Beyonce and Alexandra

“It was so amazing to be with Beyonce – she was such an inspiration and I just thought, ‘I want to be as big as you’.

“We are going to be great friends. Backstage she turned to me and said, ‘I feel like I have known you for ages. We can be friends’.

“I asked her if I could support her on tour ans she said yes, so we’re trying to make it happen”. (The London Paper) 

Alright Alexandra cool your heels luv! You were fortunate enough to duet with Beyonce on Saturday’s X Factor finals and spent a little time with her. This does not mean that you are now “bestest friends forever” and will from now on be spending your summers with Bey and Jay on a yacht somewhere in the South of France. 

Just calm down! Lets not run before we can walk!

I wish Alexandra all the best and congratulate her again on winning the X Factor title, but there is something about her that doesn’t quite ring true.

The constant gushing, and the constant bawling (e.g. when she met Mariah Carey)… hmmmmm…… it began to wear thin after a while. It  didn’t seem genuine…..

But anyway good luck Alexandra!

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  1. I know what you mean, I like Alex, but she does tend to lay it on pretty thick. She tends too get a litte too emotional about everything. Even when she was performing with Beyonce, she was about have a breakdown. Didn’t she already meet her, she seemed so starstruck on stage like she never seen her before, you just met her an hour ago. I wish her the best of luck, but she really needs to calm on the theatrics.

  2. Ummmmm…..I get you! Infact what I’m hating, is the gushing of that fool that Alex and certain black people seem to forget; racially abused, pummelled and bruised that poor little loo attendant back in 2003, all because she wanted a pound for a lollipop that Cheryl Needy took.


    I refuse to co-sign such nonsense.

    Cheryl Tweedy/Needy/Cole sucks all round really and her crocodile tears do nothing to dispel the fact that; given half the chance, Cheryl will be attempting to crack a vase over Alex’s head, if she ever has the audacity to exceed the musical success Needy’s had!

    We’ll see……….

  3. @ DJ

    She met Beyonce even before that! The first time was some time ago when she entered a radio competition, where the winner was given the opportunity to sing with Beyonce.

    Also Alexandra’s mother used to sing for Soul II Soul (she was the lead singer), and she now owns/run a music agency, and she is friends with Joss Stone. So I don’t really understand this need to act star struck all the time, crying and gushing. around famous people, when she’s probably met loads over the years. LOL!

    @ Mrs Gump

    Oh I haven’t forgotten the toilet incident. What was it she called the Nigerian toilet attendenr… “YOU CARIBBEAN JIGGABOO”. LOL..SMH…

    Mind you she was cleared of the “alleged” racial abuse.

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