I think this is absolutely hilarious!!!

Golligate has got Queen Elizabeth II SHOOK!


Via BBC News

Managers of a gift shop on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk have apologised after they were found to be selling golliwog toys.

The dolls have now been withdrawn from sale and a spokesman said the managers “did not intend to offend anyone”.

The news came after Carol Thatcher was axed from The One Show after referring to a tennis player as a “golliwog”.

The BBC said on Wednesday evening that “a few hundred” viewers had complained about its decision.

The £9.99 golliwog toys had been on sale in the Sandringham shop for more than a year.

A spokesman for the 20,000-acre estate said: “The management of the shop have said they did not intend to offend anyone by selling this product and have apologised if any offence has been caused.

“The shop will immediately review its purchasing policy.”

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The fact that they were selling the dolls doesn’t offend me ( I could not care less). What offends me is that they had the nerve to be charging visitors £10.00 for that foolishness.

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  1. I bet their excuse for selling it that price was to promote equality. Why they want to stop selling the dolls, beats me. But hey, look for an easy way out. What, they think we take offense to the dolls or what? Who cares what the dolls look like? Sell the dolls, nothing wrong with a black doll on your shelves.

  2. As I stated before, token gestures. They were happy to continue selling these abominations bar this event taking place. See the arrogance of the European, it just doesn’t stop. The British Empire is coming to an end and will fall with a great fall.

  3. See, how can we forget the past when you keep bringing things back from the past to our faces to haunt us in the present? If it isn’t the name calling, its a racist toy, if it isn’t that it is some kind of racist remark or jibe. The people of this country who partake in this continual oppression are double talkers. They are not stupid, they know what the toy represents. Your apologies are profitable for nothing, they are vain, save them and don’t bother trying to insult my intelligence.

  4. “Who cares what the dolls look like?” I will actually take that back, because those striped pants and bow tie are not flattering. They need a fashion make over. Any suggestions?

  5. U do not want verbs to come crashing down on you with that, now do you? Do you mean the tucked in pants? may be the woolen jumper.

  6. I’ve actually had a proper look at andre’s 3ooo B B clothing line and could not get a single clothing that would suit. I’ll keep looking.

  7. Apparently they have been described as farmers clothes(andre 3000) so i am looking else where now.

  8. Regrettably, this is what we have endured in our captivity in this country amongst other things. The slugs of this country have to make themselves fell better so it seems that the negro is always the 1st choice victim. However, it is our turn to laugh now in view of this credit crunch. The same people who called us spear chuckers will be lining up and fishing out of the Thames River and reverting to the mountain days when their supermarkets run dry. How now skinny cow?

  9. At the same time they could have avoided this if they’d have just turned to the LORD and stopped trusting in men, vanity, dumb idols and things wherein there is no profit. They were deluded to think that their exploitation of Black people in the past wouldn’t catch up with them. Their recompense is upon their own heads now.

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