‘Backstage: The Hard Knock Life Tour’ chronicled Jay-Z’s 1999 ‘Hard Knock Life’ tour, which was the highest grossing Hip Hop tour to date during that period of time.

The documentary also included footage of DMX, Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, Method Man and Red Man and a behind the scenes look at what went in to organising the tour.

One of my favourite scenes from the documentary involves ole Bruk Pocket (Damon Dash) and the then President of Def Jam Records Kevin Liles.

Bruk Pocket rants and raves about tour jackets (in front of his then young son) while Kevin attempts to appease him but fails miserably.

Check it out…. lol…..

Kevin had the power to request that this scene be edited out of the final cut, but he decided to keep it in which shocked many. He was happy to showcase Dame’s ignorance.  

In 2009 Kevin Liles is Executive Vice President of the Warner Music Group and Dame’s been pushed in to no man’s land.

I’m sure that if they really wanted to Kevin or Warner Music Group Chairman/CEO  Lyor Cohen could throw Dame a life line by offering him an executive position (L.A Reid did it for Jermaine Dupri). 

But I guess some people have really long memories……

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  1. So you love sweat-boy jim jones and hate on his baugh dame? You’re never going to get homeboi’s affection if the homies can’t get none!

  2. Damon Dash is the epitome of a hustler. He put Jay-z on, slim jim, the brains behind Rocawear and Rocafella. Jay-z was just an artist.It was dame that got Jay-z his record deal. Dam kept it street and real.All these corporate executives always trying to take shine on what is not theirs. I applaud dame to the fullest.
    He might be broke now, but the dude is always on the come up.If anybody should be called “bruk pockets” it should be Jim Jones..What this kneegro good for? Please list jim jones accomplishments?

  3. @ P Prez

    Yes Dame helped Jay-Z, helped start Roc-A-Fella, helped Camron, helped feed families, helped the sick, helped the poor. I mean the man is a regular Jesus Christ.

    My Jim Jim’s accomplishments… There are far too many to mention. .

  4. lol. Can you list them please?His still unknown to me. When I hear jim jones “Ballin” is the only that comes to mind.Is he an actor? mogul? hip-hop elite? school a younging please.

  5. lmaof@ watch out denzel!
    I mean’t “accomplished” not as yea, I directed movie,with a actual directors help, not I am label executive with no successful artists,not I am a fashion designer and you and your crew are the ones rocking it,not i’m a producer but someone else produced.Basically what I am saying,we do a lot of things it doesn’t necessary mean they have accomplished. Nothing jim jone’s has done is critically acclaimed.
    i give it to you Mama, whatever you see in this man is pure perfection and not even jesus can convince you Jim Jone is as irrelevant as dipset and the rest of their writers.
    I love in the interaction between you and the people that comment.This is my favorite site!
    Janice find a new love, I heard his engaged, and smells!

  6. Breaking international news from the islands of turks and caicos. Hhahah janice we’ll you be doing a feature on lisa raye and her goldiggin always finally caught up with her. Ahhh. Great reality tv!

  7. P prez don’t bother, when it comes to jim jones Janice will not accept the the thruth. The man is failing, in his thirties and fighting in clothes shops lol.

    Jan we’re too old to be checking for street rats lol.

  8. I still cannot excuse this bredder for his name choice, naming yourself after a false prophet who lead 900 plus people to their deaths via poisoned Coolaid. No excuses Janice, he knew what he was doing when he dawned that name.

  9. What was Camron’s intent on giving him the name JIM JONES? How do you not who jim jones is,then again, slim jim isn’t aware of history besides coke ( ducks before jan shoots me)

  10. If the girl wants her man rough and scruffy, let it be. What to do in this case is to let her know that she will always have a home to come back to no matter what happens.

  11. I wonder what Jan would do if she ever got an interview with Jim Jones??? That would probably be his last day on visible Earth, she won’t release him till he develops Stockholm’s Syndrome.

    As for the OP, I actually see Dame’s point, but not its delivery. I’m really surprised, the barber didn’t nick his scalp.

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