As reported in a previous post , Carol Thatcher (daughter of former Prime Minister Margeret Thatcher), was sensionationally fired from the BBC’s ‘One Show’ today after she said a tennis player looked like a ‘Golliwog’.

Carol was referring to French player Gael Monfils, who was recently knocked out of the Australian Open.



Ok so he shares the same hair style as the doll in the pic above (LOL!!!) but apart from that I don’t see any resemblance…..


Oh Carol… LOL!!!!!!!

Your thoughts please……

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  1. I was thinking the same thing, but she can’t say that out loud, is she crazy, even though in the tennis pic I can see the erm, well, like ty said,

    but she should have never of said that!

  2. Um, it hurts me to admit it but she is right on the nose. Damn I think I gotta turn in my black card. lol

  3. Oh dear, i wish you had placed the picture of the dolls beneath the one where he has the plaited hair(conrows). When you put it under the one where his hair is out, i’m struggling to have a proper hate rant here Janice, why?
    It was not right though.

  4. First it was Sooty … Prince Harry’s father’s friend. Now it’s golly.

    Has anyone been shot, has anyone been maimed, what calling people baldy, fatty, slag, w*nkers etc.

    My personal belief is that these oversensitive ethnic minorities firstly shouldn’t be here and secondly if it’s so offensive then why not bugger off back home?

    Quite honestly the only offensive thing about this is the reaction by a vociferous unwelcome minority and the sooner a government that can deal with the problem comes the better!

  5. There’s alot of evidence on this one, rnting will not help.
    But Carol, rubbing it in was not the answer, shame on you.

  6. we shouldn’t be here…. bugger off back home…

    LOL!!! those lines are soooo old… sooooo tired.

    If you’re going to add offensive commentary on my site then at least come with something new and fresh.

  7. I know, we have heard it all and all lived it, some worse than the others Ehthnic minority and whatever terms are nothing to us, but we can have a good rant when we choose to. Your gov’t will do nothing. And regarding this topic, who is being overly sensitive? Did you stop to read first? I think they are all chilled out on this one.

  8. @Jack

    Oh Jack, what a barrage of assaults you have now opened yourself up to. I do really hope that you can take the heat and defend your stance on this issue.

    In case you have forgotten Jack, your country was build on the blood of my ancestors who your fore fathers raped, abused, pillaged and plundered. On top of this your fore fathers paid them nothing for their hard work. Now you, a benefactor of their evil works stand in arrogance(forgetting the past) rather then repenting on their behalf.

    What country is yours that you haven’t ran into and taken over by force? Your fore fathers lived up in mountains in times past and were barbarians to the core. It is us blacks(whom you say should go home- we will deal with that in a minute) who have brought you hygiene, respect for your fellow man and righteous customs.

    As for this go back to where your came from business, unfortunately you cousins from the Ashkenaz called the Jewish people have set up a diabolic system in the world where by everyone must rely on a certain factor called money, therefore in order to survive, we must lay down with this beast that you have created. Not only that but you have destroyed our homes and our countries in order to benefit yours. If we were to depart from here with all the assets and hard work our fore fathers put in to building this place, your country would be nothing but a dunghill and fine rubble.

    Unbelievable, why would you even go there Jack, why? It is because of this arrogance that your system is now falling apart, YOUR country will be destroyed by the very same 3rd world countries whom you have raped to further your own selfish agendas and you will once again be reduced to a barbaric standard of living.

  9. @Jack, when you say that the ethnic minority shouldn’t be here, i do not get you at all. Can you please elaborate on this comment, you know how hard it is to understand some things.

  10. I know what your saying verbs. For starters britain is built on stolen goods and labour. We did not want to go there but we shall. ANd you know what, history has a nasty habit of repeating it self. All those nasty and cunny invasions your ancestors did are coming back to bite you in the bum. WE are invading your country but atleast we have the dignity to bloody work hard our black asses off and asian asses or west indie asses etc…
    Can you imagine someone invading your home and giving a lame excuse of discovering the source of the nile. who bloody cared what the source of the nile was in those days. Xtianity(no offense Verbs) and all that nonsense introduction. Theft was the sole purpose and still is the sole purpose of all invasions. We are here to get back what you bloody took and we are having to work hard for it. Your ancestors never lifted a fingure even when they stole, they told the natives to build railways and what not. YOu have no leg to stand on on this one. YOu invaded all countries with no permission whatsoever and your ancestors always got a good wellcome. YOur going to have to travel to where all these invasions took place and you will know what exactly we are ranting about. Making such ignorant statements does not help you at all. Back it up.

  11. And Jack, for all you know you could be quarter black, quarter west indie, quarter asian, you go and do those tests. You might be insulting your great grand parents here. I wonder how the economy would be doing without the ethnic minority. That nags at me all the time.

  12. @ Jack, go and watch ‘ROOTS’, that’s the least i can recommend to give you a taster of how nasty your ancestors could be. And i will see if i can send for my text books on african history from home so you can learn. Our parents did not slave for nothin man, your going to have to choke on those stolen goods. And it ain’t pretty is it?

  13. “Has anyone been shot, has anyone been maimed, what calling people baldy, fatty, slag, w*nkers etc.” HMMM.. you could have got somewhere on this one, if you had not added that other statement.

  14. @Jack

    Oh Jack, why did you go there Jack?
    Don’t you know that it was the Negro that brought you the technologies you so arrogantly claim as your own today? From computers to washing machines, houses to sky scrapers, these were all originated from the black hand. From mainline railways to the underground system you have today, these have all originated from the hand of the negro.

    The cheek and the arrogance of the European is just incredible and unbelievable sometimes. Even on simple things, you still have to beat your chest in pride. You’ll roll into the world cup making up songs and singing tunes and you haven’t even won anything yet, and you’ll always take it back to 1966. You invented cricket yet your backside is always getting smashed by these “ethnic minorities”(we are not ethnic and we are the majority thank you very much).

    Negroes are just taking over and showing you up in everything you once claimed to be the masters of. F1 Racing, Lewis Hamilton is becoming a serious embarrassment to the European. It doesn’t just stop at sports and entertainment(yes, you would like to say that the negro is only good for sports and music wouldn’t you sir?).

    Is there nothing that you can do without bias or force? What has the European done in this world that has benefited it? What? The fact is the Negro is equally as good as the European in all things if not even better, and you know this, so your diabolical organisation called the media has always portrayed us as a sub species, dumb and lacking intelligence in order to make your deluded population feel better about itself and feel that they are a cut above the rest.

    But alas, the system with which you have enslaved the entire world is going down. Your shops are going pop, your infrastructure is falling apart, your society is crumbling, your political system is being exposed for what it really is, a farse, a joke and a mockery, your politicians are a bunch of muppets and have even sold you out, your schools are no longer places of decent reasonable education but government training camps of indoctrination hence why your children are turning into wild beasts, your children have no respect for their parents, they curse their parents live in the streets and feel no way. Your laws are a joke, your greed is beyond comprehension and because of this you have wrecked the entire planet , your pride is unbelievable and will be your downfall. The European is quite frankly a race of destruction and everywhere you go you bring the same infectious animalistic standards you call “civilisation” with you.

    What can you honestly say for yourself eh Jack? What can you say to defend your fore fathers and the evil that they have brought upon the world and to which you are a recipient of with no repentance or remorse for your fore father’s crimes against the world? Did you think that the Living God has forgotten the misery that your fore fathers have brought into this world? Do you think that he has turned a blind eye to your arrogance and pride? Did you think that your system of skull duggery and pure evil would go on forever, eh Jack? Surely the God of Israel will require the blood of our people from your generation Jack.

    Your generation will pay dearly for the evil that it has continued to spread throughout the world, that means you Jack. Make the best of your final days of luxury in YOUR country as they will be your last. “The sun never sets on the British Empire”. You are going to need more than the sun to prepare for the darkness which is going to descend upon this land, YOUR country.

  15. I am assuming Jack is from england and correct me if i am wrong on this one. Even the Scottish have the same complaint. In all these sports events, they tend to say British for a winner and if lets say they are scottish by birth, they do not say scottish winner. If a failure arises, then they will say scottish failure. Where is the fairness in that. Same rant everywhere you go.

  16. I told you guys, Britain is never and will never be ready for anything from black people or other races in this case, and what a perfect example, i do not need to dig into the archives for this one. And this is why we are going to have to really work hard and study when we can. No sleeping on this one, make the best out of a not so pleasant situation.

  17. When you say go back where you come from, i think of the south african white people, what a tuffy!! How they managed to rule the black natives and get away with it for so long, beats me. May be we should all vacate and leave space for them, but i think if i remember correctly, they are boers? Right, Jack, am i right? What do you think?

  18. God forbid Jack that you are black or “ethnic minority” and making such statements, because i am going to have to tell you exactly what your problem is. If you are any of the above, knowing your history and background will do you a lot of good. Try it, it will not kill you, yes, you might get depressed but that will be the least of your worries. You will fight it off like any of us “ethnic minority”.

  19. @ Adrian , that picture is very scary, if i can add hairy hands to it, i’ll need loads of horlicks to go to sleep.

  20. I’m wondering what happen to jack, I hope he didn’t just come on here write is foolishness and not comeback, how about defending your views Jack, ohh thats right, you have no leg to stand on, defend what?


  21. oh jack never made it back then…….
    ……. how unusual.. hit and run i assume.. not us buddy!!
    you better aim at the new ethnics !!ie!!!eastern europeans…. cos they are really about to take you to the cleaners

  22. Just a little point here.
    If Carol Thatcher had said ” Hey, that guys hair looks like the rag doll’s hair that was used to promote jam”, would anybody be offended,because his hair actually does look like that.
    I suggest that he would find it quite amusing.

  23. I ‘m still waiting for Samurai Jack to come back, I’m not finished with him. Eastern European, Western European, Northern European, Southern European, they are all of the same stock, Edom, Khazar and Ashkenaz.

    Has anything really changed in this country in terms of the people genuinely repenting for their sins against the Negro? No, only token gestures and pigeon steps. They tell us to forget what happened in the past but they do not forget the names and labels they gave us in the past and still use today(Nigger, Coon, Wog, Blacky, Spade, Black Bastards, Moon Crickets, Jungle Bunnies, Porch Monkeys, Spooks, Spear Chuckers, Moolies, Rubber Lips, Boot Lips just to name a few).

    This country will soon be turned into rumble, dust and a desolation for all the evil its has done and I am happy to prophesy against this country, not against the righteous Europeans who have stood up and still do stand for righteousness and the black people(and indeed many Europeans have died for us), but against the wicked animals who continue to roll the racist ball, continue to devise evil devices on their beds, cannot sleep unless they have committed some sort of evil act for the day and walk in pride and arrogance with their heads lifted high as if their kingdom will reign perpetually.

    Take note of Katrina and make note that if a disaster were to befall an area with a predominantly black or ethnic population in the UK, you have all seen what help you will receive from the government……..NOTHING. This country shall be made a reproach, a smoking flax and a land of fire that shall not be quenched. Bats, foxes, birds and other beasts shall inhabit places where there were once houses and people residing.

    Pestilence and famine shall also inhabit this land and many people shall die by violence because of all the evil that the fathers of this land have done and the children have outperformed their fathers in evil deeds and done worse, much worse and more. Women and children shall be raped, abused and killed here without mercy and none shall be able to help them.

    Our only hope is in the God of Israel and they that trust in the LORD until the end(which is around the corner) shall be saved. Regrettably many of our people will be among them that perish because they have hardened their hearts against God and have decided to walk in the imaginations of the evil ways. This is what I was saying before about us being in this land for too long and their ways rubbing off onto some of us.

    Make no doubt, God will break this country and destroy it very soon.

  24. @ Jack,”Prince Harry’s father’s friend” in short , Charles. Yes, i am afraid we can even give you some english lessons here, but i think we better not coz it is not necessary.

  25. With all the technology and free education that you have jack, you have no excuse for this kind of ignorance, our people back home on the other hand have a very good excuse.

    she was sacked for refusing to apologise for saying it….!!!
    which is another matter altogether

  27. She does not need to apologise. We all know where we stand with her and that’s what matters. I’ll not go bending and begging 4 a job wherever she may be. If i do, i will know what card to pull on her for sure.

  28. Jack got rinsed, he got sent packing. Seeeeeeeeen my bad. Didn’t want to apologise for the comment, ok. I cannot wait for this country to be trodden under foot and for the evil inhabitants to be fed the same bitterness that they have given us, but their food will be wormwood and bitter waters.

    I’ve just about had it with these racist tossers. Just come out of your closets and show us who you are. Don’t apologise either for coming out and showing us your true heart, save it.

  29. I think you need to read the telegraph.

    I can see Carol may have meant Gaul, but it seems Jo brand has said it is Tsonga and responded as if it was him.

    hmmmm confusing???

  30. maybes Jack’s got work deadlines to deal with, ha!ha!ha!ha!

    Mr Verbs – uve killed me. from now on im gonna post from a re-incarnated perspective, lol.

  31. I feel saddened and embarrased to read some (but by no means all) of these comments. I can’t belevie anyone born and bred in the UK could be ignorant of the fact that the word “wog” or “gollywog” has been used for decades as a derogatory reference to black people. The gollywog doll is also a blatant parody of a black person, dimissiong a whole ethnic group as some sort of rediculous joke. As members of the overwhelming majority it’s easy to be insensitive to the minorities within our society, which is probably a hang up from the myth that democracy is the “god of all things good” – all political systems are flawed but democracy is probably the best of the lot! I’d suggest that consensus is always the most fair way to decide what is and is not acceptable. Who was it that said “the degree of civilization for a society is measured not by how a society treats the majority but how it treats it’s minorities”? Ross and Brand’s comments were stupid and offencive to some (especially Andrew Sachs), they overstepped the line. Carol Thatcher’s comments however are much more offensive to society as a whole because they tap into a much more dangerous, jingoistic, racist tendancy still evident in our society. Admitedly it’s a tiny seed but a seed none the less that leads to the normalisation of the kind of lanugage used by people like BNP supporters to tear our society apart. And her mother was once Prime Minister! We’re not talking about some silly school girl or an ignorant female Alf Garnet! I’d like to think of her as a Little Britain sketch, but the truth I fear is much darker.

  32. @ White middle class, could you please keep writing in when you can. We might have moments when we will have rants about the white man but with good reason, but do not get offended. Just keep writing in please.

  33. No problem for me personally. I’m not offended by any comments just a little saddened by some of the things other white people say. Which is why I used the name “WMCB” to clarify that some of us do have a brain cell or two!

  34. @WMCB Oh, and do not be scared of verbs, once you get used to him, i think he is ok. But he will definately give you a piece of his mind when the need arises. Keep an open mind though.

  35. Which bait Are you meaning? Why allow someone to make a Jack comment and leave it hanging in the middle without saying something? I do not think its a bother at all. Its like saying, why bother to eat 2day when you’ve eaten for the last 7 days? Because you have to, thats why.

  36. You know what Reclaimin, on two separate occassions, one scottish girl asked me where London was and another lady asked me if i am from pakistani( she did not mean to be racist) Am black with kinky hair, why pakistani? Beats me. I was so embarrassed on their behalf and was very calm in my answer to both of them. That’s why you need to say these things coz you never who is reading.

  37. Maybe it’s an age thing..
    There will always be people that will deliberately antagonize for maximum effect:

    Ultimately, ‘Jack’ came onto a BLACK entertainment news site and threw a cog with a childlike effectness.

    Anyone of certain age in the UK knows why a Golliwog or calling someone this could be viewed as offensive. They may not know about how it came about and why it has been decreed offensive, but for the simpleton they absolutely still know it is wrong to say. A bit likre a child knowing it’s rude to swear.
    So, screaming at a person who simply wants to stir up some ante for his or her own satisfaction ain’t my bag.
    I go back to the age thing because when I was younger I had a hunger and urging to educate the ignorant-now I simply like to educate myself and those who wish to be. It’ s far more fulfilling, believe me.
    Your example of someoone not understanding your racial identity will always be a fixture in a country who is populated by a majority of Europeans-did you have that problem in Africa? I suspect not, guess why. I was raised both here and Ghana and have had similarly ignorant questions about where I’m from in both places and I am typically African in appearance. The smaller the world gets, the better off you or I will be armed with knowledge about ourselves and others. Those who choose to blinker themselves to the old ideals of colonialisme are on a path of extinction.

    So, without being too arguumentative I still remain that you took the bait by wasting valued energy on a person that will never want to understand you-he hates us, so why bother?

    BTW, the other day my husband was called a Coon by some old white dude and the thing that angered this dude was that my husband fell into a fit of laughter at hearing such an old term dredged up. It was probably the worst thing that could have just highlighted how draconian this old school of type of racist is…

  38. @ Reclaimin, i now get what you are saying and hear you on this one. He might have stooped so low by calling names, but at least no one stooped low here by calling him racist names. And that is the difference. I know there are racist white names one can use but no one stooped low to go to his level. That highlights his idiocy and he can go to bed knowing how ignorant and what an idiot he is.

  39. I can’t argue, I got suckered in. Coon? Sounds like a type of bird to me or is that a coot? As stated before, it would seem that the European man has to make a mockery of others(normally blacks first) to feed the delusional race superiority complex. This doesn’t apply to all Europeans but it would seem that because of the forced induction of other EU countries into the UK, an ever increasing number have decided revert to a stone age mentality.

    At the same time though, the mouths of these fools need to be stopped immediately in their tracks, lest they think of themselves as wise, assume their ideologies are correct and start spreading the cankerous filth onto others.

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