Former Big Brother star Jade Goody has confirmed the cervical cancer she is being treated for has spread to her bowel, liver and groin.

The mother-of-two was diagnosed with the illness in August and has been receiving chemotherapy ever since.

Her spokesman, Max Clifford, said the 27-year-old was “trying to put on a brave face” for her two children.

She told The Sun: “I am devastated, frightened and angry. I don’t want to die, I have so much to live for.”

Goody, who appeared on the Channel 4 series in 2002 added: “The reality is I have gone from a 40% chance of a cure to seeing how long I can stay alive.  Continue Reading….

I will be the first to admit that I was never a Jade Goody fan but this news saddens me.

I hope they find a suitable treatment that will help to prolong her life, for her sake and for the sakes of her two young sons.

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  1. I just still don’t get it how she manages to put on a brave face for her sons and still declare her freight, anger, and how long she has to live to the media. May be the boys have no access to this news, but still, keeping out of the media would help. I know she’s making money for her sons but still, it just doesn’t seem right.

  2. Oh dear. She needs to get out of the public eye that’s for sure and have quiet times with her family. It’s very therapeutic.

  3. How do WE know what she SHOULD be doing? It’s HER life. People should allow her to “be” whatever she wants to be, and live life on HER terms. Lift her and her children up in prayer. I lost my mom when I was 7. It is devastating for a child to grow up without a mother. I pray they will be in good hands.

  4. i think she should be able todo whatever she wants and just be left alone its no ones business but hers.. i think she’s very brave and a great mother

  5. I really feel for Jade she is faced with the scary reality that her life is being cut drastically short. I am a mother of two children not much older than Jade’s and the thought of not being able to watch them grow would devastate me. My opinion is that Jade is one strong woman, how many of us could say we would challenge it with the same determination and strength that she has how dare people stand in judgment they need to walk a mile in her shoes. Good luck with this fight jade you have opened up so many peoples eyes and you may have saved someone’s life by making them more aware about the disease I only wish your prognosis was more positive. Also as a mother I totally understand why you would take the opportunities given to you to secure a future for your children only a fool would let them pass them by. You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

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