Sculptor Daniel Edward explains…..

“Michelle Obama’s Makeover for America” presents an accessorized mannequin bust of Obama that foregoes the conventional pearl necklace, and provides for her a ‘signature look’ to take to Washington. “The goal is to create a look for Michelle Obama that eliminates excessive comparisons to Jackie Kennedy,” said Edwards, who studied under the tutelage of legendary fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, “like supermodel Tyra Banks’s photos in Harper’s Bazaar, or the puzzling comment from CBS’s Byron Pitts that recommended ‘less Jackee, more Jackie O.’”

A pearl-studded Afro pick, shaped like an eagle, demonstrates the makeover’s fashion mix of Black African and White House heritage to reinvigorate the traditional First Lady pearls. A tight, spiral-textured mane complements Michelle Obama’s likeness, with the pearl Afro pick placed modishly askew in a Nefertiti-esque hairstyle. Included are big hoop earrings shaped like O’s that seem to suggest, according to a gallery spokesman, “Look out Oprah, a new ‘Lady O’s’ in charge.”

Adorning the breasts of Michelle Obama’s bust are temporary tattoos, of which an American flag is depicted, to compensate for Barack’s pin-free lapels. Additional breast tattoo designs for Mrs. Obama, by Chicago tattoo artist Alex Higgins, will also be exhibited.

“Michelle Obama inspires a fashion template change that many First Ladies of the 21st Century may follow, as we witness minorities in this country becoming the majority,” added the spokesman.  Continue Reading…

*sigh* This bust looks nothing like Michelle Obama Daniel. Try again…….

Your thoughts please….


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  1. *sigh* This bust looks nothing like Michelle Obama Daniel. Try again…….

    For real. I’m tilting my head to the side and squinting my eyes and everything, LOL! I don’t see Michelle Obama at all.

  2. “…big hoop earrings shaped like O’s that seem to suggest, according to a gallery spokesman, “Look out Oprah, a new ‘Lady O’s’ in charge.” – EH?

    “What is Daniel really doing here?” – telling white America that she is not like them? Depicting her as a real proud AFRICAN American? – or maybe he just wanted to see Michelle Obama with her tits out.

  3. I dunno…I kind of like it.

    I’ll have to agree w/Ty, though…it may be a bit much for our White Brothers and Sisters…LMAO

    But so what!?!

    I think it’s rather brilliant, actually. It doesn’t look all that much like her, but it is a powerful image. The melding of American icons w/African culture is nice.

  4. Oh, I forgot about the Obama waffles [or was it pancakes? sha,sha it had butter & Obama on the cover]. And some other crazy shite people have made.

  5. Wow, I don’t think this is cool at all.
    1st of all it doesn’t even look like her.
    2nd, a topless chick with a bride of frankenstein hairdo and an afro pick is what we should see as flattering? I know he said he was going for Nefertiti but anybody who’s seen Nefertiti’s bust can see what a far cry this is from that.
    3rd, if it’s such a compliment then where is Laura Bush’s bust with her tatas out, a mullet, dangling rifle earrings and a tattoo of steer horns. There isn’t one because this is not a compliment, it’s a way undermining our intelligence and scaring people. It ‘s a back-handed insult to me.

  6. I’d have to slightly disagree…

    If you look @ African art (of which I grew up around, seeing as how my family is from Ghana), you’ll see tons of images like this. The celebration of the female form (really, the human body in general) is quite prevalent in our culture. It wasn’t until the Europeans w/their Christian values that taught us to be ashamed of our bodies came along that you saw a slight decline in this celebration.

    And the hairdo is not a “Bride of Frankenstein” hairdo (LMAO @ that!). It’s one that is quite prevalent in many areas of Africa, and in fact, is considered something that only one of means and/or royalty would be allowed to wear. Actually, the Bride of Frankenstein’s hairdo was modeled off of this African style.

    And while it doesn’t look ANYTHING like her, I still think it’s a powerful image, and stand by my earlier comment that it’s kind of brilliant.

    AND I’m the most militant of all my friends, too…LOL

  7. i agree this looks absolutely nothing like michelle obama. although it is a very unmique pieceof art

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