Meet 3Mix, the new ‘boy band’ set to take Britain by storm…

Via BBC News

Boy band 3Mix are sitting in EMI’s London offices looking every inch the perfect teen idols, from their baby-faced good looks and meticulously back-combed hair to their carefully co-ordinated clothes.

“We’re proud to be a boy band,” says singer Myan Mirza.

“We grew up listening to the likes of Boyz II Men, ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys, so there’s no shame there.”

Like their idols, Mirza and his bandmates Usman Mirza and Karim Ismail are all in their early 20s, but there is one key difference – they are all Asian.

They are the first act to sign to new label Gorgeous Brown, a joint venture between EMI and long-time A&R man Aadil Rasheed, who is also the band’s manager.

“We have a vibrant British Asian music scene, but the problem has been that it stays in its own niche, it’s been very difficult for Asian artists to break into the mainstream,” Rasheed says.

He puts this down to the type of music the scene is producing – but also to the level of support from mainstream media.

“If you compare Asian music with black music, black music has had 40 years to evolve, Asian music feels like it’s had about 15 minutes.

“We still feel like novelty artists.”  Continue Reading….

For a start they look incredibly camp and incredibly manafactured. 

They also need to fire their stylist and the hairstylist.

Anyway check out the track/video Put It On Me

Weak! but the preteens will probably love it!

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  1. Well let us see if they can produce anything good without leeching from the black hand side. Black music didn’t need to evolve, it was good from the start.

  2. I oddly feel sorry for these guys, the first looks like a malnourished Rishi Rich, the middle looks like a malnourished Chico, and the last one kinda reminds me of Tariq from the whole EastEnders debacle that was the Ferreira family.
    15 minutes?? Does he mean – British Asian? Asian music? British Indian/Pakistani music? Indian/Pakistani music? Middle Eastern music? etc*
    *We’d be here all day, if I go through all the Asian countries & their British counterparts.

  3. Seen, couldn’t see the vid on the work computer. Is this Asian British music? I detect a black foundation here, even though the tune is ok.

  4. this is BEYOND leaving a comment..

    I’m just so bored with what’s considered mainstream (in EVERY way(….to the point that I don’t even care anymore.

    I don’t like this era…is there any way I could choose another??


  5. The reason why Asian music has not evolved is because essentially their culture doesn’t evolve and integrate, rather they hop on whatever is happening and monopolise, reap profit, segregate and bastardize.

    Sorry, to offend but it has to be said. Instead of them simply saying that they take their cue from black pop music, they feel that simply because they are Asian that this makes it somehow have an Asian reference.

    Anyway, they can have this diluted fodder they call R&B today. It’s only for caramel, asian and hispanic looking dufusses anyway. Funny, I endured watching High Street Musical and saw how this music (R&B) has been raped to the very core. Reminds me of a chilling gig I used to play in where it was run amok with Asian kids telling me to play R&B and hip hop of the worst variety…*Reclaimin shivers at the memory*

    The Asian community as a whole bring nothing to the table to evolve the world only take from it with an exchange of Chicken Tikka Masala that they would not even eat at home.

  6. “The Asian community as a whole bring nothing to the table to evolve the world only take from it with an exchange of Chicken Tikka Masala that they would not even eat at home”

    Lets reword this.. the black community bring nothing to the table to evolve the world only take from it with an exchange of rice n peas that they would not even eat at home.

    Now, if someone would have posted that here all you regular readers would be up in arms waving the race card. No doubt about it!

    Its derogatory at best Reclaimin. Never ceases to amaze me how someone so proud of their own culture and history can be so hateful and uneducated of another persons…I would of thought anyone even remotely interested in music of any genre would be aware of how much Asian music has/is evolving today. let alone someone who actually makes music, you must live under a rock.

    You could also have made your point without the over stupid Chicken Tika Masala comment. Shame on you!

  7. @Asian n Proud:

    Your music is evolving, but its foundation is still black based. Bar the comment about the chicken tika, I feel where Reclaiming is coming from as I have seen that many Asians have a particular habit of befriending people especially blacks in deceit while usurping resources from them to obtain their goals.

    I will also call out the fact that our music has been taken by other cultures and been morphed, twisted, mutated and genetically altered from its original state. I suppose we are just sick of folks leeching from us to get a heads up. Why do you need black music to foundate your launch if your own cultural music can cut the mustard?

  8. Over the years I thought long and hard about my feelings towards the general vibe of the Asian community and how in the 70s they were quick to remember how they were a minoruty when NF were knocking on their door,. I love how they call themselves ‘black’ when times are hard or when there’s a compensation claim around the corner or a commisssion of racial equality case to be trialed.

    Yeah, I make no bones, the viewpoint is racist because at the end of the day I don’t see in my little world i the heart of mulitculturalism-London the Asian people integrating with me.

    They seem to take great pleasure in choosing to segregate themselves from others but don’t like it when it is forced onto them.
    Sure, i know the exceptions like any other people in the world but my personal experiences make me feel this way sadly.
    Historically, all black people have asked for is acceptance and have shown themselves to be the most integrating race on the planet. I wonder how many of you have mixed race members of your family that are married to black or whites yet have lived with us for donkeys. has anyone on this forum been actively been regularly invited to Asian events or homes?

    Icould go on with so many examples of this that I can’t be bothered. Whilst i feel sorry for the minority of Asian headstrong people that do not lazily enshrine themselves in the encouraged seperatists culture i think that my reasons for thinking this have some validity. It is what it is frankly. I don’t expect to intellectualise what is clearly evident in my experiences, sorry.

  9. I think we can try to agree that the chicken tikka comment was innapriopriate. It may be happening out there but must it be dragged on here?

  10. Will somebody who supports this so called r&b mush let me know of the asian contribution to modern dance music………ANYONE!!

  11. Accepted , Alberetromania…I apologise for the chicken tikka commment. It was crass.

  12. wow!!!!!!!……….
    you see what having a girlfriend does to me.. it makes me miss the good debates!!!!
    /yes the chicken masala comment was out there!!! tsktsk but reclaims makes some valid points… about integration!!!
    sorry to offend!!!

  13. Well, i’m going to step away from all this intergration thing for a minute.

    Black music has always been good from the start no doubt about it but i think lately it is evolving into something else, IMO not very strong music like before. And it is this very reason that other artists who are not black, are using this opportunity/weakness to leech(as you put it). When i look at the likes of Amy Winehouse, Adele, Duffy, JT who seem to be doing it and succeeding.
    The disadvantage with this is that because it is a different race doing it, it is seen to “bring more excitement” and it is seen as “new” and “interesting”, it makes the black singers who are also doing it, have less opportunities in the music industry especially in britain.

    Let’s face it, Eminem has been very successful, now Amy, and many others.

    I have been wondering why the unsigned acts are not a hit and it’s because most of them can be placed in an earlier era, which most people seem to have moved on from. The fact that American black musicians are very influential in the black music industry and are experimenting with all sorts, and they seem to set the trend, all this mutation seems to be innevitable.

    I seem to have lost touch with good music these days.

  14. On the flipmode there are some amazing forward thinking Asian musicians: Nitin Sawhney, Ravi Shankur and Talvin Singh come to mind.

  15. Lets reword this.. the black community bring nothing to the table to evolve the world only take from it with an exchange of rice n peas that they would not even eat at home.

    asian n pround… wow i haven’t laughed like that in a minute, very bold and very funny, but we actually do eat rice n peas and if it’s not that than it’s Jelof rice (forgive if spelling is not correct, i’m still learning lol) every sunday, every social event from parties to funerals,…

    but jokes aisde, … i took this quote from the source…

    ‘No matter how light and accessible a track might be, 3Mix’s manager still feels there is another hurdle to overcome.
    “Asians are long established in Britain – let’s face it, everyone loves curry – but there is a perception that Asians are just not cool,” he says. ‘

    this is because we just don’t see the cool side, we hardly see any side…

    i.m.o. …the asian community is very closed to outsiders, I respect the fact that being in britain most communitys from asia have held on close and dearly to thier own culture, that is always important, but I think looking back while other communitys grew and embraced some or alot of british culture the asian community frowned upon it, not embracing it, and not allowing us to embrace yours….

    but saying that, in recent times this has changed, I think it has come with a generation that has said NO to the old way of thinking and yes to the ‘a’ new way, maybe 2nd, 3rd generations of asians born in britian want to embrace more about british culture, just for example, when I hit the high roads now on a weekend, I see far more asian people drinking and out socialising now then say 10/15years ago…

    so indeed times are changing, but ppl still have their experiences from growing up in a not so multicultured britian and they stay with us, so I see where Reclaimin’ is coming from

    but I also see where we are heading.


    oh and the track, not really my cup of tea. but it’s O.K. i guess lol

  16. The chicken tikka bit ok was not appropriate.The integration bits are all true, coming from uganda, i have a few experiences myself and cannot be bothered going thru them. My only concern now is for JLS. Sorry guys. Lol

  17. Sadly, I was actually expecting some sort of response that would let me know that things were not what i thought them to be…it says A LOT IMO

  18. Hey Guys,

    I was just reading through everyones comments and some of the comments are unbelievable. There is obviously some kind of racial issue going on here, and to a certain extent your right, the older generation of Asian people are very traditional and have many restrictions. However i also believe generation by genartion all that is changing.

    But seriously, that aside… lets get to the back to the subject. 3MIX. It is obvious that some of the readers leaving comments lack knowledge of world music.

    Firstly, I would like to say…. it has taken black music years and years to evolve and be socially accepted. It is true, the talent has always been there from day 1… however in the 1960’s black music used to be banned throughout all commercial venues in the US and many other countries.

    Acts such as The Temptations and Ray Charles and many other black artists went through great difficulty and a lot of rasicm in order to be successful. (if you haven’t seen the Temptations film or Ray Charles film, i suggest you watch it, Amazing!). When they first started performing, they would perform to segregarted crowds with blacks on one side and white on the other. Ray Charles, even cancelled many concerts because they would not let black people into the venue! But this is what makes those artist so special and so influencial not only to black people, but to all decent human beings! Through the love of their music…they changed the way society thinked! Crowds became mixed, black music was being played in venues all around the world, on radios stations, on tv channels and these artist inspired many other black artists to come through and let their talent shine. The music was so good, so strong… that the general public fell in love with it and rasict radio stations, tv channels were forced to playing these black records! Not only did these guys changed music, they were the voice of a nation, not only black people, but of humanity…. screaming for equality. This is why it is so sad then when your culture has had it so hard to fight for the equality of humanity, you come along and disrespect another culture trying to achieve the same.

    You shouldn’t be looking at it as if the whole world is stealing black music, you should be proud that of the fact that black soulful music has influenced all four corners of the earth. The fact that amy winehouse and eminem and many other artists have been so successful, is because they inspire to be musical geniuses like the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles etc.

    So us sitting here battling each other doesnt make sense, brother! I am too a massive fan of black music.

    You need to remember that the amount of albums sold in INDIA alone… are unbelieveable ! There is no need to even release music in the UK or the US, there is almost 2 Billion people not to mention Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and all other south asian countries. Bollywood alone sells millions of albums internationally to asians living all around the world on a daily basis. It is by far the biggest selling music market in the world (along with Japan, and other Asian countries). That is why so many black artists are going over ASIA to colloborate with our multi platinum selling artists…. acts like Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, PussyCat Dolls, the list goes on and on and on. I read in the XXL (hiphop magazine about 2 years back, that ASIA will be the the biggest music market in the world by 2010). And it is very true.

    So whilst the black community is very successful, Asian music has always been successful maybe just not in your country. The way US ARTISTS and hiphop stars are going to INDIA trying to break that market, Asian artists are coming over to UK and US because there are people who love and want more of this culture.

    3MIX are a perfect example of three British born Asians, who have the potential to be so big in their own backyard,, however being british asian sand being influenced by the music and artists they grew up listening to … they are releasing their material in the UK too. Because they are born here! Thats not to say their isnt a fanbase for them. They could very well be the temptations, to their own people.

    It is your right to say that maybe the songs are not your cup of tea, but lets do some homework before opening your mouth because it is offensive and you can even make yourself look silly my friend.

    These guys are simply 3 young guys, doing what they do best…. and going through the same difficulties that black music went through all those years ago. Such as lack of radio play, tv play etc etc etc..

  19. So many spelling mistakes and grammar corrections, sorry i was in a rush lol

  20. I didn’t see any spelling errors. Having said that, i think it’s important to have the asian community integrate. I don’t make music, but just buy it. I would like to be able to connect with people inorder to connect to the music. Is there a point in making music for your own kind only? I thought music is aimed at cutting through cultures and backgrounds to be considered successful and influential.

  21. What is Asian music anyway? When i see the bollywood movies, that music is what i see as asian. If an asian is doing RnB, i wouldn’t call that asian music. But i liked missy’s ‘get yo freakin on'(was that the title? Lol) with the asian guy doing some pure asian singing in the background. It made that song stand out 4 me. Now am going to go and try and look 4 asian music on youtube. Any recommendations?

  22. wel i think this song is great ts like my fave atm always playing t on my phone,cd or tv
    and i fink they r sexi

  23. I kinda like these guys there is something charismatic about them, dont shoot em down till you listen, they kinda remind me a bit of the backstreet boys and nysync i wish them all the best tho 🙂
    peace out 🙂 x

  24. Man these boys must have no life and no mates being three Asian gays.

    Who is the girl in the vid?

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