we just need to think before we speak.

    Whatever the reason for her being pushed out, i’m glad for her, it’s about time. No doubt and hopefully she’ll move on to bigger and better things.

  7. He does not watch television, i am surprised he knows them. I wonder if he is going to ask you to back that argument up. Or is it a conspiracy theory he knows about? I wonder….

  8. Agnes

    Lets not put anything past these people. Them not getting rid of Keisha way back could simply mean they recently decided that they wanted a new look to the group which doesn’t including blacks. What, is the music industry not racist?

  9. Statements like “Jesus is returning and the world leaders know it”, “that is why they are going to space, this is why there is an increase in scifi movies”?

    “The Citizens of America should collect seed and move to the countryside because they are going to bomb them or move out of Ameica, but the wold is coming to an end”

    “The world is coming to destruction and an end, but my future family will not be marked by the beast?”

    “Look at the mess the world is in because of the women liberal movements”

    You mean that kind of statements?


  10. “As I stated before I believe that women have a valuable place in the congregation and there is no problem with women bringing revelations and prophesy to the table. It is not the biblical way however for a woman to be in authority over or to teach men in the church. God said it and has ordained it that way according to his framework. This arrangement in no wise limits a woman from fulfilling a powerful role in the kingdom of God.”

    That statement speaks volumes to your reaction and attitude towards women. Nowonder PPrez cursed the life out of you. *rolls eyes*

  11. “No these problems in the earth are now coming to a close, this is the last cycle, the worst time of this earth’s entire history is going to land on us, and here after the Kingdom of God will be established and the Father will install his government leader and shepherd, Christ. The leaders around the world know Christ is coming back soon, which is why they are speeding everything up to get their control grid in place. Yes, they believe Christ is real and are actually looking to fight against him when he returns. This is also why there has been an increase in ufo sightings and sci fi films depicting alien invasions/threats, for when Christ comes, they want the people to think that he is an alien who poses a threat the earth and must be killed. All these films like The Knowing, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Independence Day and numerous others have been gearing you up to fight against your saviour not join him.”

    To be precise, BUT I am not for conversions BUT Jesus is the way, all other religions and their backgrounds speak for themselves. I cannot make head or tail. ENLIGHTEN me. I know you want to.

  12. @ Verbs there’s only one WHITE person in the group, I can see at least two different shades of brown 🙂

    We all know the industry can be racist , but it’s not always about the race card when a black person is involved. All I’m saying is try and look outside the box sometimes.

  13. You may have a point there Agnes but the makeup of the group can now pass for white as all the members have majority caucasian features whereas before when the group was founded, the members of the group were from distinctly different backgrounds which could be clearly seen. I may be wrong on this one but when it comes to the music industry, I tend to err on the side of caution and not give them the benefit of the doubt simply because of their record of skull duggery. It still looks to me like a move that was incrementally carried out on purpose.

  14. Verbs, you should apply for a job to work with Gaddafi( a good man with africa at heart), if you can put your faith differences aside. You would make a really good team. lol and smh

  15. No ish! I don’t come online for a week and the Sugababes change their line-up! Aw Hell Naw. I thought Keisha would be there till she was ancient.

  16. Dera:

    I’m still waiting for you to list the conspiracy theories that you claim I am dabbling in, or are you going to look as stupid as you are trying to make me out to be?

  17. If you want to show off your knowledge to someone or somewhere, go ahead. I am all ears. I will give you my ears. Go ahead and share your worldly knowledge and save us from the coming hell. GO AHEAD. I do not remember ever asking you for your wisdom, but you volunteering it. What has changed now? Go ahead, i have all night. You made those statements, have you forgotten? If they are true and nothing to be ashamed of, hold your head high, and do not attack me. I allow to be the fool for binging them up.

  18. You are just looking like a fool here, you told me that I was dealing with conspiracy theories, but you have yet to show me what information I have given here which is a “theory”. All you are doing is urinating against the wind and it is going back in your face, drink up and be merry. So, I’m going to ask you again to lay a foundation for your claims.

    By the way, I do not need to have thousands of links at the ready, I am a researcher and I know how to research. Obviously you don’t which is why you are looking like a fool right now, your fault not mine. I do not claim to be a super guru holding vast knowledge and wisdom but when I provide evidence for the claims that I put forward, only a knucklehead would then shout out “conspiracy theory” when the facts are staring them in the face plain as day.

  19. Why is it so important for you to share your information and want to be proven wrong or right? I will call it a theory because i do not believe it. You cannot force me to believe everything you bring, and may i stress, which you bring VOLUNTARILY. If i say i do not believe, just get on and be content that you know and i do not. What is it about you wanting to be poved wrong and then getting so angry about people disagreeing with whatever you say? And definately not that scifi/alien/Jesus/women liberel movement bullshit? WTF was that anyway? I do not need a link to see that that is a whole lot of nonsense and christianity manipulation at its best.

  20. Well that is dumb, because you do not believe in something, you call it a theory where as is should be where something looks plausible but cannot be proven fully, that should be correctly titled as a theory. I bring information forward for people to be aware because as much as you do not BELIEVE in these issues, they affect you regardless and you will soon see the hard way.

    The alien issue is being dropped in your face through so many films but because it is presented to you as a fictional scifi piece, you cannot think through the thought that there may be a little truth to it. I suggest you read the Dulce Papers and the Dulce Book. The I suggest you read Behold A Pale Horse By William Cooper with documented evidence listed in the back of the book. Then I suggest you investigate Area 51. Of course you don’t read and are too lazy to do your own research, just don’t call me a nutjob off your own opinion and because something may sound too fantastic for your world view.

    The bible stands by itself especially the fact that Christ talked about these times that we are living in today. How you can’t see it is a mind boggling mystery.

    The Women’s Lib movement is an issue you should take up with the Rockefeller Foundation, not me as they are the ones who have shafted women by pretending to offer them a higher standing in society. READ THE BOOKS.

    You don’t need anything but X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. This is your form of intellectual interaction.

  21. Well verbs, while you ae up and about on your computer, google the blue eye brown eye experiment by Jane elliot.

  22. And i am going to watch all the progammes on tele that i want to watch, while you do all the work for me. I do not see why i have to because you will bring me the links anyway. Right? I know you can watch the same programmes on computer. I could switch off the tele and watch them on the computer. Same difference.

  23. Is it fair to say that this is an entertainment blog?

    There must be intellectual blogs elsewhere, where you would perform much better if you so wished. Why surround yourself with stupid people? *blank stare*

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