Actor Christian Bale has been caught on tape screaming at a crew member on the set of the up and coming film ‘Terminator Salvation’.

The Batman star totally looses it when the Director of Photography Shane Hurlburt interrupts one of his scenes by walking around in the background.

When the Assistant Director Bruce Franklin, attempts to calm the situation down he is told by the Welsh actor to “shut the f**k up”, who then continues to rant and rave in an ANNOYING transatlantic accent.

Christian seriously needs to attend some anger management classes ASAP!

Just listen to this….

[WARNING: contains strong language]

Now I don’t understand why the Director of Photography felt the need to walk around in the background (twice) while they were filming a scene. I can see why Christian found that frustrating.  But his reaction went way over the top and he just ended up sounded like a total d**k head and a prima donna.

I actually liked the guy!

And I know that there was a lot of money at stake here (huge Hollywood blockbuster etc)  but still Shane, Bruce why didn’t you all stand up for themselves??? The Director Joseph McGinty Nichol, where were you? Why did you not step in to defend your staff? Who was running the show here?? 

This is why I could never work that closely with the “talent”. I would end up getting fired because I would refuse to take that level of abuse lying down.

I’m a South Londoner (lol).

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  1. I don’t see why this qualifies as a reason he needs anger management. If I were working and and some moron continually interfered with the progress of my job, i reserve the right to become angry, agitated, and speak my mind. While I think Bale shouldn’t threaten the guy with violence, I cannot say I wouldn’t have done the same thing.

  2. Actually got this yesterday, he really lost it, plus it was hella funny & his accent kept fluctuating.

    Sidebar: And I’m telling you, I’m gonna knock you out/Your the worst DP I’ve ever known/That’s why, I want you gone/No, no, no way, no, no, no way, I’m gonna take this/I not gonna take this/You’ll never be free/And you & you, you’re gonna be fucked up.
    I really should stop listening to music.

  3. ok he cussed the guy and that was out of order. But guys, this audio is from JULY last year.

    Question is who released it to the press- who btw are already want as much juice on the volitile actor.
    I know they said they kept it for insurance purposes but this was on ‘on set’ matter – i really didnt need to know, It sounds fishy to me, i dont care about dude, i just think its warped to release this a nearly a yr later right near awards time. Hollywood is full of snakes!

  4. LOL wow he is a Divo for real!!! I need to see some film to go along with this audio..lmao

    This cannot be just about that… wow wow wow ….. wow wow wow…

    Is he short? This sounds like a lil Bonaparte-ish!!

    Damn how come we are just now hearing it???

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