Seeing this has made my day!!!!!

On his fourth and final visit to Iraq (this past weekend), President George W Bush was attacked by a pair of shoes during a press conference.

But sadly the shoes narrowly missed the President…

An angry Iraqi TV journalist threw a pair of shoes at the old war monger, and was then dragged out screaming in Arabic,  “this is a farewell kiss you dog!”

Bush then attempted to make light of the situation by saying ” All I can report is a size 10. I didn’t feel the least bit threatened”.

This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving individual. I want to shake that journalist’s hand!

LATEST: Iraqis demand the release of journalist – READ

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  1. Apere – you’re an idiot. Bush ‘led’ a force that killed millions of Iraqis and displaced milions more. Wouldn’t you be mad too if that had happened to your country?

  2. Guys, you don’t have to respond to any stupid remark. Just assert the right thing. Ignorance will go away. Bush is a mass killer. That’s a fact.

  3. Apere.. i know two wrongs don’t make a right..
    but Kaddie is right.. i know i’d be mad too.
    he deserved more than a shoe thrown his way!!
    he got his own people killed.. stupid fool!

  4. First of all, most of us were behind him the whole way after the 9/11 happened, Everyone wanted him to go to war. Now everyone has had a change of heart. When was the last attack made on the U.S,Exactly 9/11 was the last time. So he did his job by keeping them away and afraid of what might happen next. But we were safe! It will always get worse before it gets better. There is light at the end of the tunnel

  5. Just a little disappointed that at least one of those shoes didn’t connect with their target. Imagine the kind of news THAT would have made. And I don’t think that smile would’ve been there had that happened. Read that press secretary Perino got poked in the eye by a mike in the craziness too. Of course, by shouting at Dubya he pretty much telegraphed his intention, giving our president a chance to duck. But that those pitches were hard and fast, Stewart, Colbert, Letterman and the others will have a field day. I know it remains to be seen, but the comic legacy of the Obama Administration will no doubt pale next to Bush’s.

  6. Gee… I am amazed and appalled at the stupidity of some of the comments posted on this site. President George Bush, has protected this country. Why don’t you idiots go live somewhere that will not protect you as Bush has done. You know, 911 did occur….everyone (hopefully) was devastated and shocked by such a ruthless act on our nation and our people. It is totally Amazing how that day is bascically forgotten by some. You people who are so critical of President Bush, should be ashamed. Apparently, many of you are ignorant, refuse to care for Bush as he is a Republican, A Conservative and more importantly he believes in God. I can not imagine how those of you with such despise and coldness would have handled running this country ! You are very quick to make negative comments….you get a kick out of it. If you are living in America having moved here FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY and do not like President Bush having taken measures to protect us from future attacks then go back to your “wonderful” native country. If those of you who are so negative towards President Bush and his protecting our Country slithered here illegally….then slither back. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH !!!!

  7. I see the ‘real’ americans have found this blog lol. How about you watch a news channel other than Fox to find out how many people supported the war.

    BUT i got to say dubya has some fast reflexes, if that was me that shoe who’ve smacked me right in the face.

  8. @ bigdogg – speak for yourself.

    @ John Smith – the blog is based in the UK, and not the US.


  9. That guy’s network is defending his actions as “freedom of expression” are they joking? That fact alone is a good defence of why we need troops there if they think it’s OK to go around attacking whoever they hate. What state would our world be if that type of agression was dismissed or cheered? And they may hate Bush, but I promise that guy would already be dead if he had done that to Saddam.

  10. Max: Everyone deserves something like that if we just attack whoever we are mad at.

    Said: there are differences between Saddam and Bush. Saddam would not have even had a press conference unless it showed him shooting a rifle. ALso that reporter’s whole family would be killed if he had openly thrown his shoes at Saddam.

  11. @ Richard ‘What state would our world be if that type of agression was dismissed or cheered’?

    i think that’s called the united states of america.

  12. i meant it would be the united states.

    Your government did MUCH worse and you supported Bush for 8 years.

  13. i laughed so hard….he took off his shoes and flung ’em- thats deep!

    @John Smith smh…oh me – oh my…if only you knew, but bless you and your wonderful star spangled bubble.

  14. neess….what country are you in ? You know, our country has helped fight for the freedom of so many others. We have helped feed so many poor countries. We have helped others in so many ways. Anyone like Hitler ??? I would bet some of you would even defend his hellish actions.

  15. @ nees your right we did support him but we have not had one attack since then. Your either the bully or you get bullied. You can have it either way. I am not saying everything he did was right, but we can have a president like Bill Clinton and be attacked several times and not do nothing about it which happend while he was in office. To be exact there were 7 Attacks against the US while Clinton was in Office. George Bush had 1 (9/11). So you tell me would you like to live in fear wondering when and where the next attack would be? I didn’t think so.

  16. Look it is so easy for you to sit across the lake and point your little finger. Get your own country in order. Worry about your own. By the way….my husband was born in England. Also, it is so strange that this country is a melting pot of people who have for the most part run from there own. Had to be a reason….don’t you think.

  17. You know, being that my spouse is a Medical Doctor….we have the ability to travel. I must say, we have seen some beautiful places on this earth. The most touching/memorable would be seeing the devastation in New York following the Terrorist attacks. Amazing that there were soooo many there from countries all over this world viewing the damage and crying for the people who were killed. I pray this does not happen to any one else in their own country.

  18. Now I am laughing….anyone would know there is an ocean dear…..”lake” is a figure of speech……….lol by the way, you left out “of”…

  19. Wow, this dude can talk. Oh well, I’m neither British or American, as long as y’all don’t invade my country – we’re quite “happy” with our extremely corrupt nation, that seems to attract all those Americans, British, Lebanese, & co. Been waiting for the big red C, Joseph McCarthy is that you?

    Sidebar: Just remembered a company back home called, British American Tobacco, Nigeria.

  20. Oh well, the usual prosteth so tirades from delusionals.

    I need to show that I’m intelligent and wealthy- so I’m married to a Doctor-so predictable

    I need to point out a sarcastic remark as in classifying what I meant by ‘across the lake’ because I do not understand irony.

    ‘I am a world traveller’ – Seriously, who calls themselves this in 2008 for effs sake-it’s just a plane journey!lol!

    You see, some of us ACCEPT that there are flaws with our governments as well as upsides not just one -sided blind worship. This is what makes you seem a bit weird.
    It would be interesting to know what Mr Smiths thoughts are on his new daddy, Obama. Will the patriotism prevail?

  21. Reclaimin. I hope Obama does well. He seems like a strong person but he has a lot of timid, second-guessing, cheats trying to pull his strings in that party. we will see if he can stand up to them. Also, terrorists love American democrats because they are too afraid that they will have to endure Bush’s fate so they dont like to pull the trigger even when it is called for.

    I hear you Adeeroo. I hope the secret service is ready for copy cats because they love what happened and may try to top it. Bush probably needs to get home and stay home.

  22. If any of you went to Iraq, the terrorists would behead you. They hate you. And they hate Bush. They hate anyone who is not like them. Softies who dont like getting thier hands dirty are embarassed when other take action. Crabs in a bucket.

    France has learned the hard way that being soft on radicals will destroy your society. Look at the mahem that was created over there

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