Former video girl, best selling author and confused/disturbed soul Karrine Steffans will release her third book ‘The Vixen Manual’ in July 09.

In a recent interview with the Black Spotlight Karrine talks about her new book which she describes as being a “complete owner’s manual to being a woman”. 

BSL Is there anything you can release right now about the book?

KS The Vixen Manual is a comprehensive guide to anything and everything related to sex, relationships and love. It’s
a complete owner’s manual to being a woman. A single woman. An involved woman. What to do after breakups. It’s a
complete guide to everything girls talk about. It’s my own girl talk manual. I sat down with my girlfriends and recorded
everything we talked for a period of months and months and made it into a book. It’s everything we discussed.

BSL And that’s why it’s over 300 pages.

KS Yes and it has diagrams. The sex chapter is the biggest chapter  in the book and it’s geared towards women in
serious relationships. Monogamous sex so you can be more free. I am really proud of it because there are a lot of
how-tos and steps that women may be afraid to try with their husbands and how to come out of the box and feel a little
freer sexually. A lot of times that will help save their marriage.

BSL Very true. Within the last few years, a lot of stars have been releasing their own tell-alls and instantly comparing it
to the success of your book,

KS I really kinda feel sorry for them because they never meet the expectations that they had. They never sell what I’ve
sold. They never get to Oprah. I feel sorry for them because they will always be compared to me. I really almost feel
that everyone should find their own niche and get on their own thing and let me do my thing. With being compared to
me, it’s going to always suck because you’ll never be me. It’s gonna be a downer of some sort. Find and hone your
own niche and then you can be as successful as I have been in your own field instead of copying and being like

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[Thanks Crystal]

When has Karrine EVER been in a successful relationship??? Who in their right mind would listen to this woman’s advice when it comes to sex, relationships and love? 


And am I really expected to believe that Karrine has girlfriends????

The woman’s delusional, she lives in cloud cuckoo land.

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  1. For some odd reason, my brain translated “confused/disturbed soul” as “a self-confessed disturbed soul”. I think my brain’s trying to tell me something….

  2. I know why I find her Interesting, just being real!…

    but her book, Nah…. not my christmas list for the missus, maybe the ex though lol

  3. Lol!

    I’ve read recent interviews that she’s conducted with Sister2Sister Magazine and she has a screw loose! She just lives in a fantasy world. I used to find her interesting at the beginning but now… Nah the woman’s just a saddo!

  4. Screw loose? Defo!
    How she’s been able to dodge a bullet from the countless WAG’s? Dunno!
    Can she give advice to other women? Hell No!
    Will her crass but gradual rise to the top ever stop her grasping unapologetically for the stars? Don’t think so!


    Funny that……..

  5. @ DCs Finest

    Don’t waste your money. She’s not going to be saying anything new! We have heard it all before!

    @ Nees

    Thank you – a nut! A complete fantasist!

    I remember reading about her “relationship” with Lil Wayne in The Source.. or it might have been XXL. Anyway she was talking as if it was some major love affair, how it was special, how they respected each other blah blah blah. They messed around while he was making his album and as soon as the album dropped etc, Wayne soon forgot all about old Superhead (Like so many other men before him).

    Yet Karrine still seems to think that every man she hitches herself up to worships the ground she walks on, and constantly claims to be engaged or “married” in the “spiritual sense” to the latest man in her life, who is just using her and is in no way looking to wife a slapper.

    I remember her telling one interviewer that she had to remove her son from school for a while, because according to Karrine he was “left traumatized” because of her latast break up with some 90s sitcom actor.

    She just sounded ridiculous throughout the interview and it was obvious that she was being over dramatic and embelishing the truth (as usual).

    This book will flop just like the second one did (The Vixen Diaries).

    The woman’s an attention seeking, fame hungry idiot.

  6. @ DCs Finest

    Don’t waste your money! She’s not going to be saying anything different that we haven’t already. heard before!


    Thank you! A nut! I remember her going on about her ‘relationship’ with Lil Wayne. Talking as if it was one big love affair. The man was using her! Like every other man that she has been with! Yet Karrine seems to think they worship the ground she walks on, and constantly claims to be engaged or married in a ‘spiritual sense’to the latest man of the moment.

    And telling one interviewer that she needed to remove her son from school for a while because according to her he was left”traumatized”because of her break up with a former sitcom actor.

    She is an idiot and a fantasist!

  7. I find it hard to take her seriously, when she keeps name dropping all the time. She really needs therapy. I mean, she needs to write about other things besides celebrities and sex. With this manual, I am wondering what is it she’s going to teach the readers that they don’t know already?

  8. Well damn! Its funny you ask, cos I sooooooooooo should NOT say this; but since we’re sharing – I happened to stumble upon her XXX-rated video (don’t ask!!!!!) with Mr Marcus and hey, I holds it DOWN, but boyyyy lets just say – if this is a ‘Whistle Wetting Competition’ – ole Hoochie Mama Karrine, be winning ALL DAY, dread!!!

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