UK songstress Beverley Knight will launch her cosmetics range K by Beverley Knight on the 17th September, and it will  be exclusively available to purchase at Selfridges department store for one month. The range will then become available at John Lewis and other leading retail outlets.

Check out her new ad campaign.


Beverley Knight (Centre)

Spotted @  The Cocoa Diaries

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  1. I am very much looking forward to the launch. It is a pity that it is to be sold exclusively to stores the likes of ‘Selfridges’. Why not your average high street ‘Boots?’ For too long now, women of colour have been unable to pop into their local chemist to buy their cosmetics. Why should that be? Don’t we like or deserve to look good too???? Hope it sells well. Good luck sister.

  2. Good on you girl! I am sure once you get your foot in the door in a place like Selfridges, places like Boots will want to take you on board . We always want to put each other down I am sure it was not very easy for you to get to Selfridges even though you are a famous BLACK SINGER . GO FOR IT !
    At least we don’t have to fly to NY to buy your products. Good luck !

  3. Elsa. take the time to read the previous message properly, and understand it fully before you comment. It was not a ‘put down’, but an observation and recommendation, but above all a genuine message of encouragement!!!

  4. Good news!! We’ll be stocking the range in our store (and we’re independent) based in South Harrow, north-west London from the fisrt week of October…the range will be going into small high street stores as well.

    Contact us at – for more info.

  5. how sad are you because i bet you are going to go and buy it anyway so you are a super hypocrite and you probably dont even know what selfridges is so stick to your superdrug and savers get over your self gal!!!

  6. Thank you Reena for that valuable piece of info. I have noted the details and will definately be paying a visit to your store on my next visit to London. Thanks again.

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