It’s been reported in The Daily Mail  today that Girls Aloud star / TV personality Cheryl Cole has been voted chief role model for girls.

I personally don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Cheryl Cole,  a role model???

The same Cheryl Cole who punched night club toilet attendent Sophie Amogbokpa (pictured below) in the face and then went on to call her a “black f**king bitch”. 

How soon people forget…..


Cheryl you might be married to England football player Ashley Cole who happens to be a black man, and you might now be considered the “nations sweetheart” but I haven’t forgotten luv!

Also apart from singing in a pop group, appearing as a judge on the X-Factor and tearing up whenever the camera zooms in for a close up (FAKE) and marrying a naive England football player, what else has old Cheryl done to deserve being crowned the “chief role model for girls”?

This is absolute RUBBISH!

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  1. I am pretty sure this country has successful educated people, that people can really look up to. Why is education not a priority anymore?

  2. Recently read an article about Alpha Females in one of the glossies, think it was Marie Claire. Cheryl, Posh and Jordan were used as examples of ‘inspirational females’ in the UK. While Oprah and Michelle Obama were given as US based ones. How seriously depressing is that? The results of this survey aren’t in the least surprising.

  3. Round of applause for her PR team and management, not only have they succesfully swept that incident above with Sophie well and trully under the carpet, (by marrying her off to Ashley ‘Am I really Gay? and black’ Cole, which in my opinon is a totally fake marriage) but now she has risen to be the nations No.1 Female Role Model,… thats good work, very good work.

    but it is a sad day, just guess we have to teach our children differently, sure she appears wholsome, to an extent, but you know what they say,… the eyes never lie!

  4. The late JG, now Cheryl? And here i am stupidly asking why the education system in this country is failing. Well, people are threatened by educated people and they will almost do anything to put them down, by handsomely rewarding uneducation with no shame. A role model 4 who exactly?

  5. Never forget! I cant stand this ye woman, her PR team are amazing but everytime I see her face I NEVER forget how she tumped the toilet attendant over a lolly pop.

  6. i wish kanye would pop up and say …. english media dont like black people……..!!!! ( just once) lol
    do you think a black celebrity could do what she did and ever be forgiven by the english media!!!!!

  7. As for Katie Price aka Jordan, i know everyone is entitled to their privacy and what not (do not mean to be insensitive but whatever), but she was raped right, she publicly announced she was raped, but will not name her attacker. Now, with victims(girls and women) looking for courage to report their attackers, what kind of message is this to real victims especially to girls(not the ones taking the piss).

    With the increasing media coverage of peadophilia and rapes, why on earth did she break her story to remain silent and ensure that justice is not recieved? What was the point? If it was private, she should have kept it that way and not insulted other victims with her silence who are being abused in silence. Now they can only see it fit to keep silent.

    Who on earth came up with that list? And what criteria did they follow?

    If being successful in the media is success, which seems to be the clear agenda here (commercial faces), then, whatever.

  8. Everyone does something they regret in their lives, all which gets forgotten about. Cheryl is generally sorry and regrets this!. Also everyone says something out of turn when they are drunk, without meaning it. Cheryl is a lovely woman and is so caring !, she is such a great role model, and i am only 14 and i look up to Cheryl alot!. I dont believe how people just can’t forgive and forget, if it was someone who was not as popular as Cheryl Cole or not famous at all, it would get forgotten about right away.

    Cheryl is far from fake!, and everyone that leaves negative comments about her is obviously jelous.

    ILoveYouCheryll 🙂
    top fan 😀

  9. She annoys the hell out of me!
    She used to be a skanky, talentless, greasy, racist chav and as soon as she gets a stylist and gets cheated on, she becomes a role model?! WTF.

  10. I totally agree, Cheryl Cole is disgusting. If Simon Cowell brings her to the US, it will destroy X Factor for him over here. The NAACP will not allow there to be a convicted racist as the host of America’s biggest show. It’s such a shame it’s been washed under the carpet in the UK.

  11. Ummm

    Do guys know she was CLEARED of using ANY racial remarks by the jury?

    She is NOT a convicted racist at all.

  12. I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion, based on facts presented to them. However when these facts are mere trivia, thrown at them by the media, opinions may become flawed. Young girls are vulnerable to outside influences, colouring their judgment as they grow & mature.
    It is easy to go with the flow of popular opinion, especially when celebrities are foisted upon us at every turn.
    I have always thought it so very sad that certain individuals gain fame, based on looks, dress size & manufactured persona. On every High street, in every town & city, there are really genuinely beautiful women passing by,it’s better to look around & see real beauty than to worship these “media darlings”.
    A lot of beauty lies within ourselves, we just have to learn to nurture & protect it, to accept our faults, to love ourselves & enjoy life.

  13. @ Chelsea – you are missing the point. Everything that you love about this woman has been conveyed to you through the media and PR stunts. So you ( none of us) dont actually know what she is like. However, with that much money and effort put into her anyone can be like that – so are you saying that your role model is anyone painted with wealth and PR and given professional teams of people to look after her rather than someone who can achieve all without all the help?

    This is just another case of the UK being dumbed down to the simple level. In England it seems to be that everyone is made average instead of making everyone great. 12million people tune into Xfactor to see who wins but when someone makes it through true talent a lot less people care. So the bog-average get taken to stardom and the truly talented get discarded as the simple public prefer a TV program.

    On another topic it shows how unfulfilled some peoples lives are that they have to live through “celebrities” whether they be on TV or in trash mags like “Heat” – especially as most of these “celebrities” are morons. Watch Charlie Brookers latest series episode 3 – that says it better than I can. Why do people care what Jordan is doing for example? Has she discovered the meaning to life? No. Has she worked out the key to self actualization? No. Has she saved lives and helped the sick? No. Does she have massive tits and a fucked up life? Yes. how amazingly interesting…

  14. Apparently Katie Price has married that cage dancer thug Alex. I truly believe her, Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham et. al.,will do anything to keep & increase the media attention lavished upon them.

  15. I know people who work in the media, both dont know each other and both can confirm these as being true. Everyone in the media laughs at the general public. Almost everthing celebrity is manipluated. So here are the FACTS:

    Tom Cruise is gay. Nicole Kidman was on a contract. Photos of her ripping up her marriage certificate, which was actually her contract, ca be found online. Katie Holmes is also on a contract. If the public were told about it his macho image would be ruined. Media all know about it.

    Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole. PR stunt and contract. My friend even told me a year ago that they would break up roughly now as he knew thats when their contract ended (common knowledge in the media industry). He needed to appear straight (who knows if he is) and she needed to appear not racist who knows if she is).

    Posh and Becks. Genuine initially, but are now under a contract as have fallen out of love but both know their brand is important to maintain and have children together. Both get with other people. She has been seeing Mike Tyson.

    The Hills and The city and scripted (probably pretty common knowledge). If you are still sceptical about this consider the point that 2 series later, isnt it interesting that you dont see the characters pissed off that they have discovered that their partners have cheated on them or whatever 2 years earlier. They knew all along, because its written.

    All the above info was told and explained to me by separate people who have been working in UK TV for years.
    I feel sorry for those who are so in love with celebrities that they wont wake up to the reality of their manipulation by the media.

    I look forward to reading all the naive responses.

  16. As a well-educated member of society, it is interesting to read & hear “news” that is celebrity driven & spoon-fed to the general masses. It is rather unfortunate that education is lacking these days in such subjects as newspaper analysis, reading-between-the-lines, form your own opinion & general cynicism……
    I gladly await the day when we really do have a free press, young people are able to spell correctly, exposes are fact not fabrication & if anybody dares to express a valid opinion, they are not “shot down in flames” for being jealous or negative.
    I heartily support anyone willing to put their neck “on the by-line” ….what have we become- a nation of drooling can’t-be-bothered followers??

  17. I don’t believe this. I’m sure the just got this picture and made the whole thing up.

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