Funkmaster Flex lets rip and shows no mercy towards the ‘Pied Piper’ of R&B. 

Spotted @ Miss Info

Ok… but will Flex continue to play tracks that feature rapper collaborations with Kelly?

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  1. I have a newfound respect for Funkmaster Flex.

    I really hope that he (and others in his space) stop giving Kelly a platform from which he can continue to fund his depravity…

    We shall see!

  2. Genius444,

    I can’t fault you for one thing…you are correct in saying that 19 is legal.

    But how on God’s Green Earth can you ask us to “leave kellz alone and let him live his life”?

    Are you mad?

    Or maybe YOU like to pee on prepubescent Black girls…

    No one is faulting him (@ least I am not) for liking 19 year old girls. While it is a bit…creepy, it’s not illegal or immoral. However, your boy (or should I say, BWOY) Kellz literally took a piss on an underaged (NOT 19…younger…try ILLEGAL!) Black girl, f–cked her and videotaped the whole thing.

    Justify THAT sh–t for me, please. Enlighten the rest of us sane human beings on how that is ok and should result in us leaving “kellz alone and let him live his life”.

    F–k R. “Hard Candy The Sequel” Kelly, and by extension, f–k you if you stand up for him.

    *waiting patiently for a response from genius444, or ANYONE, for that matter, that can somehow justify R. Kelly’s actions*

  3. ( I believe the girl was 13 and someone said R.Kelly started grooming her when she was 10)

    When I first heard that R. Kelly had sexually molested a child and made a video – I couldn’t believe it. To prove that people were wrong, I downloaded the video. What I saw made me ill. It was a child. It was R. kelly. No one could mistake this child and think she was an adult. After I threw up, I deleted the horrible filth. What he has done to the girl spiritually, emotionally, psychologically can never be healed. That girl’s life has been ruined. He got off scott free.

    R. Kelly does not deserve any support in this life time or the next one.

  4. I know, steadycat…

    I didn’t want to believe it either…I mean, this was R. “I Got Most Of The Yoni Of My College Years Because of 12Play” Kelly! I used to want to BE him.

    But then I saw the video.

    I was sick to my stomach. And this was BEFORE my daughter was born.

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    F–k R. Kelly. F–k him! And f–k you if you stand by him.

  5. Wow Flex! I’m feeling you and I ain’t never seen you look as hot as you do in your diatribe about that whack a** ni**a R Kelly. Damn! I wanna meet you now. Can I get a hug? You are soooooo HOT!!!!

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