According to website Wooha.com  LL Cool J’s sears clothing line is about to go under!

WoooHa was the first to break it that Andre Benjamin’s Benjamin Bixby clothing line was failing, and now we got the tip off from our friends at Ad Age that LL’s Sears clothing line is about to kick the bucket as well.

Apparently, with the way the economy is these days, you can’t just attach a celeb name on a clothing line and expect it to sell. Hip-hop clothing lines are not the only ones suffering as numerous Hollywood celeb clothing lines are not selling either. As for LL, it’s been a pretty short ride considering Sears invested millions in advertising, merchandising and royalties to launch the clothing line just a short six months ago. Similar to what Barney’s was doing with the Bixby line, Sears is now selling the LL clothing line apparel for as much as 50% off to clear inventory and to make up for the 13% in year-over-year losses.

When asked about the rumors of LL’s clothing line going out of business, an official Sears spokesperson stated:

“At this point, we are still offering [the line] for fall back-to-school. We’re working on the assortments right now and might edit some things as we see what’s resonating.”

Oh dear.. well to honest I’m not surprised. I took one look at the pieces from LL’s line and thought ‘the only people willing to give this clothing line the time of day will be LL, his family members and Russell ‘Simmons (out of misguided loyalty).

….And don’t even get me started on the Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000, Benjamin Bixby clothing line.


Do you know of any man (apart from Andre) that wants to look as if he has just stepped out of the Civil War era? 

Both clothing lines going out of business has nothing to do with the state of todays economy. It’s about the public having good taste in fashion!

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  1. Is it them who do the designing or is it just their names being used to market all these funny brands? Nothing wrong with Primark products i guess.

  2. the highlights on Sears website are terrible. the clothes look cheap, badly made, and badly designed.

    they look like something ignorant middle class white people would drag ova their pickney’s shoulders to make them look hip without going too ‘urban’.

  3. I don’t know about you / ya’ll lol,… But i dig 3000’s clothing line, am I gonna wear them bottoms, tucked into the high socks that stop at my knees, no lol…

    but belive me, I love that knitted Jumper, and would rock that bad boi all day! (not everyday of course )

  4. I never saw anyone in my days wear Dre’s clothes. Don’t get me wrong I lubes me some Outkast, but his look is this preepy look that lasted for a little while but went out with the gel induced baby hair. Now everyone is going back to the 80’s with all these bright ass colors. So I can understand why Dre’s line is tanking.
    I won’t touch the LL line.

  5. I’m into that preppy look, not fully, but I got a few preppy bits in my wardrobe believe dat ! 😉

  6. See, this is the confusion of Andre 3000 and a lot of these artists. Why would you even bring out a clothing line that would reflect on a time where black people were still slaves, looked upon with scorn, our pregnant women’s stomachs were ripped opened and the unborn baby would drop to the floor, our men were hung on trees and burnt to ashes with car tyres around them, regularly hunted and lynched by Europeans for sport.

    Now you want to look like the very people who persecuted you? Is something wrong with this picture here?

  7. @ Verbs,Hahaha… i think we look like them now, unless we go back to wearing animal skin like we used to. But that photo looks so much like the slavery days, no wonder the clothing line collapsed.

  8. It just seems backwards to me bro. I liken this to brothers using the ‘N’ word as if them now using it in the 21st century has now changed the original meaning which is still negative.

  9. “unless we go back to wearing animal skin like we used to” ?

    We all do! and will never stop the trend.
    Wool, Cashmere, Leather, fur coats, snake skin shoes etc.

    ps. Andre’s a damb fool!

  10. I don’t know…maybe I’m all mixed up or something…

    I kind of like (a little bit) Andre’s clothing line.

    It’s prohibitively expensive, which totally negates me from procuring any of it…LOL

  11. “We all do! and will never stop the trend.
    Wool, Cashmere, Leather, fur coats, snake skin shoes etc.”

    Still this is the updated version, not the proper traditional way.

  12. NV,

    No, not really…maybe to a special function or on stage @ a show or something, but not on some everyday type ish.

    I dunno…my style of dress is a little…weird!


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