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X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is reportedly in negotiations with Beyoncé about a possible collaboration.

Burke, who performed a duet with the singer on the ITV1 show last year, is reported to have been seeking advice from the star and her rapper husband Jay-Z.

Speaking to OK!, an unnamed source said: “Beyoncé is sure Alexandra has what it takes to be as big as Leona [Lewis] and she’s planning to help her crack the US.”

Who is this ‘unnamed source’ that says ‘Beyonce thinks Alexandra has what it takes to be as big as Leona Lewis?’ 

Hmmmm  let me guess…’s Alexandra Burke!

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  1. Seeking advise from the false prophet and his devil spawn wife The Great Whore Jezebel is not the wisest move. Burke better keep that tub of vaseline close to hand as she may be needing it soon.

  2. I’ve more than proven that Jay Z is a devil worshipper in previous posts and now it’s clear to see that Beyonce has joined his flock, my sanity is fine, ask Jay Z why he keeps exhibiting the eye of Lucifer to people. So I’m battling devils for pointing out what he is doing and showing folks the origin of it?

  3. @Pprez

    Al-Li-Lah is that god’s full name, interpreted it means “god of the idols”. So you like praying to stones then? I’ve got some spare bricks in my back garden that you might find useful.

  4. I totally agree with Verbs, Jay-Z is a devil worshipper. At the end of the day he is a successful man but its not worth it for Burke to sell her soul.

  5. @DivaKattGurl

    I hear you on that, her music is alright, nothing to jump over the moon about. She has an excellent voice but I feel that the producers here will channel that voice in the wrong direction as they only seem to know one form of music in the UK, pop. Anything music that allows our true sing talents to shine forth, they don’t really allow here.

  6. Pprez is just a young blood hot head who’s had her dreams of her sugardaddy and Saviour Barry smashed asunder. She’s just blowing off excess steam, she’ll get over him eventually…….we hope.

  7. And verbz a middle age listless man who prys him self in knowing the bible and the real truth in reality he is a vile,evil spawning, nigger , who still feels like a slave because I will not conform to his liking.
    Keep worshipping the crackers, I don’t eat crackers so no need to polly want a cracker me.
    I keep telling you there’s 1,000 ways to die verbs, pick one and enter salvation and blog about it .hopefully they will teach how to be a man since . What a waste of a penis!

  8. If idolize gods in a stone or brick what do you idolize him with? Your pastor with the praa shoes and louie vutton? The bible a spirit? It seems like you and me are on the same boat!
    Since you don’t have any balls you can just suck my tits and become a man.

  9. Some christians are a joke.again I will quote ghandi.
    “I like your god,not your christians”black,white,purple,blue. I will continue to be a non-conformist in a conforming society . The issue is not even about obama but since you like to flio the script that’s verbz like to say.if I ever met you person I wouldprobably spit in your face and throw a chair at you. Isn’t that how you like it verbz? Plantation style. Just call me gawd ehhh. 🙂

  10. wow- and i thought i was messed up on the asian/black music thread…i await further installments of this battle

  11. Why didn’t you just put all your comments into one post? Suck your titties and become a man? I knew you loved me really Pprez, why didn’t you just say so, why all the frontline battling to cover your true feelings?

    Just because I’m a christian, it does not mean that I am a super hero or am immune to temptations. I am human Pprez just like you. I don’t have a pastor, I have one shepherd over me, Yahshayah(Christ) and I don’t sport designers. Those pastors that do are fakes and deceitful tossers who will be destroyed in their time.

    I’m not joined to any church because as you have observed, none of them conform to the image of Christ, so I follow Christ aside from the church institutional structure. I don’t claim perfection, I do make mistakes.

    I’m not middle aged and I do have balls thankyou very much. Would you like to suck on them?

    Question: Why are you quoting a slogan that you sugardaddy took from a children’s programme called Bob The Builder?

  12. You have a habit of quoting reprobates. First the Wall Street hoe called Obama, then the sex maniac, molester, pedophile, adulterer and racist who deemed black people as untouchables called Ghandi(yes, another one of your boys who had a very shady and questionable lifestyle). You just know how to pick em don’t you prez. Why do you love quoting from tossers?

  13. Yes we can was long before obama. Gandhi nigga I can quote whoever. I am the last mofo to for you to try to put into my face. You must be stupid. As far of tossing nigga you should know better. You do it the best.
    Exhalt of the 1000 ways to die since you quote god all the time why don’t get noosed and ressurect and blog about it? Be a man of your words.

  14. I have much respect for people who are vocal about being racist than some sheltered whomever.
    I’m sure your sources call you “nigger” to .but you just smile as long as they side with you. You are much pathetic.why don’t you just move? Go to the holy land,work for good and become an disciple.god would take a disrespect if you compare jezebel to beyonce.
    Which character are you?

  15. You know what? Ill be the bigger woMEN and this childish dispute.take notices for a young’n son.your just a dog. I tell you run,you ask how high, I tell you fuck the broad from no angels you ask why am I sick? I tell you STFU you ask ? I tell you because I said so!
    Get over it.

  16. Yes we can is Bob The Builder, a programme for kids. Type in ‘Bob The Builder Theme Song’ on youtube and listen hard to the chorus. Your boy has taken you for a ride and he knows that stiffnecked reprobates such as yourself will not do your homework nor the research into his background. I’m not holding back on this Wall Street hoe for your sake. Sorry, your sugardaddy is a sellout, but you’ll find out soon enough. Unbelievable, still buying into this hoe’s hype, you’re just rabid from the Obama juice.

  17. Verbz ,
    You’ve just been served.

    P.s. Just because I don’t see what you see him makes me his biggest supporter. I have gladily stated this before in my previous address but you choice to negate.
    I a proud of you for not using the women card.but hang on to your obama card you might get the royal flush. You’re the boy that always cry wolf. Get over it.

  18. Beyonce says in her song Survivor that quote: “I’m not going to compremise my christianity”, then she is caught sucking off Jay Z in a swimming pool, not to mention her posing naked and wearing questionable clothing in relation to her claim to the christian faith. Then she joins Jay Z in flashing the ‘eye of lucifer’ to everybody. So yes, I will call her out because she has given people a false impression of who she really is. Not only this but also young girls look up to her as a role model and look at the raw deal they are receiving. But you wouldn’t understand that since you want me to suck on your breast.

  19. Ill gladily take obamas juice and after were done ill ship it to you, give your wife something she is missing.

  20. Stupid that was michelle. You old fashion huh? Look at the industry and the only person you can call out is beyonce? None of them bitches are role model and I can guarantee they don’t.they sell their soul for fame just like you.
    Lucifer is a latin word meaning morning star but you know how christians like to debate even throughout different verses there was no mentions of lucifer as satan.

  21. Here we go again, a person of the world trying to quote scripture. Read Isaiah 14:12-21 and try and tell me that this is not Satan. Learn your biblical history. Lucifer was his name before he was stripped of his rank in heaven. His fallen name is Satan, its the same bloke, holy mackeral.

    As for your Suvivor rant, I suggest you watch the video again as its the other who sing ‘I’m better than that’ in between her rants. Question yourself on your own memory.

  22. Stupid. Lucifer aka morning star aka venus. There was life after the bible. Where was god between the ages of 12-30? Last if you are not apart of this world, why are you on wordly blog? Last time I checked jim jones is the saint in this bitch. So you are reprobating else. This aint christian blog. Why you here. Correction it was kelly. For a godily man you don’t seem to live the life.hyprocrite like the rest of them. Hell is not full vernz take a ticket and stand in line.

  23. Give it up prez, you’ve been rinsed. You don’t know your bible, reading from reprobate new age versions purposely produced to lead you astray. Do yourself a favour, get yourself an Authorised King James Bible and burn the rest, they aren’t fit for toilet paper or bird cage liner, then come back to me.

    I clearly see that english is not your first language and you dig for yourself a deeper ditch each time you return to defend your fort. You are the last person who should be quoting the standards of a christian and how one should live. How can you tell me how to live a christian life seperate from the world ,when you are saturated in the world and its indulgences? Isn’t that backwards? You are not living the life nor attempting to live the life of a christian.

    It is the easier option for you to just give yourself over to your lusts, and so you do. You just don’t like that fact that as a christian I can defend myself and give as good as I get. Christ never stood for rubbish either and he buried fools who tried to trip him up with deceitful questions and statements. So yes, I will call you out buzzard and I will blast you especially when you try and quote the standards of a lifestyle you’re not living nor know anything about.

    I’m done with your rants, you been buried.

  24. P – why do u let verbs get under your skin like that, it’s obvious he lacks a lil understanding / wisdom and could do with a drop of compassion (no offence verbs – just calling it how I see it)

    and verbs – was ghandi really a peado?

  25. Ah, religion/faith has always been twisted. Every one claims theirs is the best. We found it here, we’ll die and leave it here.Ah Sticking to catholic church. Better the devil i know.

  26. Politics + religion equates to disaster. If u r preaching stick to preaching, if its politics, stick to politics alone. This business of using the flag to convert people, is quite cruel. And why is xtianity better than islam or any other religion? The missioneries used it the other way round after softening the people ie, the flag followed the cross. We live on hope and not fear. If obama or ghandi or who ever provides hope, why should any one strip it off some one. U can’t trust politicians, and faith.

  27. @FR

    Indeed he was, he was also a man who practised incest too but somehow he has been turned into a hero. In short, he was a sex freak, into all kinds of sexual fetishes and practices. He treated his wife worse than the toilet he sat on to relief himself. Seeing that he was just a man, we shouldn’t be surprised at these findings. Where along the line in time he was turned into some kind of icon and legend is a mystery.

    As for Miss Steamhead Prez, the time for compassion in her direction is over. What has really got me annoyed is the constant reference to the evidence I have brought forward in relation to Obama as ‘Verb’s Theory’ or implying that I have some kind of hatred or anger against Obama. Everything that I have presented here is mainstream news, not hidden in a corner or at the back of the alley. Rather than check out and prove the message to be true or false, she has shot at the messenger. I have nothing to do with the news other than me bringing it. I’m just not going to lie about Obama for her sake, he is no different than the rest, he will continue the lockdown police state agenda, we are seeing that happening before our eyes. Pprez is just being willingly ignorant to Obama’s real agenda because of her love for the bloke, but it is to her own detriment.

  28. @Lati

    I suggest that you come out of that catholic ‘church’ as it is nothing more than an Ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion. I recommend the book called The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop to check out what the Roman Catholic faith is really about. It has absolutely nothing to do with Christ and everything to do with Nimrod and Semiramis worship. Christ stated that ‘ye shall know the truth’. This means that you can obtain the truth, it is within your grasp, if you really want it. An abundance of faiths and religions is not an excuse to remain ignorant, refuse to investigate and freestyle in the one you’re following.

    Christ never preached religion, he preached liberty and freedom through himself. You are right about the majority of these preachers, they are snakes in the pulpit. They were supposed to bring food to the flock but they have rinsed the people clean for their own profits.

    We know the way already, Christ said he is THE WAY, so Islam, Hinduism, Seekism, Buddism, Krishner etc are all irrelevant. As for all these so called sects within christianity, the relevant and correct way can quickly be deduced by examining the Bible especially the words of Christ. With that the majority of these sects appear blatantly contradictory to the word of God. The truth can be found, but do you really want the truth is the question?

  29. I come from a muslim background, granny turned to catholic that’s why i am. If i go out of that church, i become an aethiest period. The reason i hate savedies or born again preachers is bse they think they r better than others. I used 2 hate my priest 4 constantly preaching against u’s. I luv the church i go 2 bse even drunks stumble in that morning and r welcome. I couldn’t ask 4 more honestly.

  30. This is what is wrong with you christians believing that you are the only hierachy and the only salvation into enternal life.
    Did christ preach to ppl that hindu,muslim,are false religions. You love to quote scriptures like many things that to can be misquoted .
    You mean tell me the religious wars in countries like palestine are worshipping a false prophet?
    You are not an example of a christian verbz, I repeat you are not. You reccomend books, there are also books that go against the religion of christianity so what does that say.
    I believe in my god, and trust not every one of you are going to get in to heaven. Have you ever talked to an well educated. Muslim that they are a false religion? Have you? Don’t try to dance around it either answer the question.
    You are a hyporcrite and a poor example of a modern day christianity.people like you make me want to examine the christian base.
    How many times has the bible been altered? Cut the bullshit verbz. Even I know not to believe everything.
    Have you read the quran? It is similar to the bible. I am not of a muslim religion those who choice to be muslim is there decision but why shall you critcize is that why the was about selfish?
    You need to examine “christianity” than quote from the bible. Lol what’s fun is that is the only tactic that seems valid, therefore ill let you have. If someone is going to hell you think you are going to stop them? What is a true christian if they are the likes of this extreme than father please do forgive us. Ill say prayer in my way out.
    You need to accept that ppl have different opinion. Is your ego that bruised when someone disagrees with you?

  31. Pprez:

    You actually raised some reasonable points which I will deal with:

    Christ himself stated in John 14:6 that he was the only way to heaven and to the Father. He stated that there is no other way to the Father but by him. This is why christians continue to preach that Jesus is the only way to heaven, because HE HIMSELF said it. No other prophet or teacher made this claim. So if you have a problem with that statement, take it up with the Son Of God, not me, I’m just the messenger.

    To be honest, the histories of Islam, Hinduism, Buddism etc testify against them to be genuine automatically. Their own histories will show that they cannot be the true religions of God. To save time, lets take Islam as an example. Before Mohammed founded Islam the pagan arabs were worshipping a god for each day of the year, 360 idols in total. Al li Lah(Allah) was the chief of these idols. Mohammed came and destroyed all the idols and declared that Allah was God, thus forming Islam. Allah is an idol and always has been. This is mainstream history, not my opinion.

    Mohammed himself was a false prophet as he could show the people no signs to prove that he was sent from God. His lifestyle was also extremely questionable. I’m sure you are aware that when he was 53 years of age, he took a 6 year old girl to wife, he then consummated the marriage when he was 56 years old and she was 9 years of age. Mohammed also was another one with an high sex drive. He was also incredibly racist and referred to black people as ‘raisin heads’. I could list other anomalies but just on this alone, we can clearly see that he was a false prophet. Learn the history, do your research, there is no excuse for you not to. So yes, the people in the middle east are worshipping a false god and a false prophet.

    While we are here, please give me just 2 scriptures I have quoted that have been taken out of context or misquoted by myself!

    As for books that go against christianity, I have not seen one yet that hasn’t quoted falsely, used corrupted data or misquoted scriptures in their favour. I am not afraid to look at those books either.

    Yes, I’ve talked with muslims and showed them the evidence from their side, not mine. They are very strong headed as their religion dictates their life.

    Your idea of a christian is twisted, that is why you call me a hypocrite. Christ described christians as two things, The Salt of The Earth and The Children Of Light. Salt does many things and is used for many purposes. Salt also irritates, especially when placed on a wound, so the fact that you are irritated at me shows that I am performing my task correctly. Light exposes darkness, people who like the dark shy away from the light and will become very defensive as it approaches. The deceptive media have put out the image of a christian to be a softy, passive, playing some sort of musical instrument with not a care in the world or some sort of nutjob going around quoting scriptures and killing people, but a quick read of the bible will show that Christ was offensive, clear cut, straight to the point and certainly no softy. They attempted to stone him twice and tried to throw him off a cliff. So, no I’m not here to appease your soft spots and tickle your ears with smooth sentences,lies and deceits. In telling the truth some will be offended including yourself.

    This is the problem with the world today, hardly anybody reads anymore, television is the number one past time. The ideas and the thoughts of the population today are now formed from the media and no longer from experience and life itself and so people open themselves up to serious manipulation and deception.

    Bible altered? In terms of these new versions popping up, yes, you are right in part, they are changing certain words and dropping others. This is because they are new age based and these new versions are preparing the people to accept a false christ, the antichrist. If you stick with an AV 1611(Authorised King James Version) you will be fine. There have been no alterations with this version apart from spellings in relation to the language evolving, the King James correlates closely with the hebrew and greek scriptures. The folks behind the new versions know that the King James is impeccable and cannot be matched, however they have money on the brain so they must demonise the KJV in order to sell their versions. Please note that the KJV is the only version which is NOT COPYRIGHTED. Again, do proper research, don’t just quote from what you have heard from others. Be careful what you believe yes, but be careful what you reject also.

    The quran is similar to the bible because Mohammed’s cousins sat down and copied out of the bible to compile their book when Mohammed died. Mohammed when he was alive was constantly haggling the Hebrews in relation to the Torah, trying to understand it and compiling for his own book. There is nothing unique about it, it gives no prophecies of its own, it is full of contradictions, it is no different to any book you take off the shelf at a library. Of all the books of the world, only the bible has a 100% accuracy rating, especially when it comes down to future events(prophecy). Me showing a muslim the truth about his religion is not selfish, it is called pulling him out of the fire and liberation.

    Saying your prayer on your way out is a risky card. You assume that your death will not be instant for starters. Also, God is not deceived. If you think you can used that card on your death bed as you’re ‘stay out of hell’ card then forget it. God knows the hearts of women and men, you cannot pull stunts with the Most High.

    I accept that people will have different opinions to me but what most people don’t want to do is to look at the evidence to highlight and show who’s opinion is correct and who’s is wrong. How is a person supposed to grow if he just stops at his/her opinion and doesn’t put that opinion through the fire to test it’s authenticity? If I am wrong, I want to be shown that I am wrong so I can grow wiser. I’m also a man who corrects error when I see it. Did I blast my maths teacher for showing me the errors in my arithmetic or my english teacher for correcting my spelling?

  32. U 4get all religions and christ and God are make believes. We choose who 2 believe. All this written material is man made which was orally passed on and who knows where it came from and why? When did writing begin? B4 or after man’s existance? All the probs the earth has now have existed b4 and will continue. All these miracles, did u witness them in person or just read them and believed, like the rest believe in whatever they choose 2? I guess our african ancestors who never knew jesus must all be in hell

  33. Christ, make believe? Yes, you choose who to believe in but most choose to believe in a god who will not demand serious changes in their lifestyle, most choose to believe in a god who will not hold them accountable for their actions, most choose to believe in a god in whom they are comfortable with so of course the God of the bible is the last choice on anybody’s list.

    The material as you call it is not man made. How could Daniel, Amos, Isaiah, Joel etc have written about these end times off their own heads? They had to have had guidance from God. Even Daniel in various chapters was baffled by what he had written and was constantly asking for the meanings of the writings. John, writing about a one world finance system, one world religion, one world leader 2000 years ago(Rev 13), and in 2009 we have world leaders starting to call for a global banking system. They also have plans installed for a world court. Man was the vessel used to log down the writings, God was always the author. The bible tells us that men were inspired and wrote as the Holy Spirit moved them. When the writings began is not the issue, how could these men have written about these last times is the real question to ask.

    No these problems in the earth are now coming to a close, this is the last cycle, the worst time of this earth’s entire history is going to land on us, and here after the Kingdom of God will be established and the Father will install his government leader and shepherd, Christ. The leaders around the world know Christ is coming back soon, which is why they are speeding everything up to get their control grid in place. Yes, they believe Christ is real and are actually looking to fight against him when he returns. This is also why there has been an increase in ufo sightings and sci fi films depicting alien invasions/threats, for when Christ comes, they want the people to think that he is an alien who poses a threat the earth and must be killed. All these films like The Knowing, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Independence Day and numerous others have been gearing you up to fight against your saviour not join him.

    What do you think they have been doing out in space all these years? Star wars and all these other space programs and high tech weapons are to fight against Christ when he comes, nothing more, nothing less. Seems futile to fight against the Son Of God but these satanic bums do not want to give up their power and believe they can win. They should have read Joel 2:2-11 which would have showed them that the army they are going up against is indestructable. The earlier films like ET, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Star Wars etc were geared to warm you up to the idea of life being outside this earth.

    These trying times that are about to land of this earth will show who is who, who is for Christ and who is for this world.

    I believe in the miracles that have been recorded and since the bible has been accurate in everything else, I see no reason not to disbelieve that those miracles took place.

    As if you concerning yourself with your ancestors is going to create some sort of backdoor for you to get into heaven or some sort of bartering tool you can use at Judgement Day. You cannot do anything for them, why worry about a matter which is out of your control? Worry about yourself and how you stand with God. You know about Christ, his sacrifice for you and what he requires of you in return. You are responsible for yourself, nobody else. Those who know about Christ and reject him are much worse off and will receive a harsher punishment in hell than those who never knew about him and lived a wicked lifestyle.

  34. Uhmm… how did we get here??? I need a damn drink while reading all of this!!!

    Oy Vey!!!

    @lati… I stopped going to church because of all the bs… and I am no hypocrit I am not going just to be seen…and I don’t do holidays in church either… I have been sort of looking for a church… one thing about Catholics.. when they say come as you are they mean it! I grew up going to Baptist and Catholic churches and they both have issues… cannot wrap my head around Priest molesting choir boys… cannot wrap my head around the soap operaesque circus of other churches… reverends, pastors, deacons and deconesses all sleeping around… infidelity to the Lord and their marriages… all kinds of commandments being broken up in there!!

  35. I know that divva. All religions are twisted and thats why i stick with the devil i know. 2 much hypocrisy every where. There’s no faith better than another. I studied in catholic schools and i really know what u r saying. Its either that or i cease to have any faith in christ or any God. Every one has an agenda. Ah..From frying pan into the fire?

  36. Christianity- the ultimate hoodwinker for n*ggers. And so many more on this bandwagon joining by the day…*smh*

    I choose to BELIEVE that pigs can fly and NOONE can tell me that my belief is unreal. You just all have no faith and have not seen the light. Let me advise you to read “The Pork Chronicles by IM Apig”for true inspiration. Also if you watch Porky Pig, there are hidden messages that Warner Bros placed to try to bring us closer to Pig Worship. This is why religions like Islam reject Pork-they are evil and know the truth. that would blow out all other religions to the very core! It’s deep, it’s real, I can type a sentence and I need a smoke- I don’t like the way that the computer is looking at me, ya get me….

    Oh, btw Jan- why the dislike for Burke?

  37. Yes I am of Lazarus. I resurrected from the blog. I’m here trying to find ideas from my creative agencie and here you are disturbing me.

  38. I have heard about it and if you are not very strong in faith, you might not have any by the time the DVD has ended.

    It tests the theory of Jesus’s existence. It is harzadous to your faith. But i have heard that it is a very interesting documentary. Get it if you can but hang on to your faith while you are at it. LOL

  39. I trust and believe in god it is just the new age-extremist so called believers of christ take stray my faith in christian paradox.

  40. I’ve watched that documentary, it would have been good if it had presented honest facts. I believe its the same guys that produced the zeitguist movies. I actually thought that it was going to challenge my faith, I was looking for some real meat but all it presented were dry bones.

  41. Religion or faith has always been a source of conflict. IMO, religion or faith has never been founded on the truth but belief. We all seek spiritual fullfillment in different ways and it does not matter where. Attacking one’s faith is like attacking one’s race. Alot of energy is spent preaching against other faiths instead of what one believes in. Which is unfortunate really.

  42. This “each to his own” doctrine is exactly why we have a world which is a complete mess. Honestly, man wants change without beginning the changes within himself. Also as I stated before, men want to hold onto their faiths, without trying them through the fire to test their authenticity. People love to wollow in lies rather than the truth in this day and age. Read Romans 14:10-12 and Philippians 2:9-11. You WILL bow your knee to Christ as will everyone else regardless of their faiths or religions one day, make no mistakes about it. The question is, will you do it now voluntarily, or continue to cunger up excuses and be forced to bow at Judgement day?

  43. u know my favourite bible is KING JAMES…I mean, here’s a King who was so arrgant he named The bible after himself yet a whole load of n*ggers be reading it…Lol…

    I await the Jade Goody bible.

    and Judgemnent Day. My knees are knocking…

  44. Sometimes you can just blow off some incredibly dumb statements Reclaimin’. Hitting the middle ages has really hit you hard and sent you off the tracks. Always leaving yourself open like a chicken just been gutted. What exactly are you reclaiming? You are better off in the corner with a dunce cap on your head. You’ve been in this country for too long and have picked up the foolish ways of this people despite your claims to wisdom and higher knowledge.

    Always rattling off some stupid statement based on your feelings and never on the facts. Always rattling off some dumb rhetoric used over and over by foolish people without checking out its authenticity. Professing yourself to be wise, you have become a fool. When will you learn or the appropriate question is, will you ever learn?

  45. At the end of the day, we are responsible for ourselves. We do not pray to buildings or preachers or priests and so on (who i find the source of conflict). They are human and have a job to do. We search for inner peace and it cannot be that one road leads to it given that we come from different backgrounds. Faith cannot be force fed.

  46. verbs has got to be the most illiterate literate I have come accross in the blogosphere.

    Really, his mother loves him- no doubt.

    You’re the special kid in the Mad News class that everyone knows has ‘special requirements’. So you get extra benefits and positive discrimination to support your handicaps. As caring folk, it’s like a give back to the community. La la la la comes Verbs with his nonsensical witterings, just keep smiling…don’t look in his eyes too much…lmao!

  47. Whatever, you can hide behind your foolish rhetoric and vain sentences but when you’ve been called you out on the facts in past times, you’ve always been left without a chicken leg to stand on.

    You’ve aged before your time, you been sucked into the stupidity of the very people you claim to be wiser than and so claim to be aware of their scheming against you.

    These ad hominem attacks only add credence to the fact that you cannot challenge the facts, when in desperation attack the messenger. You’ve lost Reclaimin’.

  48. VERBZ stfu! Lawd you should have been a women because you bitch some much! You haven’t said anything substantial. Gumps asked you a couple question which you have not replied to so who’s the chicken with no legs? Be an idiot. You’re not the messenger whoever deemed you that lied to you. Hell must be offering full scholarship the way ppl are conducting themselves(twit from:jcrillz) you just stfu and believe in your faith,praise god and blah. Right now you are a weak men with no back bone a whiney child who won’t stop crying till he gets his way. You leave in this world two you are no better or different so take that snobby attitude and fork it with your family you are not of high superior.I will pray for. You are a false prophet a manipulative hypocrite.

  49. You’re not my equal to challenge or to decree some sort of win/lose outcome Verbs-accept it.

    Keep smoking your skunk, wearing your oversized garms in the sun and reading yur text books with 13pt fonts about the devil conspiracies. Keep the people who rob you flossing…what a chief! (cos I miss the word and it humours me and u kind of are)

    @ The Rest of The Thread:

    Bear in mind that Verbs always suggests that your opinions/experiences are not fact but his are…It’s the formulae to his pathetic existence…
    He believes that the garbage he reads is somehow more valid than what you do. Take pleaseure in knowing this as it will always save you about 50 comment reponses to him.

  50. Here it is ladies and gentlemen, my point has been proven. I said it, that Reclaimin’ would attack me on a personal level rather than deal with the issues that I was bringing. If I was bringing nonsense to the table, it would have been far easier to bring the facts forward to refute my claims rather than launch out on a personal charge.

    You’ve just proven yourself to be the ‘chief’ Reclaimin’ because you’ve done exactly what I said you would do, attack me and not tackle the issues I was bringing forward. I do not see how you can redeem yourself from this calamity. In your effort to generate some laughs on here at my expense, you’ve shot yourself in both feet. I told you, you leave yourself open.

  51. Verbs, the truth is supposed to set u free and not imprison or enslave u. I cannot make out what affect it has had on u. There’s a great sense of panic and fear in yo messages which u want us to feed into. Is it a good thing? Don’t know.

  52. And always accuses you of this own ills…he never reads back on earlier things he has said.

  53. @Lati

    Its not my message nor is it anything to do with me, these are just the facts. The message is not to bring fear but to simply enable people to prepare for what is coming.

  54. My point is still proven Reclaimin’. If I’m a chief as you called me, then show it through faulting the infomation that I bring. Attacking me personally shows that you are losing the debate. Why attack me anyhow, its never been about Verbs, its about information, attack the information, not me.

  55. May be having lived in third world countries, where all these prophesied conditions are an have been on going, i don’t c what the fuss is. I guess we have lived alot in the moment and cared less about 2moro alot. I say, bring on the third world conditions to 1st world countries. I have a few tips. Lol

  56. The truth lies in the hands of the beholder. If i told u i am white when am black in colour, what would u say?

  57. I agree, these 1st world countries have been living the life of Rayleigh off the back of 3rd world countries, particularly the continent of Africa. Now the time has come for the 1st world countries to taste the poverty they have inflicted on others. It’s about time they got a taste of their own affliction. I just pray that things here do not descend into a Mad Max type scenario.

    Truth just is, regardless of a person’s slant or view on it. The evidence always points towards the truth, looking at evidence is key in determining truth.

  58. @ Verbs – Do you only share your truth on mad news? You’ve only got a handful of followers on this blog, but I’m still so interested to hear, read and meet your REAL followers which I’m sure you have in abundance on your own real blog….us naysayers who will NEVER be converted to your way of thinking must be mad boring for you. I remain fascinated – but what is it about your character, spirit and intellect that makes you bother trying to force feed the fed?

  59. I think its part of his work. He mentioned b4 that he had been to 3rd world countries. That, i found very interesting indeed. Would love to know what their reaction was and what type of listeners u had. Bse my mind is thinking of so many scenarios. Hm

  60. Miss Gump

    It just seems to be in one ear and out the other with you. Obviously you haven’t checked out any of the claims that I have made as you are still making references to ‘my truth’. I’m not the issue here and nor should I be the focus or fascination, why don’t you drum your efforts into proving me wrong on the information I have presented? Wouldn’t that then determine whether I was telling the truth or talking out of my backside? Shouldn’t that be more your focus?

  61. Right now to be honest, am behind yo curtain, and intrigued. It would be nice to know the impact of the truth on others. U c that part where u spoke abt aliens and jesus’ return, spinned me. Nearly took me to space. Was gandhi a peado? That too left me wondering. But lets leave that alone. The truth… Hmmm, how do we prove the end results with the now truth? We still have 3 years to c.

  62. And i do not understand why u detach your self from yo messages/truth. When u say, i just deliver the truth, deal with it’ it feels cold especially if in 3rd world countries. There u r telling some one, the world is ending in 3yrs, buy seeds etc.. When they have no food 4 2moro? And then u say u r not doomed coz yo in christ. Hm, i don’t get that. What type is yo crowd?

  63. Your asking me questions you should be researching the answers for yourself. I never said the world was ending, I said the happy days are at an end. Worldwide famines, droughts, earthquakes, riots, economic collapses etc doesn’t mean the end of the world, its just the beginning of sorrows.

  64. Ah, i think we’ll be ok. Sorrow? I think there’s alot of sorrow world wide now already. Look at the war torn countries, poverty, diseases, famine etc… How much worse can it get? If yo worried about america and britain having these conditions, i don’t know. Am not looking into the aliens and jesus’ return now. I’ll have 2 wait 4 that. Am trying 2 make sense of what u have given us now and why really. Then may be i can really c the truth.

  65. I’ve given you all the tools you require, you have the internet, put it to use, that is your greatest asset, use it while it is still there. You need to stand on your own two feet and be your own leader, not a follower. This means doing your own research, this is another reason why it is not about Verbs. I gave you a whole list of sites to start with in previous posts not to mention documentaries that can be viewed online, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already?

    This is the problem with the world today, everyone wants to be spoon fed, folks want others to do the running around for them. This is no good as it creates followers and not leaders. Leaders are what are needed for these times ahead, men and women with wisdom and understanding.

    It can get much worse because there are still parts of the world in tranquility. Also worldwide means worldwide, even down to outside your doorstep. I’m not worried about America and Britain collapsing because both countries were built on the blood of my ancestors, plus the systems they operate within are evil and merciless. The schools are a mockery, dumbing down children instead of truly educating, the justice system is a sham, one law for the rich, another for the poor, every public service is falling apart, nothing works anymore, the police aren’t worth 2 pence. Is this the kind of society you wish to keep in place and fight for? Not me, let it burn, no water needed.

  66. I just thought of slavery, world wars, apatheid, hitler, earth quakes, genocides/tribal wars, religious wars etc.. But i’ll check, and compare. May be its a cycle going back.

  67. Remember though, we have never been at a time such as now when weapons of warfare can totally destroy the whole planet in the blink of an eye. Until 100 years ago we were only dealing with guns and cannons at the most, now its gone nuclear within the last 50 years aswell as bio weapons, deadly gas weapons, sonic weapons, energy weapons, laser weapons etc, manmade viruses are you getting the picture? This is why this time is truly the end and not like any other time or cycle.

    Iceland is a first world country and look what recently happened there, a total economic collapse, no food on the shelves, riots and Icelanders are supposed to be some of the most mild mannered people in the world. See, the media showed you a bit and then nothing more was heard of the place again. Right now, Iceland is in a mess. Still think this cannot come to America and Britain?

    As you can see, this IS NOT VERB’S TRUTH, this is truth period. The fun days are over in this world.

  68. U know what verbs, i think the main aim of yo truth is to convert pple to xtianity. And that’s where the main prob is. U expose the truth on other faiths and political leaders, the immorality, devils etc…, the aim is to convert imo. Internet to search 4 the truth, do the 3rd world listeners have easy access to these facilities? Do they really understand the elites, aliens etc… How do u make them understand and believe u without using the scare tactics? Its yo method of delivering such sensitive news.

  69. Out of all of the titles of the clips I just posted, please show me which one said Verb’s truth on it? Why are you still referring to it as my truth when it has nothing to do with me?

    The reason the news is so sensitive is because you have been conditioned to bury yourself in fantasy land and the media have keep what is really happening behind closed doors. One thing you need to stop doing is worrying about others, you cannot help them, there are others dealing with and taking care of them. My job is to spread truth in my location.

    The Spirit of God draws a person to repentence, not me. I just present the facts, not Verb’s facts, the facts period. Do yourself a favour and switch off the tv once in a while, its not doing you anygood.

  70. Lol, i might need to go green. Any hoo, am agreeing 2 disagree. Ah verbs, Mrs Gump was right, yo drive/spirit, is interesting. U’ll never give up and will defend yo life with all u have got/strength. Aahh… Lol

  71. @Verbs. You’re rattled and angry response, laced with the resentment and annoyance of not getting YOUR….nope ‘THE’ message across is highly amusing! We refer to it as YOUR TRUTH because its what YOU believe in and what you are trying to teach the masses – albeit only on madnews, rather than your dedicated blog – about.

    When will YOU lead outside of this forum Verbs? You are totally wasted here, thats why I’m fascinated. Your endless missives punctuated with youtube footage to support YOUR conclusive proof, has been reduced to our endless entertainment within this entertainment forum! Admit it; our focus on your extreme views, is your air. You never miss a beat to respond to every single comment directed at you, your views and your teachings. Thats BIG. You’ve got time to do the research for me whilst I’m busy having a life, so now I see how this can work.

    Since you are the truth and sharing the truth is what makes you happy, I’m going to come to you for the answers from now on….after all, no-one else whom the unenlightened follow is half way as intelligent as you. Right?!

    So, what sort of timelines are we looking at for the mass biological attack? Where can I find dates on this or can you provide them? Which seeds should I be buying in preparation for the food shortage and where from? Which country should I be moving to? Who’s a good role model in the world apart from you? Are we all going to die soon? What happens after death?

    Short answers or links (as usual) will suffice.

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